What Did Your Beloved Sports Stars Purchase With Their First Huge Salary?

By: Alec Donaldson | Published: Aug 07, 2023

In the past, athletes had a different approach to their first salary. They prioritized their families and used their earnings to provide support. As times changes, athletes’ investments evolved, and a shift towards materialistic luxuries and extravagant spending subsumed securing basic necessities.

This change reflects the evolving mindset and lifestyle of modern times, where wealth and success have taken on new meanings for athletes. Here’s what some of world’s most prominent athletes did with their first million.

Mauro Emanuel Icardi Rivero: Hummer H2

Mauro Icardi, the enigmatic soccer superstar, made headlines after purchasing a golden Hummer H2 with his first paycheck. Rumors swirled about the motives behind Icardi’s unique choice, with some speculating it was a statement of power. Others saw it as a reflection of his larger-than-life persona.


Source: Sportsbible/Facebook

Love him or hate him, one thing was clear: Icardi’s H2 Hummer was the ultimate embodiment of his unapologetically bold and larger-than-life style, leaving fans and critics in awe of his extravagant taste.


Ángel Zaldívar Caviedes: Frozen Fruits Business

Believe it or not, Ángel Zaldívar, the iconic footballer, founded “Frozen Fruits” with his first salary. Passionate about health and sustainability, he froze local fruits at their peak, packaging them in eco-friendly containers. Despite the challenges, “Frozen Fruits” gained a loyal following, showcasing Angel’s entrepreneurial spirit. 


Source: David Ramos, FIFA/Getty Images

His success story as a footballer-turned-entrepreneur inspired others, and “Frozen Fruits” grew into a thriving business, earning him respect on and off the field.

Sergio Leonel Agüero del Castillo: Lamborghini Aventador

In 2011, Sergio Agüero made headlines with his extravagant Lamborghini Aventador purchase worth 1.5 million euros. Fresh from his transfer to Manchester City from Atlético de Madrid for a staggering 45 million euros, Agüero celebrated his success with a luxury supercar. 


Source: Yianni Charalambous / Instagram

The sleek design, roaring engine, and lightning-fast speed of the Aventador perfectly match Aguero’s dynamic playing style on the pitch. With the pricey purchase, he displayed his status as a top-tier footballer and added glamor to his off-field persona.

Xavier Hernández Creus: A Toaster

The former Barcelona midfielder known for his kind nature, Xavier Hernández (aka Xavi) used his first football paycheck on his family. Xavi opted for a practical purchase by buying a toaster, fulfilling his family’s essential needs. 


Source: David Ramos/Getty Images

It was a testament to his selflessness and genuine character, reflecting his values and priorities. Xavi’s act of love exemplified his largesse and unwavering focus on providing for his loved ones, showcasing that materialism did not sway him and how he considered family a crucial element of life.

Arda Turan: A Gas Station

Arda Turan enjoyed a massively successful career during his stint in soccer, and some of his most memorable performances came when he took to the pitch for Atlético de Madrid. He invested the money in his homeland when he got his first salary.

David Ramos/Getty Images

Turan bought land in Bayrampasa, Istanbul, for $870,000 setting up a gas station to please his father. Sadly, the station is no longer there.


Cristiano Ronaldo: Handling Bills

Many people envy Cristiano Ronaldo’s lavish lifestyle, but the truth is that the star didn’t always have everything he wanted. Growing up, Ronaldo experienced some tribulations, and when he got his first salary, he first paid off his family’s bills.

Source: Danny Martindale/WireImage

The prolific striker immediately returned home and told his mother, María Dolores Dos Santos Aveiro, that she wouldn’t need to work. This proves that greatness comes not only from talent but also from character.


Manuel Francisco dos Santos (Garrincha): Fame and Fortune Become a Curse

Manuel Francisco dos Santos, nicknamed Mané Garrincha, was one of the most beloved players in his country of origin. There is little known about how he spent his first salary. But despite his undeniable talent, the star couldn’t live his life away from the pitch privately. With fame and fortune following him, the player embarked on a destructive cycle of constant inebriation.

Source: Universal/Corbis/VCG via Getty Images

Sadly, Garrincha spent most of his money (and time) partying, eventually taking a toll on him. The striker passed on in 1983 from liver cirrhosis.


Lionel Andrés Messi: Unknown

We cannot talk about football legends without including Lionel Messi. The footballer is regarded as the greatest all-time player, and it’s not surprising that he’s one of the highest-paid footballers in the world.

Source: Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

The player’s salary when he joined Barcelona in 2001 was about 60,000 euros per year, but that figure grew exponentially from there. Though he never revealed what he bought, we bet his parents gave him ideas on how to spend the money considering he was young when he got his first paycheck.


Iván Daniel Alonso Vallejo: Investments

While many players squander their hard-earned money, Ivan Alonso is different. The player, who had a successful playing career in Europe and his native Uruguay, started investing his salary immediately after he started playing.

Source: OVACIÓN/Twitter

He entrusted his finances to the Ariete Family Office company, which has offices in Barcelona. After a while, Alonso sold all his properties abroad and used the money to invest in his home country, Uruguay.