People With Record Breaking and Extraordinary Hair

Published: Aug 03, 2022

Hair—it’s that human feature we tend to experiment with the most. It is an extension of our personality—a stylistic expression. Some people are more blessed with more beautiful locks, born with perfect, luscious hair, while others might find their hair to be more challenging to handle. When it comes to hair, there’s only one universal truth—there is no such thing as “normal.”

Everyone’s mop comes with a unique combination of weight, length, color, and shape. People should be free to style it however they wish (as long as their manes permit it, of course), but with the right tools, anyone can make their hairstyle work for them. All that being said, here are some interesting examples of hairstyles from across the globe.

Elvis Would Be Envious

Elvis Presley was well known for his rock n’ rollin’ moves, characteristic outfits, and outstanding voice—but his hair may be his most recognizable feature. The Elvis cut went by many names before it was known as such. In times gone by, people would call it the quiff, the greaser, the rocker, and of course, the pompadour.


This baby was born with the King of Rock and Roll’s signature hairstyle, although naturally jet-black—unlike Presley, who had to dye his hair dark constantly. Maybe this kid’s parents will get a good sponsorship deal with a hair styling company. It’s iconic!


A Record-Breaking Length

This is Nilanshi Patel, a real-life Rapunzel. The record-breaking teenager had hair as long as her own height—that’s five feet and seven inches of locks. No wonder she became so famous. She is a model and an entrepreneur, encouraging young teens to work hard to achieve their dreams.


Image courtesy of Guinness World Records

Unfortunately, Nilanshi cut her hair after winning her third record-breaking award; The cut was made for a good cause—she donated the strands to charity. Now the throne is open to another ambitious teenager willing to become the world’s next Rapunzel.

Carry It Like You Mean It 

This lady’s enviable hair looks incredibly strong and healthy. Her curls flow like a luscious waterfall, and we can’t help but wonder how many hours she must have to spend taking care of it to sport it in such a beautiful way. She’s portrayed here looking very proud—and she absolutely should be!


Image courtesy of The Fashion Ball

Keeping hair healthy and strong is a task many don’t take seriously enough. Still, some people are gifted with the dedication and perseverance to apply all the right hair masks, serums, and styling creams. They go above and beyond, turning heads as they walk down the street, showing off their enviable locks.

Lost In The Emo Era

Scene kids in the 2010s were everywhere, with their long straightened hair and dark, edgy fashion sense. But Panic! At The Disco is now an emblem of a bygone era, where CDs and early MP3s playing devices were smuggled between recess and after-school activities.


Image courtesy of Milliyet

It’s interesting to remember that those teens have since become adults—and many of them might have even had kids. This one definitely gives us that Gerard Way vibe. Luckily, he seems not to have needed a hair straightener as so many of us did back in the day, so his healthy mane isn’t in danger of singeing.

Not Your Average Dreads

Dreadlocks are one of the most recognizable hairstyles out there. They’re fun, stylish, and iconic. They became a fashionable trend with the popularization of reggae music, thanks to Bob Marley in the 70s. Since then, hippies and jet-setters alike have appropriated the look. 

Image courtesy of earftones/Twitter

This man has given his twists a twist. They now have an interesting, arboreal look. It’s essential to acknowledge a look’s cultural importance, should you choose to appropriate it. That being said, nobody could copy those incredible locks!<


An Old Soul

Human beings inherit their parents’ eyes, skin color, and, sometimes, their personalities. The human gene pool is a vast library of traits and combinations as beautiful as it is varied. According to some scientific research, there’s a 50% chance of inheriting the hair texture from the paternal side.

Image courtesy of Milliyet

A child is more likely to inherit the hairstyle of their grandfather than their father. And in this kid’s case, it’s obvious that he inherited his grandfather’s genes, alright! With this style and color of hair, it’s doubtful that he will be mistaken for anyone else’s kid. 


Silver Foxy

Trends come and go. But following the 2019 pandemic, many of them went away for good; who cares about wearing uncomfortable high heels or paying for expensive treatments when you can’t show them off? One trend that we really love to see is gray hair—and no, we’re not talking about dye, we’re talking all-natural, baby. 

Image courtesy of Tennille

From Sarah Jessica Parker to Jane Fonda, we’ve seen a plethora of celebrities keeping their hair gray. This lady is showing us a wonderful way to style silver curls. The contrast with her remaining darker hair gives it volume and contrast, which results in such a wonderful texture.


OMW To The Discotheque 

If there’s one true style emblematic of disco, it’s the afro look—but it’s an often discounted fact that the look was popularized first by civil rights activists in the 60s. Here we have an enviable example of a well-cared-for afro.

Image courtesy of ClimbTheCanopy/Reddit

The natural texture of frizzy hair is stunning, but it wasn’t commonly acceptable to wear hair like this before the 1950s. In fact, it was forbidden—especially women were expected to straighten or cover their hair. Luckily, we live in better times, and folks are mostly free to style their hair without restrictions.


Red Hair, Don’t Care!

Only two percent of the world’s population has naturally red hair. Only in the last few hundred years have redheads been accepted by the fashion community for their hair’s natural beauty and charm. But, for some time, they were distrusted as practitioners of witchcraft.

Image courtesy of Crnobelo

The only magic happening here is between this lady’s scalp and her gorgeous red hair. According to one study, redheads seem to show fewer signs of aging compared to brunettes or blondes because of a gene called MC1R.


Like Father, Like Daughter

Style can be acquired; it can be copied, studied, and in this case, it can be passed down directly! Look at this fashionable daddy-daughter duo. Benny Harlem has dedicated his life to both his hair and his family. This California-based model and entrepreneur rose to fame in 2016, and his renown shows no signs of stopping.

Image courtesy of Blog News

Benny Harlem is well known in the “Hairstagram” world; he doesn’t only carry the Guinness world record for tallest high-top fade, but he is a World Afro International Icon Recipient, an AWR Lifetime Achievement Recipient, and as if that wasn’t enough, he also has around 492k Instagram followers. He also sells hair products. We wonder if they also come with some fashion tips.


Rasta Spirit

Asha Mandela is the very model of perseverance. She started growing her dreadlocks 25 years ago, and since 2008, nobody else has been able to claim her title as the holder of the world’s longest dreadlocks. Her locks are no less than 110 ft long (longer than a bus!), and they weigh around 19 kgs. 

Image courtesy of Fun Cage

But growing and maintaining her hair is no small feat. Taking the time and money to care for one’s hair at this length is a full-time job, but in this case, her passion is a virtue. Asha says it isn’t about vanity. Her hair growth is part of her spiritual journey. She’s made no plan to cut it—to do so would mean taking a part of her life away.


Red And Gold

This beautiful baby was born with an incredible head of thick red and gold hair. It’s a startling color, and their parents certainly won’t have a hard time finding them if they get lost—unless they ran through a forest in fall, that is!

Image courtesy of lillle/Reddit

This kid is going to grow up with an incredible tuft. Although they do suffer more than others from the effects of the sun, redheads often intimidate people with their distinct beauty, their light skin, and flaming red cuts—but there’s nothing to be scared of (unless you get on their bad side!)


Volume Up

This luxurious head of hair must need a lot of work to keep so beautiful, right? Big hair often represents plentiful vitality, and if so, this must be one of the most vital human beings out there. We’re envious of this head of hair’s incredible volume.

Image courtesy of Guioteca

Such a lovely texture and color, too! We can’t get enough of this free-flowing frizz. She’s blessed to be able to grow such a powerful and lovely mane. She must have oodles of confidence and is clearly a model, as you might have guessed from her pose.


Catch The Wave

Surf’s up! This little lady looks like she was born to star in a shampoo and conditioner commercial at some point in her life (and to be fair, the stare and the pout are helping). Look at that incredible wave! Not many fully-grown adults would be able to pull something like this off!

Image courtesy of Trendblog

If she’s got a hair-growth secret, we’d love to know about it. We’re guessing she’s all-natural, being a kid—unless she’s been playing around with her mother’s miracle growth creams and serums. Why does she look so sad here? Because she’s getting a trim!


Goldilocks Curls

Is there a Disney’s Goldilocks in the works? If not, there should be. This little girl looks perfect for the part—or at least, she seems to have hair spun out of gold. Even her eyelashes seem to be gilded with a golden frost!

Image courtesy of Armlur

Her hair seems to radiate with sunlight and warmth, with a color somewhere between blonde and red. She seems to have hair that can be styled straight, curly, or braided. What a lucky young lady!