Embarrassing T-Shirt Fails That Will Have You Laughing

By: Lauren Wurth | Published: Sep 13, 2023

It takes a certain type of personality to bravely wear these opinions on their body. These statements, fashionably written on shirts, are, intentionally or not, the funniest thing we’ve seen in a while.  They were so good we couldn’t just keep them to ourselves. These shirts deserve to be shared with friends and family so that everyone can laugh along.

We need to raise a glass to “the weird ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers” who modeled these offbeat tees for our amusement and delight. We’re sure that these shirts sell like hotcakes online, but even if you don’t find yourself reaching for your wallet, you can amuse yourself with them nonetheless. Enjoy!

Take A Number, Ladies

This kid seems to be overflowing with confidence. We’re all about body positivity, but this kid is practically boiling over with self-esteem, and we respect that. We want to ask where he got the confidence to wear such a bold statement on his shirt. 


Source: jerusalemonline.com

I guess he feels like the ladies are just about to line up to get a piece of his action…any time now. In that case, ladies—don’t worry—as his shirt says, there is plenty of him to go around. We’re still waiting for our turn.


Go Home—You’re Pumped

Staying at home so often due to the past few years’ events has made some of us a little chunky. We need enough motivation to hit the gym and get our fit bodies back. What better way to gauge how hard we’ve worked than a sweat-powered positive statement on a t-shirt?



That’s right—this shirt tells its owner when he can go home—after he’s covered in sweat. Until he’s pumped enough iron during his workout, he doesn’t deserve to go back home to relax. So next time he even thinks of eating an extra donut, he might have to think twice.

Irony At Its Best

At the request of our boss or manager, we’ve all had to attend a safety meeting at some point in our careers. While many of us just brush it off or pay little to no attention during the demonstration, maybe this guy should have been made to stay behind at the end of the seminar. 


Source: Pinterest/ @fetchsport.com

This guy’s workplace must make a big deal out of safety—enough to print it on the back of their uniforms, which is funny because this guy decided to ride the pickup truck in the most unsafe way he could have done. Maybe they should have printed the message on the front—upside down.

We Understand, Grandma

We personally are optimists, so we don’t really vibe with the maxim “Hell is other people,” but we catch the drift—even if it is quite a cynical take. The statement on this shirt loses its credibility when it is worn by this sweet old lady with a lovely smile.


Source: Pinterest/@cheezburger.com

This is what happens when “dislike” isn’t quite a strong enough word for you. This woman woke up one day and wanted to inform everyone about it herself. This is her way of telling everyone to stay away—at least at arms-length—but with that smile, we aren’t entirely convinced.

Finding A Friend In Me

Cows are cool. They are super cute and provide us with some of the most delicious food products on the market. Just think—milk, dairy, and beef. We have so much to thank these gorgeous animals for.

Source: Pinterest/@clove3.smilm.com

This person gets it! They obviously are a fan of the bovine kind. In fact, they loved them so much that they even printed the face of a cow on their shirt. This calf, none the wiser, obviously appreciated the gesture. She might have found a new friend in the human or even their T-shirt.


A Selfie-less Act

Nothing gets the point across more passive-aggressively than wearing a shirt with a bold statement on it. This poor man obviously hates taking selfies and does not appreciate being included in one—but this picture is simply Murphy’s law in action. 

Source: Pinterest/ imgur.com

Whether these two know each other or not, they exude big-brother-teasing-little-brother vibes. If wearing a statement about it on a shirt like this doesn’t stop this guy from taking selfies, we wonder what would. The expression on his face is priceless, though.


At Least He Knows

There’s nothing more attractive than a self-made man. That being said, even a machine’s connections are sometimes more important than the material it’s made from. This man knows exactly that, and he’s putting it on display. It is not enough that he knows. He wants all of us to know as well.

Source: Pinterest/timoneging.tumblr.com

What he lacks in talent, he compensates for in pride. It doesn’t matter if this individual has no talents or skills. He’ll get the job or the role because, despite his flaws, he knows someone who knows someone who can get him to the top. 


Send Out the Clones

The statement “everyone is unique” is an oxymoron—a word meaning “the combination of two contradictory terms.” If everyone were unique, then it would mean they had something in common with one another—that being their uniqueness. That is one paradox that we would rather not touch.

Source: Pinterest/@buzzfeed.com

They’re even wearing the same kind of shorts! Whoever printed “Be Different” on these shirts must have understood the irony of the statement. If the statement was well-intentioned, then it looks like it didn’t really work—or at least, it’s a work in progress. 


Opposites Attract

What are the chances that these two would find each other in a room full of other people? Well, they say that opposites attract. If the guy on the right is in charge of making sure that people don’t shoplift or cause damage to the property, what should the guy on the left be doing?

Source: Pinterest/shareably.net

Thankfully, someone took a picture of it—otherwise, we would never have had the pleasure of enjoying this happy little accident. We still hope the guy with “insecurity” on his back thinks better of himself, though—or  we hope he’s at least staying out of trouble. 


How Hot?

This woman’s looks tell it all. If it’s not clear to you yet, just look at her shirt. She knows what’s up. She knows that she is exactly twenty percent hotter than you. It doesn’t matter how hot you are—she is always twenty percent ahead.

Source: Pinterest/@buzzfeed.com

How much more specific can she get? Nobody will ever stand a chance when it comes to hotness. We don’t know why she chose that specific percentage or even how she’s measuring, but we believe her—her aura exudes the confidence of a twenty-percent-hotter-than-you kind of person.


Think Twice Before Wearing This Shirt

Photo day is crucial to a teen’s life. Unfortunately, this young man seemed to think that it would be funny to wear a statement shirt that said “failure” across his shirt—maybe as a gag for picture day—but we doubt his parents were laughing when they saw the result.

Source: Pinterest/@hareby.net

At first, this seemingly innocent decision may have been funny, but he had to live through his whole school year with this picture printed in his yearbook. I guess it does take a confident person to pull this off, but we hope he thinks twice before doing something like this again. 


Cookies For The Monster

When the stress of life gets too much to handle, people either turn to the gym or the cookie jar. This person couldn’t seem to make up his mind, so instead, they put on a gym shirt with the cookie monster on it and shopped for cookies.

Source: Pinterest/@imgur.com

We don’t want to sound like monsters ourselves, but someone needs to tell them that it doesn’t work that way. Either they go to the gym for some heavy lifting, or they binge on cookies. There isn’t really a happy in-between. They can’t just wear a gym shirt and not work for it.


Risky Business

Yikes! This is probably one of the riskiest gag tees we’ve seen. It’s so risky that we hope, in reality, she was single at the time. If she did have a boyfriend, we hope there wasn’t a single drop of insecurity between them.


What good is having a boyfriend if you’re pulling pranks like this? It’s like she’s actively trying to break up with him! Then again, maybe her boyfriend is wearing a shirt that says, “kiss me before my girlfriend comes back.” It wouldn’t make it okay, but it would make it even funnier.


The Multiverse Is Real

This photo is nothing short of unbelievable. If it weren’t for the owner of this photo, we wouldn’t have believed it was true. Three complete strangers coincidentally sat in a row from each other wearing the exact same shirt.

Source: Pinterest/@imgur.com

Either this is proof that the multiverse is real, or there was a clearance sale for flannel shirts in town. The verdict is still out, but more likely, the latter is true. Who knows? Stranger things have happened in the past.


Not A Good Shirt to Wear In Front of Mice

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again—check your outfit before you step outside. Case in point? This picture. Who wears a Deadmau5 T-shirt at Disneyland, where you have a higher chance of running into our beloved Minnie and Mickey Mouse than anywhere else in the world?

Source: Imgur/newtwerltodr

His shirt would look pretty stylish when worn anywhere else, but not Disneyland. He might not have noticed it when he put it on, but Minnie certainly did—making for an awkward photo. We hope he makes a better wardrobe choice next time.


The Return Of The Cookie Monster

We love couple shirts. They are a subtle way of telling the world that you and the other dork are together. It is important to remember that when wearing them, both parties need to stay close to each other. Otherwise, the messages on the shirt wouldn’t make sense.  

Source: Pinterest/ @buzzfeed.com

We are not saying that these two people are together, but the choice of their clothing seems to infer that they are, somehow. Who knows—they just might be a pair of dudes who like to have their shirts coordinated or perhaps this was all pure coincidence. Either way, we love their choice.


Hoping For A Runner

This shirt is confusing as the statement does not seem to fall in the same category. Even today, we’re not sure that “future D1 Athlete” counts as an identity. Maybe not yet, anyway.

Source: daniaybae via Twitter

But as far as we can tell, you can be a D1 athlete regardless of your gender identity. Is this a novel perspective on gender identity, or was it a sign of solidarity for Lori Loughlin throughout her legal ordeal? The verdict is still out.


Attractive Personality

If only the messages on shirts reflected the actual characteristics of their owners. People would be clamoring for bold shirts like this one. This guy had enough confidence to proclaim that he is a chick magnet, and we’re sure that confidence will actually help him with that. 

Source: Pinterest/@jerusalemonline.com

We were skeptical at first, but this guy does have a girl near him, so maybe he did attract a chick. If that’s true, then his shirt must be made of some high-quality, scientifically magic material. In that case, where can we pick one of these up?


2020 Is Poorly Rated

This shirt makes sense and boldly shouts in word form what we were all thinking. 2020 was pretty memorable for the entire world—it was when the pandemic started and when a lot of events transpired that were not as cool as the ones from previous years.

Source: Pinterest/livelovegameday.com

If 2020 were an app, it would receive a not-so-hot review from all of us. But since it is not an app and we are not living in the Matrix (wink), then we are not able to rate the year. For now, this shirt will suffice. Then again, what would 2021 and 2022 have gotten?


Off By A Continent

Clearly, someone skipped geography in school to become a T-shirt designer. Whichever way we look at this shirt—and believe us, we tried every angle—we can’t bring ourselves to believe that that shape somehow represents Asia. It can’t be done.

Source: Twitter/konatesouleymane

Asia is the world’s biggest continent, with coastlines on the Arctic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, and the Red Sea in the west. Going off this definition alone, we would have to disagree with this shirt’s choice of illustration which is clearly of Africa.


Work Hard Party Harder

This guy must have been the life of the party back in the day. But those days of partying seem to be long over. The word party here takes on a completely different meaning than its regular use. Nowadays, partying means getting to sleep in and recharge the battery.

Source: Pinterest/@imgur.com

Hey—there’s no shame in playing the sleeping game. Whatever floats your boat, as they say. So whether he’s living it up with his friends in the club or doing it all in his dreams, this guy is what we call a party animal.


Collage Girl

Good education is essential. Knowledge is power, and more importantly, there are times that knowledge can get you out of embarrassing situations, such as knowing the difference between the word “college” and “collage.” We sure hope her friends tell her the difference.

Source: Pinterest

One is an educational establishment, especially one that offers higher education or specialized professional or vocational training, and the other is a work of art created by placing numerous items on a backdrop, such as pictures, scraps of paper, or fabric. But not everyone can be great at every subject. Maybe she’s an artsy girl and really loves the latter.


Wait, what?

Sometimes the opposite sex is hard to understand. They say one thing and mean another. Luckily, we’ve found a message that will clear everything up. And by “clear everything up,” we mean “completely confuse you.” This looks like a poorly worded translation to us.

Source: Pinterest

English is quite a popular language worldwide, and clothing makers have taken notice. Unfortunately, what’s printed on the shirt only has to vaguely resemble the language. And this is the result. Either that or a cat crashed into the printing machine during processing.


Swipe Right

Nowadays, couples don’t often meet for the first time in person. One nice thing about the modern age is that technology constantly opens the door to new possibilities. One popular dating app is Tinder, where you swipe left to pass and swipe right to approve.

Source: Pinterest/shareably.net

This guy must have had enough of the online dating sites and applications as he seems to be trying to meet single ladies in person. He unapologetically advertises his relationship status on his shirt, along with his contact details. We’re curious to know if this worked out for him.


The Meta Baby

There’s nothing more embarrassing than mistakenly greeting a lady for her pregnancy when she is not even expecting, or vice versa when you think a pregnant lady has just gained weight when she’s expecting.

Source: Pinterst/ @boredpanda.com

So to avoid further embarrassment for both parties, we present a straightforward solution. It certainly does not get clearer than this. It even includes the due date of the baby for those mothers who are tired of answering the question they get asked so often.


Haters Gonna Hate

Haters are gonna hate—but that’s okay. There’s no better way to deal with haters than to just leave them alone. But this shirt would rather recognize a hater and try to give them their proper salutations than ignore them. At least this way, they know which way they’re facing.

Source: Pinterest/Buzzfeed.com

This guy is so unapologetically upfront about his opinions and does not care what other people think of him. He decides to wear his heart out of his sleeve—or in this case, he’s wearing his opinion on his front and back.


Yes, True

There is nothing more satisfying than saying, “I told you so.” And to be fair, he did warn his parents, his friends, and even strangers with his shirt. Now he’s in the ER with a few broken fingers. Who would have seen it coming?

Souce: Pinterest/boredpanda.com

At least this boy has a high level of self-awareness. We only hope that that someday translates into common sense before he does any more “dumb” things. Maybe his parents should be more aware of what he is up to from time to time.


We’re Going To Have To Pass On That

This girl seems confident with her cooking skills, enough to advertise it with her own personalized shirt. But to be honest, we’re quite reluctant to try something when we don’t have the slightest idea of what it is.

Source: Pinterest

From the context, we’re assuming that she cooks very salty beef or she makes her own beef-based salt. Both don’t seem that appetizing to us, honestly. We’re going to have to pass on this opportunity, thanks.


The OG

This grandpa is the real OG. He knows what’s up. He’s cool enough to pull off this jacket and proudly rep G-unit, the rap group consisting of international superstars such as 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, and Tony Yayo.

We’re kind of hoping that he got this from a thrift store and that this jacket is the real deal worn by members of the real G Unit. Or maybe this grandpa really is a member and can spit out a sick rhythm at the drop of an old hat. Who knows. 


What Kind Of Models?

Clearly, this guy has high standards as everyone should— one way or another. He wants the world to know that he only dates models. Be careful what you wish for, though—wishes can turn on you very quickly. Maybe he’s referring to a different kind of model.

Source: Pinterest

Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. There are models for hands and feet too. Maybe he’s open to any model. Regardless, it’s obvious that he’s some kind of cook. That’s certainly an attractive trait in a man.


Having A Bad Day

There are times when the universe lines up and gives us everything we expect of it—so be careful about what kind of vibes you put out there. Was this situation brought on because this guy literally asked for it? We don’t know. But clearly, he’s not having a good day.

Source: BuzzFuse

What else can be worse than getting arrested and spending the night in prison? It’s certainly one way to make an already cynical soul even more negative. A good tip might be to change shirts. Maybe then things will turn around.


Leaving A Bad Taste

Here’s another picture that turned out odd, to say the least. We don’t want to blame anyone, but here’s another gentle reminder for anyone who wears clothes (that goes for everyone): check what your photo partner is wearing before you agree to take a picture.

Source: Pinterest

The guy might have thought his Rolling Stones shirt was funny, but we hardly believe the girl did. We all know that this won’t go onto their holiday postcards. If she finds something funny about this picture, then she must have a stellar sense of humor.


Wrong Band

It is fun to go to the thrift store. There are many old outfits in the pile of old clothes that hardly cost anything. Some shirts are from concerts where bands played and sold their merchandise. Wearing a band shirt implies that you’ve seen them or that you’re a fan.

Source: Printsome

We aren’t music connoisseurs, but we know for a fact that that is not Nirvana. This is a shirt with the picture of the popular boy band from back in the 90s named Hanson with the name Nirvana slapped across it. This doesn’t increase the shirt’s value, but who knows? One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.


Back On The Ranch

Ranch is an acquired taste. Not everyone likes putting ranch on their food, but to those who love the taste of it, they can never get enough. This shirt is perfect for hardcore ranch enthusiasts—those who wouldn’t be able to brush their teeth without a little dip of the dressing.

Source: Imgur

Either that, or it’s for people who want to convey that they’re really not into whatever’s happening right now. So if you know some people who are bad at reading the room, just point to your shirt and let them see the obvious message.


True Beliebers

These men would like the world to know that “real men respect Bieber” and that we should respect their opinion, too. Men should be able to enjoy Justin’s music as much as anyone else without being judged by others.

Source: Twitter/MelissaJ

They look like they are enjoying their time at one of Bieber’s concerts. His music knows no boundaries, gender or otherwise. All they are asking is for a little respect and to enjoy their taste in music peacefully. Real men respect other people. That checks out.


The Old Couple Routine

This is the type of couple shirt we like to see. Most couple shirts don’t make sense when the two people are apart from one another. This couple’s shirt is just the opposite—when one goes missing, it makes much more sense.

Source: Twitter/OlderRelative

This cute old couple took the time to print out this funny shirt to make sure they would never be too far from each other’s side. This guy clearly could not get enough of Rita and vice versa.  That’s right, ladies—when you find your man, never let them out of your sight—but in case he wanders off often, you can always wear a cute T-shirt set.


Super Happy?

Someone should swap this little girl’s shirt with something that better reflects her super NOT happy emotions.

Source: taringa.net

Wearing a “Super Happy” shirt when you are just not feeling the day is not going to fly with this little lady and we can’t blame her.


Almost Famous

This girl is obviously feeling herself and we give her kudos for that level of self-righteous confidence. With a shirt like that, eventually, someway, somehow, the right person will have to “discover” you…right?

Source: Imgur

We’re pretty sure  thats how it works at least. When you think you’ve got it, you might as well flaunt it.


George Is That You?!

Even though George Louis Costanza is a fictional character from the American television sitcom Seinfeld we get the feeling he would be all about whatever is going on here.

Source: costanzagram/ Instagram

Given that this guy is rocking a George t-shirt, holding a George coffee mug, and has his T.V. paused on a scene featuring George we think it is safe to say George is his celebrity crush.


For The Love Of George

Again with George Costanza. This whole family made our t-shirt fails list with their unabashed, shameless-love for their favorite Seinfeld character.

Source: curbyourlarrydavid/ Instagram

Imagine walking by this bold and beautiful bunch feeling every single pair of George eyes on you. It’s kind of like those paintings you find in haunted houses, the eyes just keep following you.


Gimmie That List

In 2012 the world was introduced to Kimberly “Sweet Brown” Wilkins and her response to a reporter after a house fire. “Aint nobody got time for that” quickly became a popular catchphrase.

Source: cybercougar/ Instragram

That catchphrase obviously resonated with this woman so much she wanted to have it put on a t-shirt. Don’t catch yourself asking this woman for any favors because you know what her response is going to be.


Pricey Mama

We’re not so sure if this is a t-shirt fail or just a poor attempt at a singles ad. Seriously fellas, if anyone is planning to take her out you better be prepared to shell out some serious cash.

Source: hogfishtees/ Instagram

In all fairness at least she’s being upfront about her high standards and making it clear she’s expecting more than just a trip to Applebee’s.


Cats Are My People

Dudes of the world, come on now, no need to get offended. This lovely lady’s t-shirt is just speaking straight facts. Seriously though, who needs a guy when you can just get a ton of cats?

Source: just_nissa_/ Instagram

Granted cats love is conditional, when they do decided to show their human  peasants some love the connection is fur real.


Umm What Is That You Say?

This shirt has a crystal clear message. What exactly that message is we are honestly not really sure. Doesn’t everyone know sniffing glue won’t keep families together?

Source: Paddy32/ Reddit

We suppose it’s a matter of perspective. After all, if you use glue for its intended purpose you could keep families together. We’re going to chalk this up as a t-shirt fail, for sure.


A Sheer Masterpiece 

There is a lot to take in here. We all must agree here that no shirt has ever captured Nicholas Cage and his personalities more perfectly. The range of emotion in this shirt is on point.

Source: prescribe.dirkpcet/ Instagram

If you’re going to be flaunting a t-shirt fail we promise you, you’re going to want it to be this one. Hey, it can’t be that big of a fail if you’re going to be turning heads all day with the conversation piece!


Well Played Sir

Talk about a celeb bromance. Apparently, Golden Globe winner and famous actor Ryan Gosling wanted to pay homage to fellow child celeb Macaulay Culkin and thought the best way to go about this was with  with a screen print t-shirt. Culkin decided to return the favor in the most meta way possible. 


Culkin then posted a selfie, sporting a t-shirt featuring an image of Gosling wearing a t-shirt featuring Culkin. Flattery like this has no bounds, not to mention the potential of a crazy t-shirt line. 


A New Avenger?

We get it, with all these superhero movies going around its hard to keep track of the right universes, and who belongs where. That explains how Batman may have ended up on an Avenger’s shirt. The character from Avatar however, must have just been a complete oversight, as they are not even in the superhero realm.


The thought of  someone purchasing this shirt and wearing it to a huge event like Comic-Con is laugh inducing. Seeing the look of sheer confusion on the guests’ faces as they witness this monstrosity would be well worth the cost of the shirt!


The Perfect Shirt Does Exist

Some people believe that in order to make your dreams come true, you must manifest them into fruition. In this guy’s case, apparently all he had to do was print it on a t-shirt.

Via Facebook

Steven Spielberg has probably had some memorable (we’re pretty confident some strange as well) interactions with super fans throughout the years. We are willing to bet some serious dough this is probably a first for him.


Basic Instinct: Shirt Edition

Sharon Stone took time to pose with a fan wearing a t-shirt depicting a certain iconic scene from the movie Basic Instinct. According to sources on the set of the film, Stone had no idea what director Paul Verhoeven’s intentions were while filming that scene. When Stone saw the scene played back for the first time, she slapped him.

Malu Moraes via Pinterest

After some time it was reported Stone admitted that it worked out the best way possible. This is probably why she’s now comfortable enough to pose with fans wearing a t-shirt like this one now. What a crazy coincidence to run into a fan wearing this out on the street.


Not Exactly What Your Kid Wanted

To be fair, knights and samurai are kind of the same thing? One’s from feudal England and the other’s from feudal Japan. We have the feeling the failure to grasp simple geography may be the root the the problem here.

Bootleg_Stuff via Twitter

However, none of that matters to the poor kid pictured above. Right now, the only thing on his mind is how badly his lunch table is going to roast him after they were forced to listen to him brag for weeks about how he was going to be a sweet samurai for Halloween. We get the feeling he is going to pass the blame on his poor Mom.  


What Is Happening Here

So we know this isn’t necessarily a t-shirt, but this fail is too good to pass up. This may be quite literally one of the greatest backpacks ever made. There is a lot going on here and the harder you look at it, the more you notice all of the crazy photos. It’s hard to imagine getting so many things so wrong at once.

WorldBreakers via Reddit 

We have never related to an accessory more in our entire lives. Just look at the smirk on bootleg-Sonic’s face. He just knows you want to buy this catastrophic fail of a Harry Potter backpack . And he’s right. Still curious how OBAMA fits in here…


Something Seems Off Here

Like in the previous slide there is a lot to take in here. From the crazy mis-spelling, to the random number of stars and stripes tossed up on the flag.  At least they got the correct colors going on, although we’re not really sure where the green is coming from.

RedBardIsCool via Twitter

To be completely honest spelling Massachusetts without using spellcheck is a difficult task. Maybe the person in charge of creating this shirt didn’t have spell check and just had to wing it to the best of their ability. 


Why Yes, You Are

He is in fact Groot. Vin Diesel has voiced Groot in all the Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers films in which the character appears. Groot is a lovable piece of wood who everyone seems to have a soft spot for. their heart for.  

MarshalJullius via Twitter

Vin Diesel and his shirt are here to remind you exactly who he is. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of the things you’ve accomplished, especially a multi million dollar grossing film. 


That’s A Slimming Choice

We get it many people are looking to slim down a bit. We’re fans of body positivity over here, but if you’d rather look a little thinner, that’s fine with us (as long as you’re being healthy, of course!). 


Why diet and exercise, when you can just buy a t-shirt that takes off the unwanted pounds? After all, who doesn’t want to feel like a bottle of ketchup being squeezed in a giant’s hand? 


Just A Little Snack

Seriously, admit it- you did a double-take, right? This super convincing t-shirt makes it look like the wearer is chowing down on some instant noodles right in the middle of class. Who doesn’t love a good cup of noodles, right? The classmate in front even looks like he’s convinced by the shirt.


Most teachers don’t allow food or drinks in class, but this realistic tee has to be an exception as no rules are being broken. Do you think any teachers who walked into class ready to teach were ready to get their yell on and then had to take a step back?


Perfectly Camouflaged

This t-shirt fail seems too good to be 100% accidental. Is this t-shirt on point or do we need to pour one out for the fashion victim here? We get the feel this is this guys pre-gaming tee for every weekend.


Unfortunately, this camouflage job only works until the store decides to run a special promotion. Maybe this guy have a large surplus of these tee’s for every sale? He seems like the dedicated type.  


Well That’s A Crazy Coincidence

“It seemed like a good idea” is exactly what people say before following it up with probably not an ideal ending. We can’t exactly tell what the plan or the goal was here, but it seems like whatever it was, was definitely not accomplished.

UNILAD via Facebook

One thing is for sure, these guys immediately regretted the choices that led to their boat being stuck on shore. We get the feeling the guy in the water will be able to look back on this memory and laugh. The guy pacing on the boat…probably not so much.


T-Shirt Manifesting

All this young lady wanted to do was stand beside actor Andrew Scott (most known for his role as Jim Moriarty on BBC’s Sherlock) — and look what happened! Manifestation complete.


If this is how the world really works we are going to get “We wish we had millions of dollars!” printed on a shirt. It worked for the Steven Spielberg guy previously mentioned, and it seems to have worked for the girl pictured above!


Magic Boy

This is another backpack fail for the win. We are guessing this bootlegger didn’t get the memo you are not supposed to refer to Voldemort by name, not Harry Potter. Maybe this backpack creator is on a nickname basis with Harry?

Bootleg_Stuff via Twitter

You have to appreciate the way this bootlegger got straight to the point. There is no way to confuse what this character represents. He or she cleared the air smack dab in the middle of the backpack. It’s all about the magic!