Extraordinary Things in China That Exist Nowhere Else on Earth

By: Lauren Wurth | Published: Oct 28, 2023

Are you ready to have your senses ignited as we unlock the vibrant mysteries of China, now officially ranking among the world’s top tourist destinations? Then this piece is for you!

So brace yourself for an intriguing glimpse into a realm unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, where the bold and the unexpected collide to create a  moment that holds the promise of sheer excitement.

Pajamas Revolution: Embracing Comfort as a Hot Fashion Trend

While the rest of the world stresses fashion choices, the Chinese have redefined ideas of effortless style. Wearing pajamas outside has become a hot trend, allowing people to prioritize comfort without renouncing their fashion statement.


Source: Pinterest

From casual strolls to social gatherings, this trend knows no age. So why wait any longer, be ready to revolutionize your wardrobe with the ultimate style statement: pajamas!


Asia’s Love Affair with Longevity Noodles

Of course, when it comes to noodles, the southeast part of Asia takes their love affair to the next level. In China, they have even replaced traditional birthday cakes with symbolic longevity noodles.


Source: Woks of Life/ Pinterest

These remarkable noodles, spanning several feet long, are a cultural staple for special occasions, including weddings, Lunar New Year, and birthdays. The assumption is that the longer and firmer the noodles, the longer and healthier the life of those who eat them.

China's High-Speed Train Phenomenon

Hold tight as we dive into the world of lightning-fast trains in China! A developed country like China loves that time is too precious to waste during transit. With jaw-dropping speeds of up to 217 mph or 350 kph, these high-speed trains are revolutionizing travel across remote parts of the country while providing cheaper alternatives to air travel.


Source: New China/ YouTube

But there’s more —brace yourself for the record-breaking thrill ride of a train clocking in at a remarkable 301 mph or 486 kph in 2010, securing its place among the fastest in the world.

The Ancient Birthday Traditions

Most locals celebrate their birthdays not just once a year but according to a sacred rhythm. From the first 30 days after birth to huge milestones at 60 and 80, the grand celebrations mark their live chapters.


Source: Julie Liem/ Pinterest

Unveiling the mysteries, women shun their 30th, 33rd, and 66th birthdays, fearing a year of misfortune. Likewise, men avoid celebrating their 40th for reasons inundated with superstition.

Street Style Shears

Say goodbye to traditional salon visits and step into the world of on-the-go haircuts in China! Who has the time or resources for lengthy sain appointments? Not the Chinese, obviously! Experience the buzz of excitement as barbers line the city streets, offering quick and convenient haircuts.

Source: Emily Dell/ Pinterest

Imagine this: as you stroll through the bustling city, you spot a barber’s chair beckoning you for a trendy change. Please take a seat, soak in the vibrant atmosphere, and let the skilled hands of the local barber work their magic.


Honk of Terror: China’s Fear-Inducing Feathered Guardians

In 2019, a peculiar puzzle stealth game called “Untitled Goose Game” captivated the internet, igniting a newfound fascination with mischievous geese. But if you thought geese were only a source of weird entertainment, prepare to be stunned.

Source: Fairy You/ Pixabay

In China, geese take on a new role: fearless guardians of the night. These warriors join the ranks of the night patrol, standing tall against robbers and creating a sense of fear in their wake. But that’s not all–the Chinese army also boasts a staggering fleet of over 10,000 mail delivery pigeons, changing the skies into a secret battalion of avian messengers.


Bizzare Culinary Delights: China’s Eccentric Egg Adventures

First, let’s dive deep into the world of centennial eggs. Imagine a fresh chicken egg undergoing a mind-boggling change. Coated with a blend of ashes, salt, lime, and tea, it’s then lovingly wrapped in rice straw and husk. Interestingly, the adventure doesn’t end there?! The creation is buried in the soil for three to four months. The result? A centennial egg that is rich in flavor and boasts a detailed allure.

Source: vincentchaisy/ Instagram

But guess what! As we unveil more delicacies, we cannot but enter the Tóngzǐ dàn realm. In this realm, sellers embark on a unique quest, journeying to elementary schools in search of young boys. What for? To collect their urine! Collected urine is a key ingredient in preparing these eggs.


A Robotic Revolution

Imagine this again: You walk into a restaurant, expecting the usual experience, only to be greeted by sight straight out of a sci-fi movie.

Source: Sushi Amor/ Facebook

Robots, with their graceful movements and unwavering accuracy, serve them with flair and many more. It’s a dining experience unlike any other. These machines are increasingly becoming indispensable companions for various tasks and transforming our way of life.


China's Masterstroke Against Mosquito Mayhem

Mosquitoes are annoying insects that ruin everything. They always return regardless of how often you wave around your electrical bat. China is different from other counties, though. Male mosquitoes are transformed into powerful infertility agents by infusing unique bacteria.

Source: Creative Market/ Pinterest

These modified males are then unleashed upon their female counterparts, rendering them powerless to produce future generations of bothersome bitters. A report shows that China produces 20 million insects weekly for this purpose.


Nature's Little Heroes

Attention, all plant lovers! Are you tired of battling with annoying plant lice? Well, China has a solution: ladybug feeders.

Source: Tara/ Pinterest

China pioneers a unique paper structure infused with a special substance that acts as a compelling invitation to these remarkable insects. So, bid goodbye to chemical pesticides and embrace a natural and eco-friendly solution.


The Green Pea Ice Cream

While you may believe that you’ve tried every flavor under the sun, China has a surprise waiting for you: green pea ice cream. Yes, you read it correctly! During the summer months, locals indulge in this intriguing and unconventional frozen delight.

Source: Smart Asian Supermarket/ Facebook

Just imagine the creamy sweetness of ice cream entirely complemented by the subtle, earthy notes of green peas. Its flavor combination will surely leave your taste buds dancing with delight and your senses craving more. Are you ready to take a delicious leap of faith?


Two Weeks of Thrills and Tradition Await

Chinese Lunar New Year or New Year is when the entire country comes alive with joy, customs, and a sense of renewal. The period usually lasts 15 days, marking the end of chilly days and ushering in a fresh start with a bang!

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Envision yourself amidst a whirlwind of colorful parades, mesmerizing fireworks, and traditional rituals that date back centuries. But the main catch is that this is no regular vacation. It is the pinnacle of celebration in the country.


Journey of Fortune Cookies

Interestingly, fortune cookies hold a secret origin, ruining the popular belief that they originate from China. Unveiling the truth, we trace their roots to the land of the rising sun, Japan. A chef with a cherished recipe embarks on a culinary adventure that will change cookie history forever.

Source: Raptorus/ Reddit

As fate would have it, this creation found its way to the United States, where a case of mistaken identity occurred. The allure of its flavors and symbolic messages enchanted patrons, and the legend of the “Chinese fortune cookie” was born. Ever since then, the cookies have become synonymous with cafes, leaving a trail of mystery in their wake.


Ghost Towns and the Battle of Living Spaces

In this architectural tapestry, over 30 million people find comfort in giant houses and apartments, while others squeeze their entire lives into pint-sized living spaces that redefine the term “compact.”

Source: JFK Library/ Pinterest

But hold on a second, for hidden within this labyrinth of living lies a haunting mystery–ghost towns that bloom in majestic silence. Imagine an astonishing 64 million abandoned skyscrapers standing as proof of untold stories, forever intact despite human sanitation. Ordos emerges as a haunting enigma, captivating the imagination of those who dare to scour its desolate streets.


From China's Cuju to Global Glory

Soccer did not originate in South America. Instead, it originated in China under the name Cuju or Ts’u-chü, and this was confirmed by FIFA in 2004. Even in its earliest forms, the game was about kicking the ball through the field and into an open net without using hands.

Source: Artigos/ Pinterest

But while football may have its ancestral origins in China, training soldiers back in the second century BC, the nation’s heart beats to a different sporting rhythm – British Ping Pong.


China's Military Precision and Iron Discipline

If you’ve ever caught sight of a Chinese military parade, you know that it’s a breathtaking sight. The movement of thousands of people who are perfectly in sync is satisfying to watch.

Source: Jon Dujmovich/ Pinterest

This mastery takes hours of tiring training to complete – one of which insists on the soldier to match with a needle pinned to their collar or a bottle of water on top of their head high. It is noteworthy that the Chinese Army is the biggest military unit worldwide.


A Stress-Free Vacation Tip

When it comes to planning your trip, timing is everything. In China, the absence of official vacations means that the nation converges on popular tourist destinations during state-sanctioned holidays.

Source: Anna/ Pinterest

Picture overcrowded streets, suffocating crowds, and the constant struggle to find your way amidst the masses. To endure a stress-free and enjoyable experience, you should get familiar with the streets of avoiding Chinese national holidays and reclaim your vacation bliss.


Ticket Tussle: A Battle for Smooth Journey in China

In China, securing transportation requires strategic thinking, particularly when purchasing train tickets. A golden rule is to always buy your tickets in advance, as waiting until the last minute could leave you stranded.

Source: Onye Nkuzi/ Twitter

Don’t ever misjudge the allure of first-class comfort, as those seats disappear in the blink of an eye. But do not fret! If you are up for an adventure, you can always try your luck with unreserved seats; just be ready to embrace the floor for your journey.


Passport in Hand

Another important detail when embarking on a railway adventure in China is that you need more than your ticket. Brace yourself for the passport ritual! To enter the bustling railway station, you must have your ticket and passport ready for inspection.

Source: Murali/ Pinterest

Join the queue, follow the locals’ lead, and prepare for a time-consuming yet crucial process. Don’t let it catch you off guard! For the newbies in China, strategic planning is key.


The Unspoken Reality of Sleeper Trains

Going on a journey abroad, a sleeper train promises convenience and speed. But sadly, there’s a hidden secret that might make you think twice before dozing off. Be ready to confront the unspoken reality of sharing your sleeping quarters with strangers.

Source: Modern Met/ Pinterest

While these trains whisk you away to your destination, it is crucial to note that unless you board at the first station, the bedsheets remain unchanged from the previous occupant. Will you embrace the odd or seek alternative modes of travel? The choice is yours!


The Unstoppable Ride: China's Remarkable Public Transport System

In China, public transport is deserving of more praise than it gets. From buses to subways, China’s transportation networks are a true marvel, offering reliability that’s often overlooked.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Sadly, there is a catch–the vibrant transport network takes a restful pause during late hours. As the clock strikes 10:30 pm in Shanghai, the subway bids goodbye to its travelers, leaving you to explore other alternatives.


No-Tipping Zone: Revealing China's Unconventional Hospitality Culture

In many parts of Asia, including China, leaving gratuities is far from the norm. As you walk into taxis, and restaurants or rest your weary head in hotels, be prepared to start the tipping status quo. The locals, ever true to their culture, refrain from accepting tips. Their refusal is so strong that they may even chase after you, thinking you’ve mistakenly left yourself money behind.

Source: Fred Dufor/ Getty Images

In China, appreciation is communicated through heartfelt words rather than monetary gestures. You can brace yourself for the challenge as you attempt to make five to six attempts to leave a tip, only to witness their steadfast devotion to a no-tipping ideology.


A Treat, a Tab, and Timely Feasts

When your Chije friend extends an invitation to a grand feast, then you should prepare to be pleasantly surprised. In China, the host holds the key to the bill. Let the flavors entice your taste buds as they gracefully take charge of your payment.

Source: Wan/ Pinterest

The story doesn’t end there, though. As you know, step into the host role, and remember that the generosity baton has been passed to you. Timing, oh timing, is of the essence. As the sun casts its golden glow upon the land, mealtime becomes a sacred ritual. This means the culinary landscape may fall silent, leaving you hungry for the feast you seek.


Lost in Translation: Navigating China's Language Labyrinth

As you step into the captivating realm of China, leave your English comfort zone behind. The common English language will be a distant echo in this land of ancient traditions.

Source: Flickr/ Pinterest

In this linguistic landscape, even the walls of hotels hold their secrets, as getting an English speaker becomes a quest of its bid. So, bid farewell to your trusty Chinese phrase books, for their pages shall offer little solace.


The Vanished Giants of Facebook and Google

Firewall, two digital titans have been wiped out! Facebook and Google, the unstoppable forces of the Western digital world, have been banished from the land of the dragon. This means no Facebook updates, no Google Maps, and no YouTube for a daily dose of entertainment.

Source: Pinterest

Even Android users face an uphill battle to access their beloved apps. But don’t worry, for a new communication age has risen from the ashes – behold the power of WeChat!  Don’t be stranded in a social vacuum. Discover the key to unlocking this enigma with a VPN before isolating yourself in a parallel digital universe.


China's Hot Water Culture

Hot water is found in every nook and cranny of China – in airports, parks, train stations, and restaurants. So, people with a thermos can enjoy a piping hot cup of tea or indulge in a delectable bowl of noodles, no matter where your adventures take you.

Source: Vintage Gentlemen/ Pinterest

But here’s a tip – as you embark on budget-friendly expeditions, ensure you pack your faithful thermos. Why, you ask? Well, because with this miraculous vessel in hand, you can cook, steep, and infuse many culinary treasures on the move.


The Kindness Conundrum

Although Chinese locals are warm and friendly, their eagerness to assist you might steer you in the wrong direction. A solution to this is to arm yourself with the power of technology as you embark on a digital odyssey.

Source: Travel Blog/ Pinterest

Prioritize downloading a reliable map, as the renowned Google Maps might betray you. Just navigate the depths of this kindness puzzle and unlock the secrets of China’s hospitality maze.


Window Bars Hold Secret Beyond Security

While safety remains vital, a hidden gem emerges within this practice. Behold the brilliance of the Chinese locals, for their wisdom goes beyond mere protection.

Source: Pikabu

Gazing upon the barred windows that puncture the cityscape allows you to witness proof of care and concern that resonates within the people’s hearts.


New Houses Come Without Glasses

In China, an odd surprise awaits those who purchase new apartments unacquainted with local customs. Brace yourself for a mind-boggling curveball: these freshly minted dwellings arrive without a crucial element – glass windows!

Source: KaptanJakPskorey / Pikabu

This creates an interesting contrast between the empty window opening and the redecorated ones, making you think there’s a grand idea behind it.


China’s Exam Room Overdrive

As the Chinese population surges unprecedentedly, the pursuit of quality education struggles to keep up. If you dare to fathom the extent of this educational background, delve into the realm of Chinese school entrance exams.

Source: Papeterie Skender/ Facebook

In this saga, not a sliver of space is spared between students as they navigate the maze of knowledge. But don’t fret; the winds of change are blowing, and a revolution is on the horizon.


Journey into the Avatar Mountains

In China, nature’s artistic brush strokes have bestowed sensational wonders that will awaken you. You should brace yourself for a visual feast as we unveil a symphony of sights and landmarks that will ignite your senses.

Source: KC Augstin/ Pinterest

Tucked away in the heart of Hunan province lies a realm straight out of a sci-fi epic. Also, enter the enchanting Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, the Avatar Mountains. It’s no surprise that the otherworldly paradise served as the backdrop for the iconic 2009 blockbuster film.


The Great Wall's Untold Tale of Resilience

Size isn’t everything, they say, and the Great Wall of China is no exception. While it’s one of the most historically significant feats on Earth, it has lost some of the build’s original glory over the years.

Source: Pinterest

Movies have given you a specific viewpoint of the all, with a small hard hill roofed placement and a cobblestone floor a few feet apart.


Panda-mania Unleashed: A Love Affair with National Treasures

Typically, pandas are undivided in China, giving them the title of “National Treasure.” Let’s be honest; if an adorable animal were found exclusively in one location worldwide, the county would cherish it just as much.

Source: Allain Kelly/ Pinterest

The Chinese are usually so energetic about pandas that you will find them everywhere, including in the tourist offerings and products, such as clothes, cups, and even cosmetics packaging mascots.


An Extraordinary Culinary Tapestry

Chinese food has a reputation that extends beyond your usual takeout. Brace yourself for a symphony of tastes, where melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness meets thrilling surprises, particularly for the newbies.

Source: Iwilldoitmyself/ Reddit

From the exotic temptation of frogs, turtles, and crocodiles to the unexpected allure of sharks, dogs, and even maggots, the local cuisine proves its unparalleled diversity. Suppose you feel adventurous; feel free to delve into these wonders. But if your tummy is sensitive, don’t hesitate to consult your knowledgeable waiter for insights into each dish’s ingredients.