Nightmare Stories From the Internet’s Worst Rental Experiences

By: Lauren Wurth | Published: Nov 05, 2023

For most tenants, dealing with landlords can be a breeze, but it’s entirely a nightmare for others. Ready to cringe, shudder, and gasp at the tales of some of the most monstrous landlords in the world? Then buckle up because this piece is for you!

From push inspections to absurd demands, these stories will make you grateful for your landlord, regardless of how weird they can be. Get ready to meet the most some of the most overbearing and awful landlords out there!

Frozen Fiasco: The Not-So-Hot Truth About a Thermostat

Imagine this: on a chilly day, you happily reach for the thermostat to increase your home’s temperature, only to discover it’s nothing more than a decorative spout on a nail. Utterly useless! 


Source: PhenomenalPancake/Reddit

That happened to this tenant, who shared their experience with their landlord. We guess we gave a shout-out to their landlord, who surprised them. In a weird twist of fate, the renter found themself battling against the elements, with no control over the temperature. 


Taking the Stairs to Save a Fortune: An Unbelievable Elevator Fee

Are you also ready to take the stairs to save some cash? That was the choice this tenant’s landlord gave them and their fellow residents when enacting a new elevator policy.


Source: LeggyOki/Reddit

Effective October 1st, 2013, they were mandated to use their scan cards to operate the elevator. Although the first 60 uses were free, they were to pay a whopping $35 monthly afterward. But thankfully, the slumlord was nice enough to allow the tenants a chance to use the stairs if they decided to opt out of the service. 

No Pork, No Guests, No Fun

Welcome to another nightmare of renting with the landlord from hell. Some rules in this house will make your head spin: No pork allowed, no guests can stay over without a two-week notice and the landlord’s approval, and the icing on the cake: visitors can’t even spend the night. Sounds more like rules for guests in a hostel than for apartment renters.


Source: CityBuildingWitch/Reddit

But that’s not all. Using your neighbor’s shampoo or body wash will cost you. Let’s not forget about trying to have a swell time with alcohol—you must keep it in your room. If you break these rules, say goodbye to your deposit and you may be asked to leave the house immediately. 

Kitchen Conundrum: A Cooking Ban Leaves Tenants Hungry

Imagine your landlord telling you not to cook a big meal in the kitchen. Yes, you read that correctly! That’s exactly what happened to this tenant and his fellow residents. Why? Apparently, the steam alarm goes off every minute. 


Source: TerraTorment/Reddit

According to this overly-conscious landlord, the kitchen should only be for warming up food and dining, not for real cooking. This frustrating situation has left the tenants hungry and confused—how will they survive without cooking their favorite meals? 

Chilling in London: Landlord Locks Thermostat in Cage

It’s getting cold here, and it’s not just about the weather—this landlord took it to a new level by keeping the thermostat in a cage. It seems as though every landlord derives pleasure in freezing their tenants!

Source: Haruspex_OD/Reddit

Yes, you read that correctly. For this tenant, it was like living in a frozen fortress with no control over temperature. This is an annoying situation that has left them fuming with frustration.


A Penny for Your Rent: Nightmare Landlord Nickels-and-Dimes Tenants

Ever heard of a landlord nitpicking over a single penny? Well, prepare yourself for this nightmare scenario! One  landlord sent his tenant a request to change their standing order. The reason? Because it was one penny short of their monthly rent. 

Source: Reddit

One penny! To make things worse, this tenant’s account is now in arrears due to the outstanding payment. The renter further noted that his landlord searches the couch cushions for every last penny they can get. 


Dirty Pool Secrets: Landlord Strikes Again

Imagine renting a place with a pool, only to have your landlord stop cleaning it. Why? Some kids who don’t live on the property were playing in it. 

Source: abendlichter/Reddit

Now, you’re left with a dirty and neglected pool that can’t be used anymore. At least no one else can use it now, right? This is just one of the many frustrations of dealing with a lazy landlord. Can this situation become any worse?


The Toilet Tyrant's Odd Bathroom Rule

Whether it’s for plumbing concerns, hygiene reasons, or just personal preference, this renter noted how their landlord is uncompromising about one rule. Of course, it’s an unusual request and a hard rule to enforce, as it mandated male tenants to break the tradition of standing while going number one.

Source: SureCoating/Reddit

But for this tenant and his fellow residents, they had no choice if they wanted to avoid losing their deposits. This instance is just another of the many oddities while dealing with a nightmare landlord and their rules. 


Courtyard Cues Party Pooping at Its Finest

The courtyard is now open! Exciting news, right? Well, not so fast—this landlord has laid down rules that will damper any hope of courtyard fun. Be ready to sit quietly and follow a prohibition list, including no after-hours fun allowed, no Fido and Fluffy allowed to join the party, and no barbecuing. 

Source: CityBuildingWitch/Reddit

So, while the courtyard is open, fun and excitement are certainly not attending. Thanks to this ever-vigilant landlord, it’s another crucial case of party-pooping. Enjoy your courtyard time, but ensure you do it in silence. We can’t say you weren’t warned!