Be cautious: These 4 Survival Tips Can Do More Bad Than Good

By: Lydia Iseh | Published: Nov 03, 2023

Reality TV shows and documentaries have exposed us to survival hacks and techniques to rely on when stuck in difficult situations. They emphasize the need for resilience, mental conditioning, problem-solving skills, and the will to live to get through hazardous scenarios.

But often, these widely believed tips and tricks are not only unhelpful, they could also be dangerous. So to keep you out of harm’s way, here are some survival tips that could get you in trouble!

You Can Eat What the Animals Eat

You’d be surprised what you can eat when foraging for food in the wild. While food and water can increase your chances of survival in the wild, it is a myth to believe you can feast on what the animals eat.


Source: iStock Photos

You should avoid eating anything unless you can identify what it is. Many animals have immunities that allow them to eat things that can be toxic and harmful to humans. So resist the urge!


Jumping in a Free-Falling Elevator

It may seem logical to jump at the last second of a free-falling elevator, but that only works in cartoons. In the real world, that precise momental jump could potentially lead to your death or fatal injuries. 


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There is absolutely no way you can survive the jump unscathed unless you are extremely lucky. Your best method of survival in a free-falling elevator before it hits the ground is to lie flat on your back and spread yourself out while protecting your head. 

If a Bear Finds You, Run Downhill

You may have heard that bears cannot run downhill, but that is a myth—bears can run uphill or downhill no matter the terrain and are shockingly fast regardless of direction. If you are being chased by an angry bear or you see one in the wild, don’t run away from it.


Source: The Guardian/Pinterest

Instead, stand tall and talk loudly but calmly. You should also back away slowly, but if the bear follows you, stop moving.

Punching a Shark in the Nose

Does punching a shark in the nose really stop it from attacking you? Well, while some experts agree, Chris Lowe of the California State University Long Beach Shark Lab recommends it’s best to hit the shark in the eye or stick your hand in the gills.



But if you are inclined to act on survival instinct, you must pack a punch and have good aim, considering the shark’s mouth is close to its nose.