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The Story Behind Viking Swords

Sword collectors would pay a premium to own one of the most prized possessions in history – the Viking swords. This kind of ancient sword was very popular in the northern and western parts of Europe at the beginning of the Middle Ages.

Because of its history and origin, avid collectors would search far and wide to find authentic Viking swords for sale. But why are these swords expensive, and how will you know if these are the real deal?

What Are Viking Swords?

Vikings are Norsemen who were generally feared in history for staging raids and colonizing countries all over Europe. They even managed to bring their conquest in North America. They typically violent raiders from Scandinavia left a huge impact on all societies that they encountered. It resulted in numerous written accounts and other historical records depicting their raids and culture. Most of these records talked about the swords that they used during their fights. According to one of the records that came from Ireland, the Viking swords were made using the best quality.

The early versions of Viking swords were forged using pure iron. But other reports claimed that the swords used by the violent Norsemen that they either produced or bought from the new land they conquered were formed using pattern welding. It is a complicated technique using several thin metal strips interwoven using high heat to make a stronger blade.

How Do The Vikings Get Their Swords?

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During that era, swords were very expensive to make. Only those who belong to the higher ranks can have this weapon. Those who could own a sword possibly earned high honors, while the rich warriors can have their swords decorated with ornaments like silver inlays and accents.

Also, most Viking warriors may own a sword because joining a raid allows them to afford a high-quality blade. Meanwhile, the regular Vikings who have titles like jarls and gooar hs the capacity to buy decorated swords without joining the raids.

What Are The Types Of Popular Viking Swords?

There are plenty of famous Viking swords that came out in history. One of which is the legendary Ulfberht sword. Researchers were able to find about 170 pieces of these super swords from the Viking era between 800 to 1,000 AD. All these swords were inscribed with the phrase “Ulfberht,” which is believed to refer to the person who created the weapons.

One of the most amazing features of the Ulfberht swords is the durability of the metal used to make the blades. It used a material called crucible steel, which is very pure and strong. Researchers were surprised that a blacksmith during that period was able to handle the material. Because of its quality and intricacy, no one can forge an accurate Ulfberht sword up to this day.

An Ulfberht sword that dates back from the early 9th century, as displayed in Germanisches Nationalmuseum.

Today, authentic Viking swords are hard to find. But high-quality replicas of the Ulfberht and other swords like the Cawood and the Leuterit are created for those who want a piece of history.

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