Canceled Or Renewed: The Status Of Every TV Show In 2020

By: Carol Kingston | Last updated: Jul 19, 2021

All good television shows must come full circle with their storyline. It is tough for fans to see their favorite programs end after a long, lengthy run. The hope is the series finale fulfills the viewers hopes and leave them wanting more.

This past network television season has seen a number of popular TV shows say farewell and pull down their stage curtain for one last time. Some series finales came after a popular stay, while others came after a short on-air life.

Here is a list of those comedies, dramas and reality series that came to an end:

1) Criminal Minds (CBS)

After 15 seasons as one of CBS’ network lineup staples, “Criminal Minds” came to an end. This long-running episodic drama wrapped production with an 10-episode final season that concluded in February of 2020. It became a hit with both critics and audiences upon the show’s debut.


The show watchers loved how the characters and the mysteries that surrounded each pending case evolved right before their eyes. Quickly, “Criminal Minds” became CBS’ most popular show in their network lineup. No reason was given as to why the series called it quits.


2) Lucifer (Netflix)

The supernatural drama, “Lucifer”, is concluding after a five season run this coming year. A spokesperson for Netflix confirmed that the series was ending. This decision seemed to be inevitable among those individuals close to the production of the show.


The final season will be split into two parts with each half season consisting of eight episodes. The first half was released by Netflix last August and second half doesn’t have a release date at this time.

3) Homeland (Showtime)

Deemed as one of the best shows on television, “Homeland”, ended its television run last April. The series won numerous Emmys and Golden Globes during it’s eight-year run on Showtime. The conclusion of the spy drama left audiences wanting more from the characters, but lead actress Claire Danes and show creator Alex Gamsa both felt the time was right to end the series.


No question, the final season story line seemed to move away from typical series finales and stayed loyal to the wishes of their viewers.

4) Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (CW)

The musical comedy series that was created and starred by Rachel Bloom ended production after a four season run on the CW network.


The show was a wonderful blend of everyday life with musical spoofing interludes of pop culture references from the early 2000s. This brought the CW Network a loyal audience to its Friday night lineup.

5) Suits (USA)

“Suits” was one of the more popular original shows ever shown exclusively on the USA Network. The legal drama ran for nine seasons before concluding in late 2019. One of the show’s top stars was Meghan Markle, who played Rachel Zane for seven seasons before leaving the series to marry into the British Royal Family.

After Markle’s departure, the story lines seemed to slow in development that bogged down the flow of the series. USA Network executives feared the show’s audience was dwindling in numbers. Thus, the series didn’t warrant another season.


6) Arrow (CW)

The popular superhero series, “Arrow”, ended it’s seven season run on the CW network last January. This series was a huge hit and helped launch a highly successful partnership between the CW and DC that has produced other high-rated (“The Flash”, “Supergirl”, “Legends of Tomorrow” and Batwoman”) series.

This group was dubbed by their fans as “Arrowverse.” Each of the series have shared a story line that has the stars appearing on each of the group’s other shows since their network debut.


7) The Good Place (NBC)

The popularity of NBC’s “The Good Place” came as a total surprise to all associated with the show. For the loyal viewers, the four season run was all too short. However, series creator Mike Schur plotted this course for the show when originally pitching the idea to the network.

The quality storytelling quickly won over audiences and critics. Each season was 13 episodes with the lone exception being the final season, which was extended to 14 episodes. The slice-of-awkward afterlife made this comedy a must-see option on Thursday night.


8) Kidding (Showtime)

“Kidding” was a dramedy starring Jim Carrey that could never garner the audience needed to continue production. Thus, the series was canceled by Showtime at the conclusion of the second season. Television critics raved about how the story line was well-written and imaginative than in comparison to the show’s competitors.

The ensemble cast and well-crafted scripts were quite impressive to Hollywood insiders, but the series could never gain the viewership numbers to garner a third season.


9) Kids Say the Darndest Things (ABC)

ABC canceled “Kids Say the Darndest Things” after being deemed the weakest link to their Sunday night lineup. Comedian Tiffany Haddish was brought in to save this 1990s reboot, but she could not overturn the show’s disappointing ratings.

The concept of the show was Haddish interacting with children as they shared the view of their lives with the audience.


10) E News (E)

After 30 years on the air, NBC Universal canceled “E News” due to corporate budget restructuring. The company cited the COVID-19 pandemic as the main cause of their recent economic hardship that brought on unexpected staff layoffs and the cancellation of long-running, popular shows.

Thus, the newly-required safety precaution production measures made it impossible and too expensive for NBC Universal to continue the daily entertainment news maker program.


11) Keeping Up With the Kardashians (E)

After 20 seasons on E channel, the Kardashian family decided to end their reality series, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” Each family member felt the time was right to end this highly-popular series by giving their fans one last special journey into their lives.

Television critics rated this series as the best reality show ever created.


12) The Venture Bros. (Adult Swim)

The announcement that “The Venture Bros.” was canceled by Adult Swim came as surprised to all. It was the network’s most popular and highly-rated series in their short history. The decision left many in the entertainment industry baffled as Adult Swim programming is geared towards the show’s audience.

Questions arise by the cancellation that the network might be heading in another direction with their night time programming. Show creators Christopher McCulloch and Doc Hammer have hinted online that the series might find a new home in the near future, but nothing has been confirmed.


13. Blue Bloods- Renewed

Blue Bloods is known for consistently winning the Friday night ratings. Surprising its still going strong after 10 seasons. Tom Selleck recently indicated that he was already negotiating his contract for season 11!

He is hoping for more than just a one season renewal on his pending contract. Fortunately in May, CBS officially made the announcement of the Blue Bloods renewal for only one more season.