9-Year-Old Finds Ancient Treasure In Grandma’s Backyard

By: Ene Ayegba | Last updated: Sep 23, 2023

Do you find it ironic that, at some point in our lives, we all hope to discover something incredible, but rarely do we realize that it can actually happen right in our own backyard? Well, for this nine-year-old boy with a knack for digging and exploring, that is precisely what happened. 

What started out as an innocent after-school play-time in his grandma’s garden turned into an amazing find that stunned many. 

Oregon Backyard Adventure

Talk about a backyard adventure! Who says you can’t make astounding finds in your backyard? A family in Oregon was left stunned when their son found an ancient mammoth tooth. 


Source: Travisrwr/Imgur

One day last April, little Jeremiah Longbrake was having a wonderful time doing what he loved most: checking out the woods behind his grandma’s house in southern Oregon. He certainly had no idea he was going to uncover something incredible. 

Uncovering The Past In Oregon Creek

While Jeremiah was scouring the creek, he spotted something that looked like a petrified piece of wood or a plastic container. So, out of curiosity, he dug it out.


Sources: everwildforestschool/Instagram

Even when he had fished it out, he didn’t realize he was holding an ancient fossil over 10,000 years old. All he did was take his finding home to show his mother.

The Facebook Post That Changed Everything

Although they weren’t sure what he had found, his mother, Megan Johnson, decided to post it on Facebook. Her friends on Facebook were of the opinion that it didn’t look like a piece of wood; rather, it looked like a tooth of some sort. 


Source: Jamie Woodward/Twitter

She decided to also reach out to archaeologists and paleontologists who were able to reveal that Jeremiah’s find was, in fact, an ancient mammoth tooth.

The Fossil Hunt Goes Viral

Jeremiah was thrilled to learn his discovery was a huge deal. Johnson shared that he has been so attached to it that he holds it with him all the time, except when he is out hunting for more awesome finds.


Source: @UO_MNCH/Twitter

Although he isn’t sure what he wants to do with it, he will likely hold onto it for a bit before he donates it to a museum.