Camera’s Memory Card Found After 13 Years Underwater, Contains Remarkable Photos

By: Lydia Iseh | Published: Oct 14, 2023

Modern-day technology has made major advancements in the quality of tech products, especially with the invention of mobile devices. 

Digital devices such as mobile phones and cameras have made it easy to hold and store memories as they happen. These gadgets usually contain tiny digital cards that store saved information within the device. 

The Tiny Card The Holds It All

Digital cards are known as SD cards (secure digital cards) or memory cards. They come in various memory capacities, which are measured in kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, or terabytes. Some of these digital cards are removable from mobile devices.


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These cards enable the storage of memories in the form of pictures, documents, or videos. Many people fill their SD cards with memories and files very precious to them.

Drawbacks of Some Modern Technological Devices

While the production of these digital devices may be one of the most incredible innovations of the 21st century, it also comes with some disadvantages. 


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SD cards are often known for formatting issues or crashing due to an injury to the mobile device or to the SD card itself. This often leads to the loss of memorable files held in the digital card. 

Irreversible Damage To Digital Devices

Damage to a device may result from the device hitting the ground or falling in water. When digital gadgets become faulty, the SD cards are sometimes considered unrepairable due to possible damage. 


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That was not the case for one particular SD card retrieved from a digital camera found in the water by a fisherman who saw it sticking out of shallow waters and picked it up.

A Diamond In The Rough

Spencer Greiner was a fisherman who found the camera sticking out of the sand in shallow waters and picked it up to check if it was working. According to Griener, the camera was in a very poor state, and he believed there was nothing to be salvaged from it. 


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He planned on discarding the device, but curiosity got the best of him. He picked up a screwdriver to open the digital camera, thereby gaining access to the device’s memory card.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Greiner had found himself a little treasure in the camera and wanted to see if it worked. Although he doubted that the SD card could still function, he wanted to put it to the test. 

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He plugged it into his computer, and to his amazement, the little digital card came alive. It showed pictures of a bachelorette party and a wedding, among other content.


13-Year-Old Content Is Revealed To The World

The fisherman was surprised and became determined to track down the owners of the treasure he had just found in the water. He took to Facebook and posted the pictures from the SD card in a local Durango group. Greiner also attached some questions to his contact in hopes of getting a response. 

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He was shocked to see people identifying themselves in the pictures less than an hour after posting on Facebook. 


Coral Amayi Gets Her Lost Treasures Back

The bride and groom, whose wedding pictures were found in the camera, identified themselves in the pictures as well and reached out to the owner of the digital camera, Coral Amayi, to break the good news to her. 

Source: Coral Amayi/Instagram

Her camera had been finally been found after being lost for 13 years. She was thrilled to receive the good news and wanted to share it with anyone around.


How Coral’s Camera Got Lost

Amayi, who was invited to the wedding of her best friend, had lost the camera in the rapids while tubing on the Animus River in Colorado in 2010. 

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According to the owner, she got tossed from her tube at Smelter Rapid, and when she came back up, she quickly realized she had lost her camera—it had been drowned in the water. 


The Sadness That Came With the Loss

Amayi was sad and distressed when she first was separated from a device that held lots of cherished memories. Unfortunately, the files in the memory card had not been backed up to her laptop, which meant all was lost. She figured she would never find them again. 

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Retrieving the lost treasure meant a lot to Amayi, who never thought she would find it again after 13 years. The fisherman believed the lost camera had traveled 1.2 miles from the place it was lost to where it was found.


A Happy Ending For Coral Amayi

Amayi is ecstatic to have her cherished digital memories back after such a long time. The still-functional SD card was a surprise to her, in addition to being presented a camera she believed she would find her camera again. 

Source: Coral Amayi/Instagram

The preservation of the contents of the SD card after sitting underwater for 13 years is a testament to how advanced technology is in ensuring the durability of digital and hardware products.