30 Times These ‘Karens’ Were Called Out For Being Entitled

By: Emma Roberts | Published: Nov 06, 2023

From demanding to speak to the manager to expecting employees to bend the rules, these days it’s not uncommon to encounter a ‘Karen’ displaying unwarranted entitlement. 

The internet is flooded with stories of these ‘Karens.’ Anywhere from the outrageous to the outright hilarious, with a highlight on the consequences of their behavior for added laughter. Join us as we recount some of the most outrageous tales of ‘Karens’ in recent history!

Karens Get a Shock of Their Lives 

It’s a sight to behold when a Karen realizes they’re already talking to the manager! After all, these are the people who often exhibit entitled behavior. Such was the case recently when someone came into a store and decided to fight with the first person they saw. 


Source: r/AskReddit/ Reddit

Little did they know, it was the store’s owner. Even funnier was that Karen asked for the manager to be called in, only to learn it was too late – they were already speaking to the manager! Karens, you’ve been served.

The Worst Coffee in the World? Come and Try! 

Karens everywhere love to leave reviews online, and sometimes, can be detrimental to businesses. However, one coffee shop knew how to use them to its advantage. They placed a sign outside inviting customers to try “the worst coffee.”


Source: r/funnysigns/ Reddit

This was in response to a negative review from one customer on TripAdvisor. It invited curious customers to come and judge for themselves whether the coffee was really bad. It was a clever way to turn a negative into a positive and make the most of online reviews.

Karens Beware: Business Owners Aren't Taking Any More Unnecessary Battles!

Karens, beware! Business owners are done with the unnecessary head-to-head battles they face with those who think the rules don’t apply to them. Take the case of this Karen that took to the internet to express their dissatisfaction with a store that wouldn’t let them in with their dog. 


Source: Reddit

Little did they know, the store posted the rules a while ago on their website and both entrances! So don’t get into unnecessary battles with business owners – they won’t take it lightly!

A Classic Karen Scheme 

The conversation began like any other, but the would-be buyer quickly inserted her kids into the conversation for no real reason. Little did the seller know that this was the start of a classic Karen scheme. 


Source: r/ChoosingBeggars/ Reddit

When asked when they could pick up the microwave, the buyer insisted that the seller bring it to her due to her kids. When the seller refused, the buyer reverted to demanding a discount or an additional item as compensation. It was a classic Karen scheme, but the seller was not fooled!

Don't Interfere with a Guide Dog's Job! 

A woman experienced a frustrating situation when someone (not associated with the bus company) demanded that she take her guide dog off the bus. Despite her polite efforts to explain the dog’s presence, the Karen-like outburst ensued claiming it wasn’t yellow. 

Source: r/facepalm/ Reddit

It’s important to remember that when interacting with a guide dog, certain rules of etiquette should be followed. The most important one is to never interfere with a guide dog while they are doing its job. Respect the owner and their animal companion and let them go about their business.


Karens: The Bane of Retail Employees Everywhere 

Retail employees everywhere can relate to the struggle of dealing with a Karen. Whether it’s complaining about the prices, refusing to wear a mask, or being overly rude, Karens have the power to ruin someone’s day in a matter of seconds. 

Source: r/ich_iel/ Reddit

It’s not surprising the internet has taken to memes to express their frustrations. While it’s easy to point the finger at the employee, the responsibility often lies with the customer’s behavior. Unfortunately, this often leads to employees being taken advantage of by a Karen’s need to take out their frustrations.


Don't Miss Appointments - The Receptionist's Secret! 

There’s always an element of stress when visiting the hospital, but shouting at the receptionist won’t get you anywhere. As a rule, when someone requires emergency attention, they get priority treatment. 

Source: poemhunter.com

In this case, a man with poison ivy in his eyes rushed in before the Karen. The receptionist then revealed that she had skipped a prior appointment, prompting her to move aside. Take our advice and don’t miss appointments, or you might be in a similar situation!


Unique Names: Not So Unique After All! 

Giving your baby a unique name can be a difficult task in today’s world. With over 7.8 billion people on the planet, it’s practically impossible to come up with something truly original. 

Source: coactivehealth.uk

Take, for instance, a certain individual who couldn’t handle the fact that their daughter shared the same middle name as someone else. It got to the point where they sent a message to the other person, accusing them of copying them, even though the two had never met! It’s a strange world we live in.


Money for Nothing? 

It’s your birthday, and you’re allowed to be excited – you’re a year older, and usually, there are presents to open! When it comes to flat-out asking for money, it’s best to take a step back. 

Source: r/ChoosingBeggars/ Reddit

One person thought it was the best thing to ask for, yet when they didn’t get the money they wanted, they made a follow-up post, pushing the envelope into Karen territory. We think it’s clear that if someone doesn’t want to give you money the first time, they won’t be persuaded the second time either!


Karens, Don't Hold Your Patronage as a Threat

When a Karen feels threatened, they often rely on the same phrase to save them. However, they failed to realize that their patronizing attitude does not always influence employees’ decisions. 

Source: r/FuckYouKaren/ Reddit

This employee perfectly articulated their feelings when a Karen tried to use their patronage as a means of control. In reality, Karen’s attempts at intimidation are not as intimidating or crippling as they think. Thus, this phrase should not be used to keep people in check. Instead, Karens should understand that respect is key in any place of business.


Don't Mess With Karen!

The internet loves a good joke, especially when it comes to poking fun at someone. But one person found out the hard way that you don’t mess with Karens! This person complained about people using the name Karen to “name shame” others, claiming that not all Karens are the same. 

Source: Reddit

However, the joke fell flat when the person responded that they never used the name, Karen – only to be berated for it. When it comes to Karens, be warned: don’t mess with them!


Store Employees Take a Stand Against Karens! 

Store employees have had enough of the Karens! Tired of dealing with demanding customers and entitled attitudes, one store boldly decided to take a stand and put up a sign. 

Source: freshedits.com

Right in front of the main display, the sign says there is a charge for Karen-like behavior, a clear message that these workers are fed up. Though it was shared online, the takedown is more in-person. By offering a deal on their order, these employees hope to stop some Karens from wreaking havoc in the store.


The Bewildering Battle Over No Pee

When it comes to pet ownership, some things are beyond our control. We can’t stop our furry friends from relieving themselves on a tree on a walk, right? That’s why one business owner decided to take matters into their own hands by claiming a nearby tree with a “No Pee” sign. 

Soruce: Reddit

While this may have been a gesture of good faith, it was met with some backlash from the local community. As it stands, the argument over notes on trees seems like an overreaction from all sides.


Stealing from Others' Gardens? 

Gardening can be a truly rewarding experience. From giving beautiful flowers to friends and family to plucking fresh vegetables off the vine, it’s an incredible feeling. At first glance, this post may seem nice, but the back story is a bit different. 

Source: Reddit

The woman in the photo didn’t actually grow the flowers. Instead, she was stealing them from somebody else’s garden! Before taking someone else’s hard work, remember that it’s better to nurture your own.


Karen Behavior or Online Misinformation? 

Have you ever encountered a Karen touting false claims against vaccines? It’s a behavior that often leads to online takedowns. Recently, a person jumped into a vaccine discussion with a list of chemical compounds, asking for everyone’s opinion. 

Source: r/MurderedByWords/ Reddit

Little did they know, the list didn’t refer to a vaccine but an apple! This Karen behavior isn’t just annoying but can be dangerous. Let’s tackle this misinformation and be responsible online.


Don't Let Entitlement Spoil Your Friendships 

Have you ever encountered someone who comes to you with a list of expensive and time-consuming requests? On top of that, the audacity to remind you of their requests every two days? Such behavior is a sure sign of entitlement, and can easily ruin relationships. 

Source: Reddit

When it comes to friends and family, most of us want to help each other out. But if someone is too comfortable in their sense of being entitled, it’s time to stop it. Don’t let entitlement spoil your friendships. Make sure to set boundaries and remain firm in your resolve.


Don't Blame the Kids 

Don’t blame the kids when you come across Karens in your workplace or at the store. It might look like they’re part of the drama, but they often don’t want any part. If they could, they’d probably put an end to the chaos. 

Source: r/memes/ Reddit

Remember that not everyone in the situation is responsible for the madness. Let’s not be too quick to judge and show some understanding towards the children.


Proving Faulty Arguments Wrong 

Vaccines are one of the most important scientific discoveries in history, yet some still try to argue against them. Recently, one person argued that because they were fine, no vaccines were needed. 

Source: r/F***YouKaren/ Reddit

This argument was quickly debunked, as it is based on faulty ground. We can indeed all be examples for each other, but one individual cannot be an example for all humanity! Vaccines have been peer-reviewed and tested, and are an essential part of our healthcare system. Let’s prove faulty arguments wrong and keep ourselves safe with vaccines.


Beware of Reviews Before the Doors Open 

Don’t be fooled by online reviews! While they can provide valuable insights into a restaurant you’re considering, you must be aware that you can’t always trust them. 

Source: Reddit

A great example is when one customer was more than happy to post a negative review about poor customer service, only to realize that the restaurant wasn’t even open yet! Before you rely too heavily on reviews, make sure to double-check the opening hours of the location.


Tackling a Karen: Dealing with Entitled People 

Dealing with someone acting entitled can be a nightmare. Whether it’s a customer in a store or a distant relative during a holiday, it can be hard to handle. To make matters worse, dealing with this type of person for a long period can lead to a headache. 

Source: r/MemeTemplatesOfficial/ Reddit

That’s why it’s important to try and avoid Karens, as it can make for an unpleasant experience. To stay safe, set boundaries and ensure you don’t find yourself dealing with the same type of person for too long.


Karen's Vaccine Vendetta: The Internet Shuts it Down!

The internet was having none of it this time. Another Karen had a vendetta against vaccines, but the internet had their backs. 

Source: @DocEMurray/ Twitter

Someone quickly pointed out the double standard in their logic. If vaccines were healthy, why couldn’t we just eat them? Although, as it turns out, that’s not how it works, nor could you inject a smoothie like a vaccine and expect to benefit from it. The internet put its foot down and shut Karen’s vendetta down!


Karens Beware! Halloween Store's Hilarious Response 

This Halloween store was not about to miss out on the chance to have some fun with the notorious Karens. The store chose to call them out in the best Halloween way possible: with a costume! 

Source: Imgur

From a name tag to bedazzled accessories, and even a “Can I Speak to Your Manager?” t-shirt, the store nailed it. We can only imagine the reactions of Karens who happened to walk in. Karens beware! This Halloween store is ready for you.


Taking a Stand Against Bullying 

Bullying someone for their haircut is never okay. When it comes to children, the most effective way to handle such situations is to talk to a teacher or their parents. However, turning to the internet for legal advice might not be the best solution. 

Source: r/facepalm/ Reddit

A recent post on the internet has revealed that this approach may not be as effective as the person hopes. We must stand against bullying and ensure every child is safe and respected.


Double the Fun: An Unexpected Secret Santa Request!

When the holiday season approaches, many of us look for ways to make gift-giving easier. Secret Santa gift exchanges are a popular option, with the idea that you only have to invest in a gift for one person rather than everyone in a group. 

Source: Imgur

However, one person’s Secret Santa assignment took a surprise turn when they asked for money far beyond the spending limit. Instead of being disappointed, this person decided to take advantage of the situation and post their request on Reddit – doubling the fun!


Treehouse Troubles: How One Karen Won the HOA Battle! 

Have you ever had to deal with an HOA? Even the thought of it can be overwhelming, as these organizations can make life difficult for anyone who lives in a neighborhood. 

Source: Reddit

That was certainly the case for one unlucky homeowner, who was forced to take down their beloved treehouse due to a complaint from a Karen. But the homeowner made sure that their side of the story was heard, and in the end, the Karen had won the battle!


Karens Wear It Proudly: "Live, Love, Laugh" Shoes! 

Have you seen Karens with their “Live, Love, Laugh” decorations? From water bottles to home decorations, Karens just can’t get enough of this popular phrase. But have you ever seen it on shoes? 

Source: r/F***YouKaren/ Reddit

Recently, one Karen went the extra mile to make a statement with her fashion. Onlookers were shocked when they spotted these shoes in the line and couldn’t help but worry for the manager. Who knows what other fashion trends Karens will come up with next?


Don't be Rude to Firefighters: Evacuate During Wildfires! 

When facing a wildfire, it’s best to take the advice of those in the know and evacuate the area. With Oregon’s recent blazes, one concerned citizen wisely posted an advisory online to alert others—only to be met with an undeserved insult. 

Source: Reddit

In response, they could only express disbelief. Let’s remember: firefighters are risking their lives to protect us and our homes. Showing respect and following the advice to evacuate can make a major difference in the outcome of the disaster. So, when it comes to wildfires, don’t be rude—evacuate!


Karen Meets her Match in Shanghai 

Karens are notorious for expecting their demands to be met without hesitation. But one American woman found out the hard way that this isn’t always the case, especially when she tried to assert her will in an airport in Shanghai.  

Source: Tumblr

Instead of getting her way, she was met with confusion and bewilderment as to why she was expecting her hometown customs to be valid on the other side of the world. Karen was taught a lesson she won’t soon forget!


Don't Let Family Interfere With Your Home Search 

Searching for a new home is a huge task. So, this couple turned to social media for some recommendations for real estate agents. Then, the mother of one of the partners chimed in with a tip they hadn’t asked for. 

Source: Reddit

She went into detail, describing the exact type of property she wanted. Fortunately, the couple had the presence of mind to shut her down and not let her derail their house-hunting mission. Kudos to them for staying focused and not allowing family interference!


Misusing Products is Not the Way to Go: A Cautionary Tale of an Unhappy Customer

Shopping online can be tricky, as you often have to rely on reviews rather than having the chance to see a product in person. That’s why verified reviews are so important. However, this review left much to be desired. 

Source: Reddit

The customer, Karen, attempted to use a product made for the WiiU on their Wii, and when it didn’t work, they called off any loyalty to Nintendo. This story serves as a reminder to be careful in our product selection and reviews, as misusing a product isn’t the way to go.


The Kid-Hating Karen

Karens always put a damper on neighborhood fun, but this letter takes things to the next level, calling a neighbor “inconsiderate” for letting their child run in their backyard.

Source: Reddit/arcsliu

Allowing a kid to giggle! What an atrocity. Her ridiculous explanation is that the noise disturbs her dogs and birds, and she even suggests that the child be allowed outside for only 20 minutes, warning her to call the police if not.


Karens Have Ruined Yelp

This hilarious guy decided to organize a full desk set-up in a park to voice his very valid opinion that Karens have ruined social media.

Source: Reddit

While the review platform used to be a great way for people to find restaurants, cafes, and stores based on merit, it’s now a place for Karens to leave fake or negative reviews for absolutely no reason at all except their own pride and pettiness.


Turns Out Men Can Be Karens Too

Disney is supposed to be a place of joy and family bonding, but this jerk had to make it all about money with his unique stance on COVID-19 prevention measures.

Source: Reddit

Imagine your dad getting arrested at Disney for refusing a temperature screening. In the most entitled move ever, he thought that he couldn’t be made to leave because he spent $15k on his vacation. That sounds like a you problem, sir!


The Grocery Store Tyrant

Working in a grocery store isn’t an easy job. Customers expect you to pack everything perfectly and complete the job in a millisecond, but that’s not realistic. After all, grocery store employees are human, not robots.

Source: Reddit

This service worker specifically mentions they work a little slower for fear of getting yelled at, and of course, a member of the Karen army responded with a classic unsympathetic response.


The Karen That Brought BFFs On a Date

Although it’s already pretty entitled to go on a dinner date and expect the other person to pay, it’s even worse to bring your friends along so they can also get a free meal.

Source: Reddit/Josef_t

This Karen dared to call a man “heartless” for paying for his own meal when she brought two of her besties to dine, calling him immature. We don’t think he’s the immature one in this case.


Wildly Racist, With Misplaced Patriotism

One teacher thought teaching a small phrase to their students in Spanish would be cool. After all, there’s no harm in knowledge. But one racist mom sent an email calling it “surprisingly inappropriate” and outing herself as a Karen in the process.

Source: Reddit/Swochchho

She said he was better off knowing “this country’s language” instead of getting confused by Spanish. Since many people in this country speak Spanish, she should re-educate herself.


The Fake Influencer

It’s crazy how some Karens think a social media post entitles them to everything and anything. This petty woman left a one-star review after attending an Italian restaurant. Evidently, the food was great, but she wasn’t impressed with the customer service.

Source: Reddit/StaghornTheDruidReport

After announcing that she had a large following and would share it, she was shocked by the fact that she got zero discount or free food as a result.


All Moms Are Real Moms

Whether discussing vaccines or motherhood, the Karens of society offends people left and right.  One mother put her foot in her mouth when she boldly stated that c-sections didn’t count as a real delivery.

Source: Twitter

Delivering a baby in any manner is most definitely valid, and many would argue that c-sections are just as intense. Fortunately, this woman had a hilarious come-back that probably left the ignorant woman stuttering on the spot.


The Karen Who Bullied a Starbucks Employee

By the look on this person’s face, you can clearly tell this woman’s antics did not amuse them. Working through the pandemic was a nightmare for retail workers, who put their health on the line every day.

Source: Reddit

However, this monster decided that calling the cops would be an appropriate reaction to being asked to wear a mask. And that medical exemption she plans on bringing? It’ll probably be forged.


The Military Spouse Karen

Thank you for your service…not. Even if you are a military spouse, acting ungraciously about the fact immediately disqualifies you from all benefits. After having a few glasses of wine, Karen decided to tip nothing.

Source: Reddit/synthphreak

She even commented that her drinks should be free because she’s a military spouse. Talk about pulling the entitlement card. Wine isn’t exactly helping your family. She’s not even the person who served!