Popular Jeep Models That Made the Brand Famous

By: Lauren Wurth | Published: Nov 08, 2023

Jeep has been a trusted automobile brand since the early 1940s, especially for people living a rugged lifestyle. But, of course, that comes as no surprise since these vehicles were initially designed to be used by soldiers.

But Jeep instantly became a hit among consumers too. Here’s an overview of some top-selling Jeeps to help determine which best fits your lifestyle.

Jeep Cherokee

The Jeep Cherokee is perfect for everything from taking the kids to soccer practice to driving through challenging terrain. The Cherokee still maintains a stylish look despite its ruggedness with a sleek design.


Source: Pinterest.com

The Cherokee’s high clearance gives it an overall smooth ride. It easily glides over rocks, potholes, and anything else you might encounter on the road that might make rides too bumpy for comfort.

Jeep Compass

Whether you’re cruising down a city road or traveling through the countryside, the Jeep Compass will fit in seamlessly. Its sporty, modern design makes it perfect no matter where you drive


Source: Luis/ Pinterest

Like most Jeeps, it delivers a smooth ride regardless of whether you’re on a newly paved road or backcountry terrain. The 2.4-liter engine also makes it the perfect vehicle for everyday use.

Jeep Renegade

If you’re feeling a bit daring and rebellious, then the Jeep Renegade is the right fit for you. It might be classified as an SUV, but its unique design sets it apart from any other vehicle within the same class.


Source: carscoops.com/ Pinterest

Once you get behind the wheel, you’ll immediately realize that its solid look isn’t just for appearances. This powerhouse vehicle was built to be one of the best to drive, especially if you enjoy going off-road.

Jeep Liberty

The Liberty is one vehicle that continues to put the Jeep brand on the map. It delivers the same high performance and comfort level as any other Jeep model and is also one of the best for the budget compared to similarly-powered vehicles in the Jeep line.


Source: Joe Jepp/ pinterest

Hoping to enjoy the Jeep’s sturdy design and smooth drive at a friendly cost, but you aren’t really the off-roading type? Then, the Liberty is easily the best option.

Jeep Wrangler

The Wrangler was built for people who live for the thrill. It even lets you remove the top and sides so that you can feel the wind blowing through your hair as you pursue one adventure after another.

Source: Jeep Wrangler/ Pinterest

If you want to get a real feel for the elements you’re up against in the great outdoors, then fold up the windshield and allow yourself to be at one with nature and all it offers.


Jeep Patriot

A reliable day-to-day vehicle that leaves plenty of room for everyone, the Patriot is family-friendly and a great fit for those who love having the entire family and group of friends around.

Source: Frankie Onorato/ Pinterest

Its solid build is supported by a top-quality suspension system, allowing you to drive through harsh road conditions with ease. If you want to see the best it has to offer, drive it through sand dunes or take it to the beach, and you’ll know you made the right decision.


Jeep Hurricane

The Hurricane was aptly named, with its unique design showing how capable it is of taking you through any storm. Regardless of the landscape and conditions, expect some raw power coursing through its veins.

Source: Hermie/ Pinterest

As expected from a high-performance vehicle, the Hurricane comes with quite a hefty price tag. The interior wasn’t built for comfort either, so brace yourself for the most thrilling ride of your life.


Jeep Grand Cherokee

Another one of Jeep’s most popular vehicles, the Grand Cherokee is a classic and is fit for luxury and style. But don’t be misled by the glossy finish and the fancy interior because this baby still delivers the high performance you’ve come to expect from the Jeep brand.


It can effortlessly drive up even the steepest slopes impressing you with the full strength of its 184 horsepower and 3.0-liter engine. Now that’s power.


Jeep Comanche

As the name and design suggest the Jeep Comanche is something you’d
be happy to take through miles of open desert. It’s a sturdy vehicle built
for rough terrain but also adaptable to easier road conditions.


Its suspension system is absolutely excellent, making little bumps and
potholes barely noticeable. This comes in handy when you’re out on the
open plains. Speaking of which, if you need to climb up a steep slope,
rest assured that the Comanche’s engine will take you right to the top
without breaking a sweat.


Jeep Gladiator

The Jeep Gladiator, as the name and design suggest, is one hardy vehicle.
It looks like it just crawled out of an active war zone without a scratch.
With a tough exterior and massive wheels, it’s no surprise that this
vehicle thrives in bad weather and rough road conditions.


Campers and hunters will absolutely love this rugged vehicle. Its V8
engine can bring you up to 170 km/h while maintaining remarkable
control. After you finish a day of exploring the desert or mountain roads,
you can climb back to a paved road for an easy drive home.


Jeep Wagoneer

Luxury is the name of the game for the Jeep Wagoneer. This spacious
vehicle has a plush interior, all the latest gadgets, and plenty of room for
the family, pets, and a few friends. The luxury and size are its main draw,
but it’s also quite good in terms of power.


The Wagoneer’s V8 engine can take it up to 160 km/h. On top of that
speed, it handles smoothly. You can be sitting in the back enjoying a
movie or book as you zip through gorgeous mountain landscapes.


Jeep DJ

The Jeep DJ, as you can see below, has quite the personality. Although it
may look like an ambulance or milk-delivery truck from the mid-20th
century, it’s actually a civilian jeep from the 1990s.


The main draw of this classic car is how fun and easy it is to drive. The
exterior is absolutely unique, and the interior is quite comfortable.
Although not as rugged as other Jeep models on this list, it can certainly
hold its own during any off-roading adventures.