Stereotypes, Confusion and Disrespect: Don’t Let Your Bathroom Sign Be One of Them!

Published: Jan 04, 2023

Everyone needs a restroom at some point and finding one shouldn’t be hard. But before you start crafting that bathroom sign, it’s wise to think twice. People have invented dozens of creative ways to signal which bathrooms are for sitting or standing, but not everyone appreciates the ‘extra effort’.

From puns on gender and overly gendered signs – it’s best to stick to basics when designing a restroom sign! To prove our point let us take a look at this collection of 40 examples where designers got too creative with their bathroom signs – almost always resulting in confusion, disrespect or stereotypes. 

Stature Discrimination Has No Place Here! 

What a difference a few inches can make! While it’s true that, on average, men are taller than women, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to height. This bathroom sign artist seemed to think they could use the difference in heights between genders to label the restrooms – but they failed to consider tall women.



The door on the left appears shorter than usual; would these statuesque ladies be discriminated against? We hope not! Nobody should be judged based on their physical stature; we all have a right to choose where we go or what we do – regardless of our height.

Breaking the Stereotypes - Single-Mindedness No More! 

We’ve all heard the age-old stereotypes – women are shopaholics and men eat, sleep, and breathe sports. While this might have been true to some extent in the past, it’s definitely not a hard and fast rule now! Unfortunately though, that pesky restroom sign at your local shopping center seems to think otherwise. 



It claims that one gender is only concerned with shopping while the other is entirely focused on exercise or sports. Why do these degrading gender assumptions still exist? Let’s break out of this single-minded thought process and learn to accept our differences without making any unnecessary labels.

Overcoming Gender Stereotypes - Bathroom Signs Make a Statement 

Gender-based stereotypes have no place in today’s world, and nowhere is that more evident than with this bathroom sign. Despite the common belief that women talk more than men, anyone who has been around males for any length of time knows how chatty they can be. 


Source: CardsDesigner/ Facebook

This artist may never have experienced such conversations firsthand, but it’s important to recognize that stereotypes such as this are not only outdated but can be confusing to those who encounter them. Let us choose to shift away from these assumptions and opt for clear labels free of gender bias when creating signage – because everyone deserves respect!

Dads Need Diaper Changing Tables Too! 

It’s time for dads to be able to participate in childcare unhindered by outdated restroom design. We have seen great progress in the equality of responsibilities between men and women when it comes to parenting, yet strangely, little attention has been given to the practicalities of this new reality. 


Source: Tumblr

Men’s restrooms do not have diaper changing facilities or any other kind of child-friendly amenities. This is unacceptable – dads should be able to enjoy the same privileges mothers are afforded. Let’s start by making men’s restrooms more inclusive so fathers can partake in every aspect of parenting without restrictions!

Breaking Down Barriers—Athletes and Cheerleaders Unite! 

Footballers and cheerleaders alike have shattered stereotypes and forged a new way of looking at sports. No longer do people think that only men can play football, or that only women can be cheerleaders; anyone with the right aptitude and willingness to pursue their dreams is welcome. 

Source: jmp11n/Reddit

Gone are the days where you have to conform to outdated ideas of gender roles when choosing a career in sport. We should all feel comfortable following our passions, regardless of what we look like or who we are.The world’s athletes and cheerleaders join forces for equality – let’s follow their example!


Epic Fail: Unnecessary, Offensive and Confusing Sentence on the Door 

It’s easy to see that this is an attempt at something unique but it falls way short of its mark. The door was already painted in male and female-specific colors, so why add a gender-oriented message as well? Not only is it redundant; it’s also quite offensive. 

Source: histam_ine/Reddit

It suggests that weight loss is exclusively a woman’s goal, when many men are also looking to lose weight. What’s more, it may even reinforce negative body image in people with eating disorders. Replacing the message with “gent” and “women” would have been far more appropriate.Everything else just shows very poor taste!


Ocean in motion -The Oddity of Mermaids and Pirates 

It may seem like an unusual pair, but when you take a closer look at pop culture you’ll realize it isn’t all that strange. While we often view mermaids as female mythical creatures, there are male mermen too. Similarly, women can be pirates as well – although less common. 

Source: Saphichan/Reddit

This odd juxtaposition is highlighted in public bathrooms where unisex signs usually feature female figures of legend instead of men. But why not both? Pirates and mermaids could be featured side-by-side to show off the power and beauty of both gender archetypes in one stand-out image!


Which Century do you come from?Household Chores for All! 

It’s time to put outdated stereotypes behind us – household chores shouldn’t just be a woman’s job anymore! Statistics may say otherwise, but it’s time to realize that housework is everyone’s responsibility. We can all agree that the old saying “your mother doesn’t work here!” is disrespectful and not indicative of modern times.

Source: mentoszz/Reddit

Not only should we see this as an opportunity to help out in the home, but it also gives us the chance to bond and show our loved ones that we care. Let’s give up these rude assumptions and make sure everyone pitches in around the house!


Breaking Down Gender Barriers - Skirts vs. Pants! 

When you take a look around in the public restroom, you often find outdated demarcations of gender on the door sign. Pants are for men and skirts are for women – right? Wrong! It’s time to break down these gender barriers and realize that everyone can wear whatever they want. 


After all, it’s pretty common these days to see ladies wearing pants and gentlemen donning kilts or skirts in some countries. And if we keep our minds open, maybe one day soon we’ll see no designated signs for either gender on restroom doors at all!


Cowboys, Angels, and the Restroom Conundrum 

Controversy and confusion are in the air when it comes to restroom signs that feature both cowboys and angels! While they’re both common figures with a lot of style potential, trying to discern between them gender-wise is nearly impossible. Who said creativity had to come at the cost of convenience?


If you want your restroom sign to stand out but still be easy-to-read and straightforward, there’s a way to have it all. Don’t limit yourself—you can make your sign creative while still having simplicity in mind! After all, we don’t want anyone getting confused about which restroom door is which.


Blunder of the Ages! No "Buns" About it - This Backward Sign is Unethical! 

We’ve all seen bathroom signs with silhouettes of humans featuring differently shaped “buns”. But have you ever stopped to think that such a sign may be doing more harm than good? Whoever designed this arbitrary message clearly hasn’t. “Shapely Bunz” and “manly Bunz,” should not be used.

Source: Tumblr

What possessed them to think these terms were appropriate?We need to think twice before sending out signals like this – it sends the wrong message about body shape and size. People come in all shapes and sizes,so dump the sexist definitions and use the bathroom in peace! 


Be Considerate of Your Surroundings: Proper Bathroom Etiquette for Everyone

We all need a lesson in proper bathroom etiquette! While many people might feel that this is a talk only meant for one gender, it’s important to understand that we’re all responsible for keeping our public restrooms clean and comfortable. And no matter what your gender is, every one of us should strive to create a cleaner atmosphere. 

Source: Jenny_thecat/Reddit

Cleanliness isn’t something just limited to women; men too should take responsibility and show respect towards their surroundings. After all, cleanliness starts with everyone! So let’s do our part and ensure that the bathrooms we frequent remain pleasant for all users.


Men and Women Equally Wrong? 

Gone are the days when it was assumed that women were always right, and men were always wrong. In truth, both genders can be equally stubborn about their opinions, no matter if they’re right or not! So why should we keep believing that outdated joke?

Source: was_promised_welfare/Reddit

Let’s all agree to look at any situation objectively and with a clear head before we jump to conclusions.To put it bluntly, “when you gotta go you gotta go” and if you don’t know your left from your right, things could get messy!  After all, in today’s world, it’s far better to make informed decisions than assumptions.


Gender-Specific Stereotyping Ain't Cool-Say Goodbye to Old Gender Roles! 

In this day and age, it’s time to ditch the gender-specific stereotypes that limit young children’s options. It was a bit of a bummer to come across a school hall pass with only “traditional” male and female symbols. Footballs for boys and cupcakes for girls? No way! 


Let kids be kids and enjoy all the wonderful things life has to offer regardless of their gender identity. Cupcakes can be enjoyed by both boys and girls, while sports should also be an option for everyone–and why not add milkshakes in there too? Say goodbye to old gender roles and Hello! To equal opportunities for all.


Nuts or No Nuts? Breaking the Rules for a Clever Bathroom Sign! 

Who said bathroom signs have to be boring? We love it when people break the rules of tradition to create something unique and clever. Instead of relying on traditional male-female symbols to identify the gender-based restrooms, why not use an animal that’s not sexually dimorphic? 

Source: Bored Panda/ Pinterest

The joke about “no nuts” and “nuts” is pretty funny too! However, we do have some critiques – the female sign was given makeup which some may find offensive. So, while breaking rules can often result in something delightful…it’s important that those changes don’t come at anyone else’s cost.


No Place For Peepers - Rejecting the Negative Stereotypes! 

It’s time to overturn outdated gender stereotypes and promote gender equality in all contexts – including restroom signage. Take a look at this sign depicting a peeping tom, which perpetuates the harmful notion that men are more likely than women to misbehave in restrooms. 

Source: DesignPorn/ Reddit

Let’s make it crystal clear: no one should be judged based on their gender! In today’s age, we need to recognize that both men and women are capable of exercising self-control and respect while in the restroom. By rejecting these negative stereotypes, we can show our support for those who value equality and stand up against injustice. 


It’s A Dog’s Life-Unleash the Power of Equality! 

We’re shaking things up and bringing a new kind of style to town! This time, we’re taking traditional gender stereotypes head-on.The designer tried to bring in a furry-friend idea with the use of a bulldog for the men’s section and dainty poodle for the women’s side. 


But that doesn’t mean all breeds are male or female – there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to gender dynamics! We believe that respect reigns supreme and can help foster an understanding between genders by recognizing their talent as well as their uniqueness. So let’s join together in true equality, no matter your pedigree!


Wave Goodbye to Gender-Biased Bathroom Designs 

Jump Rope is a sport for all, but why do some designers think otherwise? Women can kick butt on the waves just as good as men, yet this bathroom design appears to suggest otherwise. Why reduce the capabilities of strong female surfers and make them out to be nothing more than schoolgirls with jump ropes? 

Source: TravelByU/Pinterest

Let’s put an end to gender-biased design and embrace female athletes for their skill and dedication! After all, there’s no stopping what they can achieve when they’re riding the waves. So let’s give women their due credit and wave goodbye to outdated bathroom designs!


A Disharmony of Distastefulness: Twice as Worse! 

You can’t unsee it, and you certainly can’t deny it: that sign isn’t nearly as innocent or creative as the stick figures might suggest. From the boxy shirts swapped for male and female icons to the rather heated debate over whether we even need to point out what’s wrong with this particular sign, one thing remains clear- it’s offensive! 

Source: funny/ Reddit

And if that weren’t bad enough, it gets worse when you take a closer look at the black print above; yep, that is definitely a woman with pigtails. If this passes for an improvement over a dress then something’s seriously off balance here…


Something Is Really Bugging Us Here-The Mysterious Message of Insects!

Did you ever stop to ponder why women are associated with butterflies and moths while men have a variety of insects? And what about the missed opportunity with the signs—damselflies on the male side, but “damsel” implying women?! So many questions here!

Source: @SaL1007/ Twitter

But that’s not all, entomologists might be wondering about something else entirely. We can tell for sure one thing—this artwork carries a message that raises many questions. Investigating this mysterious message could make for an adventure like no other! So let’s embark on this wondrous expedition and explore the hidden depths behind this incredible artwork.


A Creative Take on Design Is Not Always the Best Idea 

When it comes to design, sometimes creativity can get in the way of what is standard and accepted. When consulting a dictionary for definitions of words, we want something true and accurate—not some creative interpretation with no basis. 


It’s wrong to assign inanimate terms like “laugh and filth,” or equate boys to “dirty noise”. Sassy giggling isn’t limited to any gender, so why imply that it is? If you’re designing something, try not to get too creative or you could end up causing more harm than good! Stick with what works and find a better dictionary to describe the genders.


A Vampire’s  Restroom Or Is Reflection Reserved for Just Women?

It seems the designer of this public restroom had it in for men…or maybe women. After all, why would someone suggest that mirrors aren’t meant for them? We may never know what that person was actually trying to say, but let’s be clear: reflection isn’t a gender-specific thing. 

Source: eyeeyecaptainn/Reddit

Whether or not we want or need to double-check our appearance before making our grand entrance into the world is totally up to us. The important thing is that none of us should feel left out when it comes to having access to a mirror!


Oh Deer Me!Who Gave the Doe Antlers?! 

Oh dear, this one’s all wrong when it comes to biology! While there are some cases out there of female deer sporting antlers, it’s not very common. So why did they decide to go for a male and female with antlers? Adding flowers really takes the cake. 


One thing is for certain, the designers behind this masterpiece didn’t take any shortcuts. The buck looks completely different from the doe – even with their funny mixture of features! We might be a little confused by their choices but we can’t deny that they created something truly lovely in terms of design.


Top Hat and Lipstick No More - Why Gender Stereotypes Have No Place on Campus 

This public restroom is confusingly designed with doors labeled ‘top hat’ and ‘lipstick’. How do you decide which one to use? Isn’t it ridiculous that we’re even discussing this at a university in the 21st century? Academics should be more sophisticated than upholding gender stereotypes, don’t you agree? 


The most logical solution would have been just to have regular signs indicating men’s and women’s restrooms. Top hats and lipsticks are simply not a clear-cut factor for distinction, after all. And what if someone wears both of them – are they exempt from using these facilities then? 


Unsung Heroes Of Second Rate Signage-Dads Deserve Diaper Duty Too! 

Parents come in all shapes and sizes – and genders too! Unfortunately, it was one of the first signs that implied only women can be responsible for their children’s needs. Men should also be given the chance to meet their parenting obligations. 

Source: Vandal_H/ Reddit

Sadly with most restroom facilities not having appropriate changing stations it can make this task near impossible. The idea that blue stands for boys and pink is for girls—doubling down on gender stereotypes—really should have been given a change years ago. Get on that ninja gear and let’s make sure no dad ever misses out on diaper duty again!


The Unfathomable Mystery Behind the Mens Clothes Sign.

Are men’s clothes a thing? We had to ask after seeing the sign for the ladies’ restroom labeled “mens clothes.” We couldn’t help but think “did they need an accompanying sign with ‘dresses?'” and more importantly, how offensive is it to English grammar if there is not an apostrophe in “mens?” 


It seems that it was a rather uncreative design choice, and we hope the designer didn’t make any more like it. Women are capable of wearing pants too so why label one restroom as mens clothing? This raises more questions than answers, so let’s chat with the designer and get some clarity.


When Sharks and Mermaids Collide - Gender Discrimination in a Local Café 

The tales of the sea are full of all sorts of creatures, from mermaids to sharks, but when it comes to bathroom signs in a local café, it’s no longer make-believe. “Sharks and Mermaids’ ‘, they say – what a jarringly gender-discriminatory statement! Why not go with mermen instead? 

Source: Alinyx/ Reddit

Unfortunately, this sends out an implication that sharks are aggressive creatures, which is usually associated more with males than females. Sadly for our finned friends out there, sharks aren’t at all like how they’re portrayed in movies – both male and female species exist! Nonetheless, this rule is wrong and confusing; let’s strive for equality everywhere we can. 


Gender Divide in Bathroom Garbage? 

Men and women both may have their own fair share of mess, but it’s safe to say that women are often dealing with sanitary napkins, tampons, and nappies. This raises an important question: why aren’t there diaper changing facilities included in men’s bathrooms when this is such a common problem? 


Although men generally don’t need to change diapers as often for their kids, doesn’t it make sense if these facilities were available for everyone who needs them? After all, parenting duties shouldn’t be limited by gender roles – when dad is looking after the baby,he needs a change table too!


Music-Themed Gender Signs Rock the House! 

If you’ve ever passed through a public restroom, you’ll know it’s not exactly the most exciting place. But there’s one location that has stepped up their signage game in a surprisingly creative way – introducing gender signs with musical themes!


Instead of relying on the same old binary gender markers, these signs are mixing things up by featuring cute baby keyboards, funky headphones and even guitar playing! Of course, they’re not completely breaking away from stereotypes as they still rely on music being associated with male musicians. Plus, who knows what other creative symbols we might see adorning our public restrooms? 


The Weirdest Pizza Place of All 

At this pizza place, the distinction between male and female isn’t pants versus dresses and long hair. It’s a cartoon of a pizza on the door that is gender divided! What makes no sense at all is why in the world the female slice has been given arms? No stereotypes here – just confusion and absurdity! 

Source: moosedownjacket/ Reddit

It’s definitely one restaurant you won’t forget anytime soon! So if you’re looking for an interesting dinner out, head to this unique pizzeria where they take their gendered pizza very seriously.On the other hand at least we now know the difference between male and female pizzas!


From Fewhale to Whale: A Tale of Gender Signage Misadventures

What’s up here?Look closely, and you’ll see that males have a mustache and females have a fish (or mermaid) tail – an interesting design choice. But then there’s the “wordplay” on the signage for the women’s room labeled as “fewhale.” It seems like this was an unnecessary effort to add gendering to restrooms. 


It could have been much simpler; just label them male and female.What was their goal? We may never know but needless to say, this design decision leaves us scratching our heads. Perhaps they were aiming for something creative, but unfortunately going overboard with gendered restrooms didn’t hit the mark!


Breaking the Mold: No Longer Shall Women Be Labeled as "Gorgeous" Say goodbye to traditional gender stereotypes! 

It’s time to recognize that both men and women can possess beauty and intelligence. Recently, a signmaker took a stab at being “creative” by calling out two types of people in the restroom – “brilliant boys” and “gorgeous girls.” Sadly, this only reinforces negative gender roles.


Everyone should feel welcome, regardless if they are searching for the bathroom or challenging their minds! So let’s choose our words wisely and aim for equal descriptions for all genders. We must break the mold of what society has always known — no longer shall women simply be labeled as beautiful beings with no other skills or talents!


Say No to Obscure Signs! 

Nobody wants to be confused about how to use the restroom, so let’s make it simple and straightforward. Let’s say goodbye to those poorly designed signs that leave us scratching our heads in perplexity. There’s no need for complicated phrases or confusing emojis – let’s keep it clear and direct for everyone’s convenience.


Not only does this show respect for people of all ages, but also a sense of responsibility in providing an easy-to-understand message. It doesn’t take much effort but it can go a long way in leaving a positive impression on anyone who uses the restroom. Cut out the confusion!


Shake Up the Status Quo - Stop Unnecessary Signage! 

Is it really necessary that a designer must encourage males to be untidy in the restroom? We all know that men stand and women sit, but they took it too far. Unfortunately, this is one of those cases where the message is intended to be humorous but ends up being offensive. 

Source: thehiddenjeweler/ Reddit

Words like ‘girly’ or ‘showoff’ just encourage young boys to test out their limits and make unnecessary messes. So what is the point of all these strange signs? The answer is simple—there isn’t one. So let’s take a step back from these ineffective symbols which only perpetuate gender stereotypes. 


Breaking the Bathroom Stereotype 

It’s time to put an end to outdated, gendered bathroom signs that depict women in one light and men in another. Instead of the traditional depiction of a woman applying lipstick and a man on his way to relieve himself, let’s all remember that both genders use bathrooms for various purposes.


Women can not only apply lipstick but also take care of other needs—just like men may spend some time fixing their ‘do’ or touching up their makeup from time to time as well. It’s about time we stop these insulting stereotypes and give all genders equal respect when it comes to restroom etiquette!


Forget Gender Roles: Let's Enjoy All the Colors! 

Everyone can enjoy the beauty of colors. Despite what has been suggested in the past, blue doesn’t just belong to boys and pink isn’t just for girls. In fact, up until around 1950 it was quite the opposite—blue used to be associated with femininity while pink was linked to masculinity. 

Source: Tumblr

This shows how arbitrary these gender designations can be.We should be free to love whatever colors suit our fancy without worrying about any kind of gender bias or judgment that comes along with it. So allocating a restroom by color is as clear as mud to us!


Embracing Clothing Freedom in the Bathroom 

This designer had an interesting idea when they created a sign to differentiate genders – they hung underwear! While this may have appealed to many, it’s time we embraced the freedom of clothing styles by letting go of stereotypes! 


Thankfully, at least the older undergarments used were neutral in color and didn’t reveal too much. But if modern-day clothing was chosen for the sign, people would be faced with a dilemma: boxers or briefs?! It’s true that some women even find men’s boxers to be comfy sleepwear. So let’s leave all gender labels behind and just embrace our right to wear whatever we feel like.


Confusing Yin Yang Sign Atop Bathroom Doors! 

Here we are, standing at the restroom with a perplexing yin and yang sign. Seeing as this symbol is usually associated with feminine and masculine characteristics, it’s puzzling why both genders would use the same sign to identify their bathrooms. All it does is add confusion to a basic situation. 

Source: talkinginallcaps/ Reddit

Ultimately, there’s no need for symbols that separate one bathroom from another — if people needed any assistance determining which one was theirs, they’d ask for help! This scenario shines a light on why gender labels within restrooms are nothing more than an artificial construct used without purpose; let’s do away with them altogether…for good!


Is it a Man or Woman? Unraveling the Mystery Behind These Perplexing Bathroom Signs

How could the creator of this bathroom sign have possibly thought it was a good idea? It’s a mystery that has left us all perplexed and stumped. Take a long look at these signs, but you won’t find any answers. The legs and arms seem so out of place with no torsos in between; this design is just plain weird! 

Source: Tumblr

We can only guess what was going through the artist’s mind when they drew those gender stereotypical figures for such an unusual design. But one thing is for sure – we may have to revise who gets our award for the most baffling bathroom sign yet!


Girl with Hello Kitty,Boy with Pepe-Welcome to the perplexing world of gendered stereotypes! 

Strange are the ways of existence, gender stereotypes being one of them. Look upon this amusing sign to behold two cartoon characters–Hello Kitty for girls in a dress, a ponytail adornment, and an expression of struggle; Pepe for boys seemingly emptying himself in silent contemplation. 

Source: scar_that/ Twitter

The colors of blue and pink direct us where to go–but why? Why does our culture drag all genders into predetermined boxes? Can’t we just let folks be who they are? Let’s look closely at the signs around us to see if these stereotypes still prevail or if it is possible to break free.