Dive into Deliciousness – Experience Awesome Baking Art!

By: Past Chronicles Staff | Published: Dec 30, 2022

Make way for something sweet! Our friends are getting creative in the kitchen and, according to social media, bakers really stand out. From cake mixes to grandma’s secret recipe book, these talented folks have taken baking to a whole new level. 

Flour, sugar and eggs are just the start – pies, cookies and tarts have never looked tastier. Get ready to be amazed by some of the most incredible carb art around!

Cat or Cake? 

It’s a tough choice, but cats or cake? We all know how it goes with cats: they always find their way to where they want to be. This cat already conquered the kitchen table – but what did he get himself into this time? 


Source: Sukoshibear/ Reddit

Turns out – much to our surprise and amusement – that this mischievous feline landed on a delicious vanilla bean cake decorated with buttercream! No fondant was used, and the detail is simply incredible! We were almost fooled; looks like kitty outsmarted us once again. Guess cats really do have an independent spirit after all!

Unlock the Magic of Conjurer's Kitchen! 

Sick of the same old cake? Bored of basic recipes? Then come to Conjurer’s Kitchen in Los Angeles and discover culinary sorcery like you’ve never experienced before! Founded by artist Annabel de Vetten, this unique bakery will have your taste buds spellbound. From enchanted crystal geode cakes to dark magic-infused treats – there’s something here for every sweet tooth. 


Source: conjurers_kitchen/ Instagram

Anabel says: “I made a black geode cake for Gemporia TV, all to celebrate their 15th birthday – it looks nice, but still has a gothic edge. Who knew I could create such tasty enchantment!?”

Say Hello to "Jiggle Jiggle Jelly Cake"! 

Looking for a unique way to satisfy your sweet tooth? Look no further than the latest culinary craze – jelly cakes! Whether you’re an aspiring home baker or just looking for some delicious inspiration, these wobbly creations offer an opportunity to create edible pieces of art. 


Source: sweet_land_cake/ Instagram

From ships and whales to vibrant reefs and colorful marine life, these tasty treats make for eye-catching centerpieces at any event. The opportunities are endless when it comes to creating something out of this world! So don’t wait around – get creative with jiggle jiggle jelly cake today!

Cupcakes That Will Make Even Elaine Want To Celebrate! 

Who knew that nothing could be so delicious? Cupcakes have been made to look just like the iconic gang from Seinfeld – Jerry, Kramer, George and oh, yes, even the outspoken Elaine is there too! These cupcakes capture all their smiling faces in a creamy frosted layer of goodness. 


Source: eatgood.nyc/ Instagram

The genius behind this confectionery masterpiece was inspired by an episode where poor Elaine had to endure a whole lot of cake-related socializing at work – which she’d already declared her dislike for! Now we can celebrate with these characters without any of the hassle. Deliciously impressive indeed!

Awe-Inspiring Cake Creations - No Needle or Thread Required!

We were floored when we saw this mouthwatering cake created by baker Leslie Vigil. We bet you did a double take too! Hailing from Ontario, California, Leslie is an artist and a buttercream enthusiast that creates her intricate designs using icing as “stitches” to achieve a realistic look. 

Source: leslie_vigil/ Instagram

It’s no wonder her work has gained some serious attention on Instagram – just look at the level of detail and artistry she exhibits in her confectionery creations! If you ask us, these cakes should have their own gallery showings – not just be served up on plates.


Educationally Delicious Pancakes: Dad Knows Best! 

Who said learning can’t be fun and delicious? Nathan Shields, a stay-at-home dad, illustrator, and math teacher has found a way to combine the two – pancakes! His unique approach to breakfast serves up exciting visuals as well as an educational boost. 

Source: borepanda.com

He believes that life is too short for just round (boring!) pancakes; instead his shapely creations come complete with realistic details. From octopuses to squid, his work looks almost too good to eat! So if you’re in need of a tasty treat this morning, why not try something new – Nathan Shield’s sea creature pancakes are the perfect mix of education and deliciousness.


Indulge in a Refreshingly Delicious Delight Inspired by Nature

Are you looking for something new to snack on? Then have a bite of this deliciously green cake, covered with stinging nettle leaves. Don’t be fooled by its moldy, moss-like appearance, inside its sweet and sour lemon flavor will tantalize your taste buds!

Source: misswondersmith/ Instagram

The creator of this delight shares her experience, “I am constantly awash with ideas about how to use wild foods and edible flowers in my creations”. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate to indulge in this refreshingly delicious treat.


Rethink Eating from the Floor!

Who knew a Persian rug could be so tasty? Thanks to baker Alana Jones-Mann from Los Angeles, you can now have your cake and eat it too – in the form of an incredibly realistic looking Persian rug! At first glance, this colorful creation looks like something you’d want to put on your floor instead of your plate. Take one bite out of this and any dessert lover will instantly swoon. 

Source: Inuit Heritage Trust Incorporated/ Facebook

This intricate design is made with the skill and attention worthy of an actual rug that would last generations. Yet what took years for real Persian craftsmen was achieved by Alana in much less time! 


Indulge in a World of Shininess: Ksenia Penkina's Mirror Glaze Mousse Cakes 

Do you admire the beauty of baked goods? Well, get ready to be amazed! Ksenia Penkina is pushing past the standard with her glossy Mirror Glaze Mousse Cakes and gathering an impressive amount of recognition for it. See why she has over 300,000 followers on social media. 

Source: ksenia.penkina/ Instagram

So why is everyone so drawn to Ksenia’s cakes? She must have some sort of special touch! Well, don’t worry, you can learn all about this baker’s secrets by signing up for one of her master classes or even trying out beginner lessons online. In just a few clicks, you too could surprise yourself with these shiny experiments.


Melt-in-Your-Mouth Magic: Fun Marshmallow Creations 

Who doesn’t love the classic marshmallows that we like to roast and smoosh between graham crackers for s’mores? They’re tasty, nostalgic and make us all feel warm and fuzzy inside. But now, enterprising kitchen wizards have found a way to up their ‘mallow game. Check out these creative homemade marshmallow creations – they’re almost too cute to eat! 

Source: Elizabetman/ Reddit

From bunnies and teddy bears, to paws, lions, seals and more – each design is unique and as delicious as any ole vanilla ‘shmello! So ante up your next campfire snack with a dash of adorable treats.


A Delicious Homage to Bambi: Pie for the Ages!

Bambi has been tugging at our heartstrings since he graced our screens in that classic Disney movie. Although many cartoons have come and gone, we still love this little deer! To honor him, one baker crafted a special pie shaped just like the iconic character, with lovely flowers outlining it and even a butterfly perched nearby.

Source: thebodyoptimist/ Instagram

It’s an edible work of art and cutting into it must have been a tough decision indeed! Let’s take a bite of nostalgia and celebrate one of history’s most beloved characters with this delicious homage.


A Treat Fit for a Sith Lord - Try the Delicious Death Star Cake! 

Are you looking for something delicious and out of this world? Look no further than the Death Star Cake! This delectable dessert is sure to awaken your taste buds with two scrumptious flavors – Victoria Sponge on one side, Carrot Cake on the other – frosted together in a way that would make Darth Vader proud. 

Source: jiggleyourpuffs96/ Reddit

This heavenly treat might not be able to take down rebel forces, but it’s sure to make all your friends and family smile. One bite of this one-of-a-kind cake will transport you into a galaxy far, far away for an unforgettable epicurean experience! 


Gobble Up The Big Eater! 

Tired of the same old boring cakes? Check out this jaw-dropping creation that took top honors at the Birmingham Cake International in 2014 – The Big Eater! This delicious edible masterpiece is not only massive but also packed with endless treats. 

Source: Imgur

Take a bite and you’ll find an intricately detailed hamburger, submarine sandwich, cookies, donuts, eclairs, and even a corn cob – all made from cake. Sounds too good to resist? Enjoy every flavor in one decadent feast – it’s time to indulge with The Big Eater!


From Mahjong to Delicious Morsels: The Revolutionary Chocolates! 

Cheer up all you Mahjong lovers out there! Forget about the usual ivory and ceramic pieces – we’ve got something revolutionary for you. Introducing Mahjong Chocolates! 

Source: Fathomsabove/ Reddit

This set of realistic chocolates is perfect for those who want a delicious twist on this traditional game that originated in China, Japan, and South Korea, but has now spread around the world. We bet even your grandma would be impressed with them! Be careful though – these chocolates may melt in your hand before you know it.


Taste the Sweet Artistry of Geometric Pies! 

Say goodbye to traditional pies and say hello to delightful, geometric treats from Seattle-based baker Lauren Ko! From bright tropical fruits arranged in intricate designs, to mouthwatering delicacies that could rival artworks – it’s time you experience real flavor with an artist’s flair. 

Source: Wow Dessert / Pinterest

With her extensive portfolio on Instagram, there’s certainly more where this came from. Get ready for a flavorful visual treat like no other – these geometric pies will have you coming back for more!


Bite Into a Deliciously Majestic Blueberry Cheesecake Creation! 

Ready for something unique and delicious? Look no further than these amazing blueberry cheesecake bites. They are like little works of art, with their deep, glossy blue coating that’s sure to mesmerize you. 

Source: Baking/ Reddit

Take a bite and discover the secret inside – an ooey-gooey mix of creamy cheesecake and sweet blueberries that will leave you wanting more! So what are you waiting for? Give it a try today and experience this heavenly treat.


Indulge in Homer Simpson's Delicious Disguise! 

Mmmmmm, donuts! Who doesn’t love them? But what if we told you that today, our favorite yellow TV dad – Homer Simpson – is going to swap his beloved donut for a cake? That’s right. Our beloved Homer is stepping out of the cartoon world and into this delicious disappearing dessert. 

Source: darlingkane/ Reddit

The best part about it? It looks just like him! This meme based on the classic show has been big in recent times, being used whenever a situation gets too intense. The character outline may be spot-on but the real magic lies within the delectable frosting. Dig in and get to know Homie in an all new way!


Next Level Cookies 

Who doesn’t love homemade cookies? As one amateur baker has proved, they can be taken to the next level with a little bit of finesse. Just in time for Christmas comes a Moroccan-inspired masterpiece – all done right at home! 

Source: tstudio/ Reddit

The secret? Pantyhose! Who knew that it could create a precise piping device for decoration? With this handy trick, the baker produced some seriously professional looking sweet treats. So put down your store bought box and try something special today – you’ll never look at homemade cookies the same way again!


Take a Bite of this Fluffy Yummy Yarn Cake! 

Introducing Lauren Wodnicki, an incredibly talented confectioner from Connecticut. What’s she doing? Making everyone drool with her mouth-watering yarn cakes. These look so real that you may think they contain actual strings, but they are actually made out of frosting! 

Source: cakelaurenloves/ Instagram

She also puts her creative spin on other desserts like hand-embroidered pillows and shaggy rugs that have mouths watering all around the world. An amazing self-taught baker, who clearly has a natural talent for dessert decorating. Check out her Instagram account to find out what new treats she’ll come up with next!


Sugar Art Bliss: The Journey of Artist-Baker Julie Simon 

Step into the magical world of sugar art created by bakery artist Julie Simon from LA. Her beautiful cakes are inspired by iconic painters like Chagall and Klimt. 

Source: juliesimoncakes/ Instagram

However, her journey towards becoming a top sugar artist only began on a trip to London. That’s where she discovered Harris’ famous food hall and the intricate lace confections that captivated her so much that she yearned to learn more about creating sugar flowers. With the help of the precious few books available at that time, Julie started teaching herself how to make these gorgeous floral cakes made of sugar!


Tentacles to Tempt Your Taste Buds! 

If you are an adventurous foodie looking for something new to try, why not give this sweet and delicious octopus cake a go?

Source: demilked.com

It is visually stunning and looks like the real thing from top to bottom – with a swirled Jupiter adding mesmerizing detail. But don’t worry – there’s no seafood involved here. The ‘pus on top is simply made of edible sugar – so everyone can indulge in it.


Ready for a Journey Through the Universe? 

Let’s take a journey to the stars with Darling Delight’s Cosmic Galaxy Cupcakes! These out of this world treats are made in Columbus, Ohio and no two cupcakes are alike. Your tastebuds will explore new galaxies of flavor thanks to airbrushed buttercream frosting delicately spread over chocolate or vanilla cake. 

Source: Skizorbit/ Reddit

See how a sprinkle of glittery stars and swirls of milky way create an unforgettable celestial experience – one bite is all it takes! Let’s get ready for lift-off into the cosmic galaxy!!


A Forkful of Fun, Solving This Delicious Puzzle! 

Ready to solve a puzzle that requires no genius-level skills? Here’s something delectable – a Rubik’s Cube cake made by famous chef Cédric Grolet! 

Source: elle.se

This sugary gem is just as geometric and colorful as the real thing, but with one delicious twist. Its classic hues have been replaced with a stunning marbling pattern. No wonder this guy was named the best pastry chef by the Relais Desserts association in 2016. So grab your fork and enjoy!


Get Into the Christmas Spirit with a Grinch-themed Cake!

Let’s face it, we may not all be fans of the mean Mr. Grinch, but everyone loves Amanda Cooper’s ultra-realistic cake depicting this villain of Dr. Seuss’ classic Christmas tale! Every detail is remarkable – from his green fur, to his evil eyes, and everything in between.

Source: borepanda.com

This project is a testament to Amanda’s love for bringing beloved characters like Elmo and Shrek to life through her creations, making her an online sensation with over hundreds of thousands of followers already. So why not get into the Christmas spirit by baking your own Grinch-themed cake?


Divorced Dad’s Impressive Pancake Creations Bring Fun to Breakfast Time! 

Reddit recently introduced us to a divorced dad who has found the perfect way to make mornings special for his kids – by making pancake creations like nobody has ever seen before! With fantastic color combinations and intricate designs, he creates dishes resembling dinosaurs, whales and more. 

Source: Saipancakes/ Facebook

It’s almost too good to believe that someone is able to make pancakes this advanced. His technique is certainly one-of-a-kind! Pass the butter and enjoy some incredible breakfast treats – these pancakes definitely aren’t your usual run-of-the mill circles.


Devour Delicious Dirt - Unlock a Garden of Goodies! 

Are you ready to eat dirt? This drool-worthy cake is slathered in decadent chocolate hazelnut ‘soil’ and is decorated with a tasty vegetable garden. Carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, zucchini and cauliflower top this eye-catching creation. 

Source: borepanda.com

Yes, it may not be healthy but it sure looks good! Crafted by the master baker with nothing more than kitchen tools, don’t wait any longer for your chance to unearth this succulent surprise. Dig into this one now!


Tiger Pies: Baked with Fierce Strength, Wisdom and Bravery! 

Celebrate The Year Of The Tiger in style by feasting on these unique Tiger Pies! Brought to you by baker extraordinaire, ThePieous, these pies will redefine your notion of doughy goodness. Each pie is deliciously filled with fruit or cream and intricately designed to imitate the striped pattern of a ferocious Bengal tiger. 

Source: Baking/ Reddit

Bite into this delectable symbol of strength, wisdom and bravery – something which has been celebrated in China for centuries. Raise a toast to Chinese New Year with one of these dynamic Tiger Pies – they’re sure to leave you roaring with delight!


Treat Yourself to a Whimsical Delight - Colorful and Oh So Shaggy! 

Tired of the same old cakes? Well, worry no more! Baker Alana Jones-Mann has arrived to save the day with her remarkable shaggy cake creations. Based in LA, her fuzzy confections have been taking social media by storm. It’s clear why: popular platforms such as The Knot, Buzzfeed Apartment Therapy and Refinery29 have noticed this talented artist’s work. Even Martha Stewart is a fan, featuring her in The Bride’s Guide! 

Source: identifyforce.com

All eyes now turn east as New York Magazine and The New York Post rave about her unique desserts. Whether you’re feeling adventurous, or just out to impress, treat yourself to one of Alana’s whimsical cakes.


A Mountain of Deliciousness - Lord of the Cake! 

We may not know exactly what the dwarves ate during their time in The Lord of the Rings, but they must have needed some nourishment after their hard labor! 

Source: Alamy

One mother preparing a special treat for her son wasn’t taking any chances – she created a decadent mountain made entirely out of cake and chocolate gold coins. What an impressive way to honor these working heroes! This delicious display is sure to put a smile on even the grumpiest dwarf’s face – now that’s something!


Irises Meet Deliciousness: Monet-inspired Tarts

If cakes, pies, and cookies get all the attention when it comes to desserts, then tarts are sadly ignored. That’s why Reddit user Inspiredtotaste came up with these cinnamon-blueberry tarts inspired by none other than renowned artist Claude Monet! 

Source: thestart.com

Monet is known for his impressionist style, painting lilac irises, which were even featured in a series of large canvases during World War One. Now these same beautiful flowers have been baked and sugared – an absolute treat for any impressionist fan! So make sure you don’t miss this irresistible dessert – after all, once you try them, you won’t be able to look away!