4 Cars That Shouldn’t Have Been Produced

By: Solly Wise | Published: Nov 01, 2023

Imagine a life without cars: while there are several other alternatives which are close to as helpful in getting around, such as bikes and trains, it would be pretty inconvenient, right?

Yet while this genius invention is now nearly impossible to survive without, there are several automobile models that should never have been made. We’ve listed some of the most outrageous in this post.

The Austin A90 Atlantic

Forget that the A90 Atlantic was an American-style car that the British made for Americans—this model lacked the basic features of a luxury vehicle that appeal to US buyers, making its price that was similar to a Chevy’s laughable. 


Source: r/WeirdWheels/Reddit.com

Atlantic would have undoubtedly sold a few units of the A90 to local Brits if they wanted to. However, the company opted to ship their A90s to the US, where it only received contempt for its efforts. 


The Triumph TR7

Here’s the thing about sports cars most manufacturers agree on: the more tailored they are, the better their performance. That explains why the TR7 didn’t do well, considering it was meant to have all-purpose functionality. 


Source: National Motor Museum/Heritage Images/Getty Images

As if the car’s lack of aesthetic appeal wasn’t bad enough, the TR7 four-speed gearbox couldn’t keep up with the engine’s power. Thus, it’s no surprise that there were only 115,000 units of this model sold. 

The Renault Colorale

Since it was founded in the early 1900s, Renault has always taken pride in being among the leading car manufacturers in France. Such dominion has enabled the company to take multiple risks to differentiate itself,  which explains why it made its Colorale. 


Source: Pinterest

Unfortunately, the car was slow and uneasy on the eye, and its high fuel consumption didn’t help. Renault would change Colorale’s engine to boost sales, but more was needed to convince people to buy it. 

The Talbot Tagora

The Tagora was one promising car, as its mechanics had been reworked from a Peugeot 505. Even so, as a flagship model for Tabolt vehicles that everyone seemed skeptical about, it was a chore to convince buyers that this automobile was worth spending their money on. 


Source: r/WorldOfNintendo/Reddit.com

While the Tagora had a stylish exterior, its interior was subpar. It soon became apparent that Europe wanted something other than another sub-BMW sedan, and only about 20,000 units of this model were made.