Check Out These Hilarious Parenting Photos If You’re Thinking Of Having Kids

By: Kate Row | Published: Nov 12, 2023

Your parents taking embarrassing baby photos of you is a right of passage. Most of us don’t escape without a handful of embarrassing photos haunting us. But what if your mom or dad posted these on the internet for everyone to enjoy? Here are perfectly cute photos that basically explain what it is to be a parent.

It’s art, mom!

As a parent, chances are you’ve woken up ro come home to something colorful that wasn’t before. We’ve seen kids draw on the walls, on themselves, and on their siblings, but have you seen a rainbow computer?


Source: Imgur

We can’t image how this parent reacted to their laptop being drawn all over, but we must admit the kid did an excellent job at staying in the lines. This will be an interesting one to explain when they bring their laptop into work.



There must be something written into the contract when you have kids that take away any privacy privileges. This photo perfectly sums up the parenting experience. There is no such thing as “alone time”, not even to go to the bathroom.


Source: ziadmohamedi/ reddit

Let this be a reminder to all the parents to close the door if they expect privacy while they use the restroom. You can’t escape them! But, to be fair, who could resist that smiling face!

Keeping someone in or locking someone out?

Speaking of “zero privacy”, it looks like this parent tried to carve out their own space to work. Not sure how effective this will be when the baby can still see you. It looks like they’re already trying to break into your office.


Source: socreativepics/ twitter

We have to applaud the creativity. Maybe this is a method other parents can try at home to create some space for themselves. Who knew baby gates could be used to protect parents as well as kids?

Official contracts

When your kids start drawing up contracts you know you’re in trouble. We can’t help but find this note from Stephen to be adorably professional. At least he’s expressing himself right?


Source: Imgur

This is a pretty creative way to try to use some choice language, we must admit. With places to sign, and all, it seems legit to us. We wonder what kinds of words the kid wants to use that mom might not approve of. And, where might he have heard them?

Cause and effect kids....

Here we have a perfect example of a lesson every parent has to learn eventually: Keep everything (and we mean everything) out of your kids’ reach. Now nine times out of ten, you’re going to end up with at least one case of “How the heck did you get that?!”.

Source: enterfunnyusername/ reddit

This parent forgot to put the diaper cream out of reach of their toddler and this is the messy (and hysterical) result. It looks like she might have a fork in ehr other hand. Let’s hope she wasn’t eating diaper cream as an afternoon snack.


Foot to the Face

Here’s something every parent already knows: When you have kids, say goodbye to sleep. This tired father clearly knows what we’re talking about. The look on his face really says it all.

Source: thebigbopper/ reddit

If they don’t sleep in their own beds, you try to get them to sleep with you. And then when they finally do sleep, you’re kept up all night. We wonder, how many parents have woken up to a swift kick to the face? We’re guessing most of them.


You're not dreaming

Now most parents probably have not been woken up by their child bringing a horse into their room. But we can guarantee all parents have been completely caught off guard by something their kid did. We have so many questions about this one.

Source: seriesofadjectives/ reddit

Where did the horse come from? What possessed the kid to bring it to his parents’ bedroom? Hopefully mom and dad got some answers. We’re glad they had time in the confusion to take a quick pic so we can all enjoy.


Deep breaths, kids

Taking care of one kid is a full time job, but taking care of three is bound to make you a little crazy. This photo perfectly sums up parent life. The two brothers are fighting, meanwhile the daughter doesn’t have a care in the world. You can almost hear their yelling through the screen.

Source: captain_davey/ reddit

She’s just here to enjoy her juice and her face says it all. We wish we could be this care-free. To top it all off, Doc McStuffins is playing in the background. Thanks to the parents that captured this perfect moment!



Every parent knows this frustration. Why do kids always take one bite out of something and then move on to the next? We’re sure that all parents have found half eaten food in their fridge on more than one occasion.

Source: madeyouangry/ reddit

These little monsters have no respect for groceries. It looks like it’s time to get back to the grocery store for some more fruit. On the bright side, at least the kid is eating fruit instead of candy and chips.


Snack for later

We’ve seen time and time again that kids like to save their snacks for later. In this case, a toddler felt the wall would be a safe place to store her snack. This parent gave their daughter a piece of cheese as a snack to enjoy while she watched paw patrol.

Source: saddad9441/ reddit

Naturally, she would stick it on the wall to save it as a snack for a later time. We’d love to get in the minds of these kids and see how they come up with this stuff. We’d also love to see the parent’s face when they noticed what their kid did with their snack. Thankful they shared it with the rest of us!


Blending in

Kids usually find a way to have their own fun but we all know what it’s like when kids get grumpy and keep to themselves. This kid looks like he didn’t have much interest in being at the wedding he was forced to attend, so he decides to pull out his Jason mask.

Source: caityfaced88/ reddit

It’s no surprise that no one is sitting at the table with him. I mean, who wants to sit near a killer? We have to admit we like his style though. He looks like he doesn’t have a care in the world for what anyone else thinks of him. Although it’s a little hard to tell for sure with the hockey mask.


Lean on me

Dogs are a man’s best friend (duh) but more accurately they are your kid’s best friend. Kids will find a way to turn anything into what they need it to be. The wall is a coloring book. Their sibling is a punching bag. And their pet is a chair.

Source: barnhay/ reddit

It’s a good thing they have such a chill dog because he doesn’t seem to be too bothered by the toddler sitting on top of him. I have to say if someone tried to sit on me like this I would not be nearly as cool about it.


Traffic backup

Kids will copy just about anything you do as a parent. And it can be hysterical to see some of the things they pick up. In a traffic jam at Legoland, it looks like some kids picked up a few road rage gestures.

Source: kevinowdziej/ reddit

We’re guessing mom or dad has thrown their hands in the air in frustration in the car before and their son picked it up from them. She better move her car out of the way before things get out of hand!