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Remembering Asta, the Super Dog of Thin Man Fame

If you love old films, you must know all about ASTA dog. ASTA’s real name is Skippy, and he is considered to belong to the Wire Fox Terrier breed. In the 1930s, he appeared in numerous movies. He was known as the dog ASTA in the well-known detective comedy Thin man back in 1934. Because of the fame of this dog’s role, he is dubbed ASTA in numerous other films.

The Thin man craze in 1943

The thin man was a popular book back in 1943. It was finally adopted in a series of films that became wildly well known to the public. Up to this day, these films are considered classics and continued to receive perfect ratings from numerous critics and viewers. Many movie enthusiasts will have the Thin man on their list of favorites. It is especially significant if you’re looking for quality viewing material during the holiday season. Look no further than the series the Thin man.

In this series, the actor William Powell is a retired detective named Nick Charles. His romantic partner is Myrna Loy, who is considered a socialite. During their time, they were at the pinnacle of their stardom. Both are unbelievably glamorous and stylish. In each film, detective Nick is lured back from his retirement to solve dangerous crimes. But in each adventure, he is helped by his clever although somewhat inexperienced wife, Nora. Of course, his faithful dog, Asta, is also part of the hijinks. The highlight of the series is the sharp and witty exchange between the husband and wife. ASTA will also have scene-stealing acts. Although he is considered a crime-solving professional, it is clear that Nick would have been lost without the help of Nora and his faithful dog ASTA.

He is not only exceptionally cute, but he also helps his owners solve crimes. During his time, ASTA was the highest-paid dog.

The original novel

In the novel, however, ASTA was played by a miniature schnauzer. When it came to the Hollywood adaptation, producers chose a wire Fox terrier. He was selected to portray the dog in the Thin man films. The dog’s performance was so popular that he landed many roles in Hollywood films. In those times, a majority of canine actors will only earn $20 for a week’s work, but the dog took home over $200, which was a fantastic paycheck. When the dog retired after fruitful years of acting, his Thin Man role was passed on to several other wire Fox terriers.

ASTA dog is an exciting character historically in films. Due to the terrier temperament, he is shown to be extremely perceptive and intelligent. But he also lightens up the mood by being mischievous and, more often than not, a little bit unruly.

This dog’s rambunctiousness is what made him stand out during that time. It continues to make the film timeless and irresistible. These are early talk films, and having such a rough-and-tumble dog with a scrappy attitude was a sharp contrast to the impeccable fashion and acting of the stars in the show. Not only was Astra considered to be a respected family member and the assistant of the detective his instincts are also highly valued by the family.

As the dog travels everywhere with the couple, Nick and Nora, he frequently accompanies them to fancy hotels and even restaurants. This was during an era when the majority of dogs were left sternly outdoors. When the detective couple welcomed a son, Asta maintained his family position as a prominent family member. It can be said that Skippy and his title role Asta change history for dogs by bringing attention to the wonderful appeal of wiry terriers. They increased the breed’s popularity beyond that of an already prized working-class dog.