What Happens in Vegas…Doesn’t Always Stay

By: Kate Row | Published: Aug 30, 2022

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, except for when someone snaps a pic. Las Vegas is known for over drinking, crazy stories, and fascinating characters. It’s kind of known for being its own little lawless world. Casinos, clubs, and ziplines make the Las Vegas strip one of the most popular places to celebrate important life events: 21st birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and even weddings. Whether you want Elvis to marry you or you’re ready to risk it all at the blackjack table, Vegas has it all. Check out these ridiculously hilarious photos of typical Vegas experiences that will make you say, “Only in Vegas”. 

Liquor is Cheaper than Therapy

Liquor can’t be hard to sell in Vegas, but Lee’s Discount Liquor must have an amazing marketing team. After a trip to Vegas you might feel like you need a therapy session (or 10) but Lee guarantees his liquor will do the trick.


Source: wikimedia commons

If you see this billboard on your way into Vegas you might want to buy some of Lee’s beverages simply for the creativity. All we can say is, this is the most Vegas billboard we’ve ever seen.


What Happens in Vegas Doesn’t Always Stay in Vegas

People like to say that what happens in Vegas doesn’t follow you home. But this doesn’t exactly apply when it comes to making babies. This genius bib says that this baby was made in Vegas.


Source: Metaweb

And his face only adds to the humor! In all honesty, he looks like a Vegas baby. Perfectly timed photo, parents. But let this be a sign to us all: What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas!

Anyone can Play Cards

Las Vegas doesn’t discriminate. You’ll find all kinds of people from different walks of life on the strip and in Casinos. You might even find different species. It looks like Chewbacca was trying to make some money on his Las Vegas trip.


Source: metaweb

He looks like he’s in deep concentration. We wonder if he has a good hand. The best part is, no one seems to think twice about the fact that they’re placing bets against Chewie! Just another day at the casino.

You Have to Sleep, Even in Vegas

Vegas is known for all nighters and getting very little sleep. In fact, casinos use certain scents, colors, and music to keep people in them for as long as possible. The longer someone is in a casino, the more money a casino makes, right?


Source: flickr

But we all need sleep! It looks like this guy was not ready to call it quits at the slot machines so he brought his hotel room to the casino. When you’re not ready to go to bed, bring the bed to you. Now when he wakes up he can get right back to the slots.

Vegas in Style

Las Vegas has room for everybody and every style. Not much is shocking when it comes to the strip. But these gentlemen definitely took it to another level. This has to be a bachelor party because what other event would warrant such vibrant suits.

Source: metaweb

The coordination is admirable, really. The best part about Vegas is you don’t have to spend money on a show. Spend 10 minutes on the Las Vegas strip and you’re sure to see some things you’ve never seen before. We’re applauding the outfits, boys.


Clever Signs

When your best friend steals your wife, you have to look on the bright side. It looks like this guy is all too happy to be rid of her. He’s even willing to send his former best friend a thank you card.

Source: reddit

And it looks like it’s working because he does have some money in that cup. Walking the strip, you’ll see tons of inventive signs along the way. Creativity is as abundant as alcohol in this wild city.


The Hangover

We can’t really talk about Vegas without talking about the movie The Hangover. This comedy perfectly encapsulates what a wild bachelor party in Vegas can look like. These guys were perfectly dressed up as Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms’ characters from the famous film.

Source: worldwideinterweb

They even have Mike Tyson’s tiger and the baby they found in the hotel room. You have to watch the movie if you haven’t seen it already. This is exactly what Vegas is.


Pay to Be Insulted

Dick’s Last Resort is a restaurant in Vegas where you can pay to be insulted while you eat your food. It’s strictly made for those with a good sense of humor. If you can laugh at yourself, it’s a great Vegas activity.

Source: noteably

Whoever comes up with the creative insults to put on these white hats is a genius with an incredible sense of humor. These restaurants are all over the place but being insulted while you eat is very “Vegas energy”.


Vegas Isn’t Ready

We’re pretty sure Las Vegas has to be one of the most common destinations for girls trips gone wrong. And really it’s because so much can go wrong! Girls trips start with the best of intentions but can often end like this in Vegas.

Source: pinterest

One friend is on the ground and one friend is trying to drag her to her feet. Not to mention they’re both in costume. When they say Vegas isn’t ready for them, are we sure they didn’t mean they’re not ready for Vegas?


Defeated by Vegas

This is one of the most defeated groups of people I’ve ever seen. The airport in Vegas on a Sunday night must see thousands of exhausted travelers ready to go home. After all, all good things must come to an end.

Source: memes monkey

By the end of a weekend in Vegas, we’re pretty sure everyone is ready to be back home and do a cleanse. To be barefoot and face down on the Las Vegas airport carpet must be the sign of a successful trip.


Flood or Pool Party?

The city of Las Vegas experienced a ton of rainfall which resulted in the streets flooding. But this is not enough to stop party-goers from enjoying their time in Sin City. Instead of fleeing to safety, these gentlemen elected to move the pool party to the street.

Source: tik tok

They floated across the flooded street on a pool floatie. You might not even realize that they’re on a flooded road if not for all the abandoned cars parked right next to them. It’s a city filled with surprises. That’s for sure.


Wrong Room and Wrong Card

It looks like this guy was ready to call it a night but might have had one too many drinks before calling it quits. Not only did he try to get into the wrong hotel room, but he seems to have misplaced his key as well.

Source: reddit

The person staying in the room found this man laying on the floor in the hall, seemingly defeated. He had tried to use his Visa to enter the room. Not the best use of a credit card, my friend. At least the person that found him took snapchats for us all to enjoy.


Minnie Mouse Defeated by Vegas

When we say Vegas has tons of interesting characters, we mean more than just people. Vegas is filled with people in all sorts of costumes. Minnie Mouse looks to have had a rough time in Sin City as well.

Source: noteably

While this might be somewhat traumatizing for a kid to come across, we have to laugh at the sight of Minnie Mouse slumped over with a beer in hand. They do like to say that Las Vegas is DisneyLand for adults.


Asking the Bare Minimum

We feel like this is something that people really shouldn’t have to be reminded of, yet, here we are. We have to assume this establishment put this sign up for a reason and that reason is that they were having customers come in pants-less.

Source: tripadvisor

We all know the phrase, “No shoes, no shirt, no service”. But in Vegas they might need to add pants to the list. And they’re absolutely right, no one wants to see your underwear! All we can say is, “Only in Vegas”.