Lazy, Or Just More Efficient? Hilarious Photos Of Slacker Hackers Who Do Things Their Way

By: Isabel Villegas | Last updated: Dec 21, 2022

Doing a job well doesn’t always mean working your hands to the bone—as the saying goes, it’s better to work smart than work hard. Sometimes, it takes a great deal of effort, zen-like patience, and sustained concentration to reach true relaxation, and these people understand the levels of effort required to reach such a state.

Others, however, plainly haven’t thought their ideas through. Here are ten examples of slackers attempting to reach new heights of comfort by barely putting any effort in at all. So sit back, relax, and shovel your snack of choice into your mouth in the least-energy consuming way you can think of—and enjoy!

Freshening Up The Holidays

Christmas doesn’t feel the same without a green, fake plastic tree. Large or small, this traditional ornament can instantly give any room an air of festivity—especially when gifts are nestled underneath for the kids.


It doesn’t matter how it’s done—some families will go to the ends of the earth to get one, even at the eleventh hour on Christmas Eve. While there are technically some presents under there, its the least effort anyone could have put in. At least the gifts are wrapped.


Surf’s… Eh

When you picture a surfer, you might have the image of a handsome, pearly-toothed, jacked man emerging from the ocean after catching the waves. A certain level of physical fitness is needed for this particular sport—or so you’d think. This guy thinks otherwise.


Barely able to call enough energy to row, these gentleman are relaxing on some trusty deck chairs. Nothing can stop them while they’re out on the water—except perhaps a mildly strong wave—or a gust of wind.

Path Of Least Resistance

Laying down a road takes a lot of work, but not everyone adds the same amount of labor time to its construction. There’s something unusual about this road marking. It looks as though someone has painted around the obstacle in the way.



Although, to be fair—this fallen tree branch looks like it would take at least ten or twenty seconds—possibly even a bend-down or a gentle foot-nudge—to clear off the side of the road. Sometimes it’s better to avoid your problems than confront them.

Taking The Man Out For A Roll

Modern life—especially life after 2020—can feel like an existence entirely consisting of moving between your bed and your work desk. However, this man proves that it doesn’t have to be this way. He makes sure to start his day with a nice stroll—or roll—outside.



That way, the dog gets its exercise, you get to read all the depressing things happening in the news, and you can get your daily dose of sunlight. It’s smooth sailing—until your pup sees one of the neighbor’s kitties and goes off on a rampage. Then you might be in trouble.

The Pro-Gamer Move

This man is doing his body a favor by playing what looks to be a Nintendo Wii Fit game. The game requires that you exercise your arms and legs, swinging them around vigorously as the motion sensor picks up your every movement and reflects them onscreen.

He certainly looks like he’s giving it his all in this game. Motion sensor games like Wii Fit are a great way to get people up and active—and it’s fun, too. Who said gamers have to be unhealthy, lazy couch potatoes?


Segway Stalling

Not long after their introduction to the world, people have been finding new, creative ways to get their money’s worth out of their motorized Segways/ hoover boards. For a while, they appeared in every public place imaginable: the mall, the gym, at the bowling alley, in the pool…

Perhaps this gentleman has just come off the highway after “driving” for hours. But probably not. Now all he needs are robotic arms to come out and shake it when he’s done and possibly hold his hands over the sink to get his hands cleaned afterward.


Escalate Your Heart Rate

Just when you thought it was absurd for fitness junkies to drive ten minutes to their local gym, here we are with the world’s shortest gym entrance escalator ride. It’s days like this that make us wonder if crawling out of the ocean to develop legs was just a big mistake.

Still, it’s probably better to reserve your energy for that intense 24-hour exercise you’re about to give yourself. Maybe the exercise bikes inside are powering these escalators. If they aren’t, they’re missing out on a great energy-saving opportunity. 


The Original Switch

Gaming can be a relaxing hobby—the only problem is that occasionally you’ll need to constantly hold your head in the upward position, which can be quite difficult when you’re lying down or lounging in your favorite adjustable chair.

Cecy Go

By using an old-style tube TV, this gamer has found a way to maximize his energy efficiency by adopting his sleeping position into his active gaming position. This way, he can press pause, go to sleep for a few hours, and resume his achievement hunting.


The Slacker’s Secret Sack Of Snacks

It’s not always possible to do the absolute bare minimum—especially not at work, where you’re expected to look at least a little busy, if not half busy. Sometimes a little refueling is all it takes to help you get through your long day of chatting, alt-tabbing, and the occasional brow furrow.

It’s probably not great for your scalp in the long run, but this hoodie horse feed bag is a great way to ensure not only that you’re exerting the least amount of effort when munching on popcorn—but that any popcorn will fall right back down into the “bowl.”


Suck On This

Exhausting yourself on the job can be disastrous, but it’s easily done. Whether you’re breaking rocks to make way for a new highway, working on a huge engineering project, or recalibrating your vibes by the side of the pool, it’s essential to stay hydrated. 


With this simple innovation, this sunbather was able to maximize his rest time by removing the need to exercise one of his arms, thereby supercharging himself for his next big ordeal, whatever—and whenever—that will be.