Hilarious Messages Written On Receipts Bring Laughter To Restaurant Staff

Published: Nov 06, 2023

Gratuity doesn’t necessarily have to come in hard cash. Sometimes customers can leave a lovely word that will make their server’s day. Usually, at least in the United States, gratuity after a meal comes as a tip—leaving a little extra money for the people who waited on you. Unfortunately, some people take the word “tip” literally and insist on leaving rude comments for their waiter.

But sometimes, restaurants have messages for their customers. These receipt notes will have you howling with laughter or raging—depending on whether you’ve ever worked in the service industry. So sit back, relax, and enjoy as we serve you up a hot plate of sass.

Going By My Pseudonym

Either this guy is a sly prankster, or he had the misfortune to be born under Mr. and Mrs. Teeth, the world’s cruelest parents. It’s not the most sophisticated prank, but it gets the job done. It’s certainly visually evocative when you think about it.



Maybe this guy was down to his last $20 and hoping the card transaction would bounce. We’re not sure if that’s how card payments work, but maybe he thought it was worth a try. At least Mr. B. Teeth left a decent tip for his waitress.

Quite The Namesake

Assuming this is the manager or waiter’s name, and he was anything like his namesake, he’d probably demand a hefty tip from his customers—something in the ballpark of 1,000%, most likely. His customers likely wouldn’t receive their food, either.


Reddit u/tamerax

However, since this is Jong-un(happy), perhaps his customers were treated to a delightful time and delicious sticky Korean barbeque, albeit by a man with a long face. Either way, the staff at Koreana sure have a strange sense of humor. 

Just The Tip Of The Issue

In America, the tipping rate is anywhere from 15% to 25%, but a waiter or waitress really has to mess up to get a tip this low. It seems this customer wants to offer their two cents over the way they were treated during their meal—quite literally. 



While it’s a witty comment, it’s a shame that the waiting staff will have their pay deducted for what the customer perceived as slow-moving chefs—unless tips are shared between the whole restaurant. They even left a little wink to show their icy-cold contempt. Brutal!

Look Who Came A-Callin’

While some customers can live up to the name sometimes, this person chose to sign themselves out as ol’ Lucifer himself. Perhaps he’s decided to check the world out for himself and see how his evil plan is panning out.



At least he won’t be so bothered by slow service during the busy hours—his workplace must be bustling with having to handle all the evil souls in human history. We don’t know what kind of food he ordered, but we’re willing to bet that he slurped his drink and ate with his mouth wide open.

An Iconic Sign Off

This customer was clearly a doodler and a nice guy to boot. He left an incredible drawing of a crescent moon overlooking a skyscraper. Given the shape of that tower, we’re guessing this was drawn in a Seattle-based restaurant.


Considering this was produced in the short amount of time it took for the server to drop it off and collect the payment, it’s quite an impressive feat. We bet this customer is some kind of pro-animator or cartoonist. If they weren’t, we hope they considered a career in the field.


Making A Stink About The Bill

The staff at this pizza place seem to take their hygiene very seriously, having charged this customer for the flatulence committed on their property. We’re not entirely sure they can do that, but they did. They’re so meticulous they even recorded the number of times it happened.

Imgur @xxlizzle

The customer must have made quite the stink over this. We only wonder how they knew this particular customer was at fault. It seems a little unfair, especially since they’re handling cheese—and especially because one of the staff could have done it.


No Momma

Everyone has a different body shape, and sometimes, it’s not easy to tell. Our best advice in this situation is just “try not to use the P-word if you can help it.” It will save you—and the person you offend—a lot of hurt in the long run.


While chowing down on a serving meant for two people can occasionally be a cathartic, indulgent experience, it probably doesn’t warrant comment from the person who serves you. Whether this was body shaming or a genuine mistake, the customer’s response was hilarious.


An Irrational Customer

Only true math savants will get this one right away. We can’t tell if it’s a demonstration of genius or hubris, but we suspect it sparked an interesting conversation—we hope that the customer explained their work, at the very least. 


Upon seeing their bill, this customer realized that the difference between their base bill and $30 was the first three digits of pi—3.14, which they wrote in the tip line. Is this a brilliant ice-breaker for nerds or a clever way to avoid paying the full tip? You decide!


A Discount For Good Kids

While having to take care of unruly young ones might seem like a toll all by itself, it’s nice to see a restaurant cut these kids’ parents some slack. We can imagine the restaurant giving these parents a discount for their kids, having exemplified good manners even while other kids were going wild.


Who said it never pays to be nice? All that hard work and patience paid off! It may only be a small amount, but it’s heartwarming to see the restaurant give this family a discount for their kids’ good behavior.


A Tip A Day Keeps The Boredom Away!

We can’t argue that this is, in fact, a good tip because, frankly, staring at the sun is not good for your eyes. Even for a few seconds, it can do some serious damage to your retinas, and you certainly don’t want that. However, people need to remember that a tip means actual money. 

Source: Imgur

While it might have seemed funny at the time, waiters deserve to be tipped the right way. 


Fair Shares And Taxes

This is one long explanatory note on why they can’t give any tips. But we will give it to this person, at least they way polite about it. We understand that times can get a little too hard, and it becomes challenging to give tips after a service. 

Source: Imgur

We certainly hope this person gets to a place where things are less difficult and they can continue to support service providers in the future.


Rude Much

If the word “rude” was an image, it would be this particular one. What do you mean by “get a real job.” It is the audacity for us. People spend their day on their feet, attending to the needs of others, and someone comes to leave them with this type of outrageous tip. 

Source: Imgur

This is no doubt wrong on so many levels. It would have been better if they didn’t even leave any “tip” at all.


Thanks For Absolutely Nothing

Honestly, some people just do too much at this point. Imagine attending to someone’s needs just to see that they left you $0.01 as a tip. It is really not needed and necessary. People need to learn to be kinder to others. 

Source: onedio.com

Even if they weren’t pleased with the attendant’s service, they could have just left the space blank. Being rude about it is very wrong and quite humiliating. 


Doodle Away!

Mayday! Mayday! We have another doodler on our hands. Getting a positive and witty note like this can surely be a delightful way to keep your night going. 

Source: whythese.com

The writer has asked that they “shake it like a salt shaker.” To make it even better, they added a doodle of bacon. We all know everything is better with bacon. Notes like this remind us to embrace positivity and enjoy the little things. Hats off to this one.