This Woman Gives Birth at 60 Years Old and Makes a Huge Lifestyle Change For Her Family

By: Molly Denum | Published: Oct 24, 2023

Most older women usually enjoy their life free from responsibilities and obligations. But Lauren Cohen wanted something a little different. At 60, she decided to go against the grain and get pregnant—with twins.

Lauren did not let her age limit her options, but in going beyond society’s expectations, she had to radically change her lifestyle. She focuses on being there for her family for as long as possible.

Meet Lauren Cohen

Lauren Cohen leads a physically active and healthy life. Though she was already in her late 50s, she still attended dance classes regularly. She loved moving her body, and Lauren believed that the secret to a long and happy life was enjoying every moment.


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It was during one of the dance classes that she spotted a man who would change her life. The moment Lauren laid eyes on Frank, it was as if her heart knew what was supposed to happen next.


The Dance That Brought Them Together

Since Lauren had just recently gone through a divorce, she was not particularly looking for a romantic relationship. But that mentality can often be the most fertile when starting a new relationship. Besides, there was something about Frank she just couldn’t shake off.


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For some reason, she was compelled to ask him to dance. Given that she was older than Frank, she was not at all expecting that he would agree. However, Lauren was just as happy to talk to him and place that offer on the table.

He Said Yes

In an interview, Lauren explained that when she saw Frank across the dancefloor that night, she discovered he was a good dancer and wasn’t afraid to show off his moves a little, too. Impressed, she decided to ask him to dance with her.


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However, given her age, she didn’t expect he would want to dance with a woman who was much older than him. Fortunately, Lauren thought wrong. When she asked Frank, Lauren was pleasantly surprised when he said yes!

A Two-Decade Gap

As Lauren and Frank continued to spend time together, they were slowly and surely getting attracted to each other. It seemed that for this couple, age was not an issue at all. Frank did not mind that he was twenty years younger than Lauren.


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But their sizable age gap was a concern during the initial phase of their burgeoning relationship. However, as time went on and they got to know each other more intimately, their age merely became nothing but an insignificant number.

Creating A Future Together 

Lauren and Frank had fallen head over heels in love. They got married, and all they cared about was each other. They had no qualms about what other people thought of their relationship. They didn’t mind the looks people gave them whenever they were seen together in public.

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Their goal was to build a positive future as a couple, and that is where their focus lay. Still, some people couldn’t help but ask what kind of future they would build given their age difference.


Having Children

Early on in their relationship, Lauren knew that Frank wanted to have a family. At the back of Lauren’s mind, she was not sure if she was capable of giving Frank what he wanted, given her advanced age. 

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In her heart, she was willing to do what it took to give Frank the children he wanted. She also wanted to watch her would-be kids grow up along with her husband. She loved Frank and only wanted the best for the relationship.


Looking After An 80-Year-Old

Lauren couldn’t help but express her own fears about her relationship with Frank. In an interview, she described how she felt scared thinking of the possibility that Frank might have to end up taking care of an 80-year-old woman later in life. She wanted him to have something to look forward to in life.

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Lauren loved Frank, but she did not want Frank to end up in such a miserable situation. Surely, it was not the future she wanted for the person she loved. 


Doing What It Takes

Lauren cared too much for Frank not to seriously consider the future. She didn’t want him to end up being too old to begin a relationship with someone else. She also didn’t want him to not have children. He deserved to experience everything life could offer.

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On the other hand, Lauren didn’t want to be responsible for Frank not having kids of his own. It was at this time that the couple decided to do something about their predicament.


Doctors Turned Them Away

Lauren and Frank were adamant about starting a family of their own. The couple decided to look into in vitro fertilization (IVF). They believed they could have children based on their research. However, all the doctors they went to turned them away.

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The medical professionals they went to all refused to perform the necessary IVF procedure on a 60-year-old woman. Lauren and Frank were devastated. It felt as though they had no choice in the matter, and that felt unfair.


A Horrible Experience 

Lauren could not help but feel depressed after being turned away by the medical doctors they trusted. This heartbreaking rejection also meant they would be denied the family and a future filled with happiness that they so longed for. 

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However, Lauren stated she knew about the procedure’s limitations. She was aware that her age was the problem. Lauren, being almost 60 years old, was beyond the maximum age allowed to begin the IVF process. In an interview, she stated that the situation was simply too horrible.


Her Determination Pays Off

Despite the major obstacles Lauren faced, she didn’t let them stop her. She stated in an interview that she was 100% determined to have a proper family with the love of her life. In her mind, Frank deserved nothing less. However, the rejections proved overwhelming.

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Until one day, Lauren and Frank’s long wait was over. Their search finally reached an end. The couple was more than happy to see their efforts bear fruit. They could start to get excited about what the future holds for their family. 


A Clinic In Virginia Gave Them Hope

As fate would have it, Lauren and Frank found a clinic in Virginia that accepted them despite their unique condition. The clinic gave them the go-ahead for the IVF procedure. However, there were some complications that the couple experienced during the process.

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The clinic gave them specific terms that would need to be met before they could begin the treatment. For one, Lauren had to complete a battery of tests before the actual procedure. It wouldn’t be simple.


Can She Pass All The Tests?

Though the clinic in Virginia was willing to help them, they still required Lauren to undergo a series of tests to determine her capability for IVF. Lauren described the number of tests she had to undergo with a look of pain.

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She described running on a treadmill as part of the test and having a psychiatrist assess her. These medical requirements were necessary before the clinic ever attempted to start the IVF procedure. Fortunately, Lauren was in good health and so aced all the tests. 


Using Egg Donors

Since Lauren had already gone through menopause, she had to use egg donors for the IVF procedure. The process involved implanting embryos using the eggs provided by others. Lauren explained that a total of three were implanted on each attempt. 

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Without these donor eggs, the IVF procedure would be impossible. But this wasn’t the end of it—Lauren similarly had to make a significant lifestyle change to ensure her body remained healthy for a long time to come. For her own good and the baby’s.


They Found Success!

The clinic attempted IVF on Lauren four times. After the fourth attempt, they gave up. They concluded that their procedure was not at all working. Fortunately, another clinic entered the picture and gave Lauren and Frank another shot at parenthood.


For some reason, this new clinic only needed one try with the couple for the magic to happen. Lo and behold, Lauren immediately became pregnant with her first baby, whom they would later go on to name Raquel. What an incredible result!


Feeling Ecstatic

Lauren explained in an interview how the scene played out when they received the joyous news from their doctors. Clearly, it was something the couple did not expect, but it meant the world to them. They could finally start the family of their dreams!

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Lauren felt so ecstatic that she couldn’t help but jump around the room while crying tears of joy. But their happiness didn’t stop there. Since they were successful in their attempt to have one child, the couple agreed to try for a second.


They Were Expecting Twins!

A year after Lauren gave birth to their first daughter, she became pregnant once again. But this time, it was different. They wouldn’t just have one new mouth to feed—The couple could not believe it, but they were expecting twins!

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Lauren and Frank only wanted another child, but they got more than what they expected. Clearly, it was more than what they wished for, and they couldn’t be more grateful. Going from having no hope to having three children must have felt like something else.


Setting A New Record

It was not easy for Lauren to carry and give birth to twins. But at 60 years old, giving birth to two healthy infants is amazing by any standard. Lauren did what nobody could have believed possible when she delivered twins Gregory and Giselle.

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Such a feat helped her earn the title of being the “oldest mother in the U.S. to bear twins.” She definitely set a record. However, she was reluctant to accept the title because, despite her age, she was actually in very good health.


Next Goal: College

Lauren’s priority was to constantly maintain good health. She wanted to see her kids grow up. Doing so required that she be well while her children were growing. Lauren wanted to push the envelope further as she set a brand new objective—she would witness her kids go off to college.

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Still, being healthy is easier said than done. Reality demands that effort, unbreakable discipline, and diligence are required to keep the body in good condition. Other things need to be taken care of, too.


More Than 90 Pills Each Week

By the time Lauren’s children would get to college, math dictates that she would already be 80 years old. This simply meant that Lauren would have to keep her body in excellent condition until then and beyond.

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In order to achieve this goal, Lauren was taking 98 pills every week. She can’t leave her health to chance. She took it upon herself to take steps to keep her diet and lifestyle in order. However, more problems besides health maintenance arose. More on that soon.


Doing Anything And Everything

In an interview, Lauren expressed the effort she was making in order to live a long and healthy life. It was a goal that everyone should aspire to—but Lauren was doing it not just for herself but for her kids.

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The food and supplements she was taking were varied. The more than 90 pills per week she consumed consisted of dietary supplements as well as medicine. Hopefully, this habit would provide her with a lengthy and quality life.


Health Is Wealth

A few of the medications Lauren regularly took included vitamin D3. This supplement aids in the prevention of cancer. She also made sure to take various antioxidants such as resveratrol and curcumin. Plus, she needed to keep her entire nervous system healthy. Therefore, she also regularly takes vitamin E.

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To cap everything off, Lauren also added a high dosage of a super multi-multivitamin to aid in filling any gaps in her diet. Some believed this may have been too much. But Lauren believed these precautions were essential.


Participating In Life Extension Research

As a new mother, Lauren always looked for ways to keep her health in shape. With this in mind, she decided to sign up as a member of Life Extension. Its goal was to help members achieve health and longevity using all available medical and technological techniques.

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Lauren didn’t totally rely on the group, but she kept her mind open. Life Extension members can expect monthly information with regard to healthy living and longevity research conducted by leading doctors in different parts of the world. 


Attending Fitness Classes

Besides the more-than 90 pills Lauren was taking, she makes sure she is also keeping physically active. Other than dance classes, she was also involved in Pilates, exercises, fitness classes, and yoga.

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According to Lauren, she didn’t want to be sedentary in the coming years of her life. Sitting at the park was a no-no. She tried to keep moving as she refused to see her future self struggling to walk. She intended to play with her children as well as push them effortlessly on swings.


Being A Mom The Second Time

Though it was Lauren’s dream to give her beloved Frank the children he wanted, the process was not at all easy. Being a mom at 60 was not originally in her plans. However, she was more than willing to do the impossible, including being a mother all over again. 

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While her similar-aged friends were starting to retire, Lauren once again found herself waking up in the middle of the night in order to bottle feed her babies as well as change diapers. 


Her Oldest Daughter Left

Lauren apparently has an eldest daughter named Renee. She did not want to be associated with her mom. At 34 years old, Renee disliked her mother’s choices and vehemently expressed her disapproval of her recent life decisions. Renee’s anger was so intense she actually disowned her own mom.

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However, Lauren only wanted to lead a happy life. She couldn’t help but feel heartbroken at her daughter’s decision. All she wanted was to have a family with Frank—the man she loved and to whom she was devoted.


The Right Choice

Though Lauren lost the relationship she had with her oldest daughter and, ultimately, her granddaughter, she did gain another family and children with Frank. Despite being estranged from Renee, Lauren felt she made the proper choice of having a new family late in life.


Lauren couldn’t help but express sadness for losing contact with her eldest. Though disappointed, she stood by her own decision to have kids at 60. But while their relationship seemed lost, there was still hope for Lauren and Renee.


Rekindling A Relationship 

In the end, Renee and Lauren were able to restore their relationship slowly but surely. They eventually began meeting regularly again, along with Renee’s daughter, who Lauren was able to meet, if only for a short time.

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Though the time they spent was not sufficient enough for Lauren to intimately get to know her granddaughter, Lauren was happy with what she could get. Through all this family drama, Lauren didn’t let her health suffer. Her priority remained caring for her total well-being. 


Healthy Living

Lauren highlighted during an interview that she was more than willing to do what was necessary to live as long as possible. Where possible, she makes sure that she is eating the right food, exercising within her limits, and taking the proper supplements.

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Her ultimate goal was to leave Frank a large network of kids around him when she eventually passed on. This ensures that her husband will not be alone even if Lauren can no longer be with him. 


Family First

Lauren only wanted to deliver a loving family that she could leave behind for her husband, Frank. Her goal was to make his life and the lives of their children as happy as possible and to spend her own time with the people she loves.

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Now, after her great sacrifices, Frank is indeed surrounded by loving kids as well as a wife who is willing to do her best to live and be healthy for her kids and the entire family.