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Editorial Standards

As a proud member of the Decido publishing company, Past Chronicles is committed to the highest editorial standards and publishing guidelines, and we are always looking to grow and revise our policies as the community and field continues to evolve it’s best practices.

1. Truth and Accuracy

  • Commit to providing accurate and factual information to the very best of our ability. 
  • Verify sources rigorously and ensure the authenticity of the information published.
  • Correct any errors when identified. 

2. Independence

  • Make editorial decisions free from external influence, including advertisers or sponsors.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest, and disclose any potential conflicts to the audience.

3. Fairness and Impartiality

  • Strive for balanced reporting and avoid biases. 
  • Present objective circumstances as clearly as possible, and take ownership where opinion enters the conversation. 
  • Respect that presentation of incidents or facts may be a source of disagreement and be open to hearing all counter points. 
  • Welcome all discourse with readers and other journalists and content creators.

4. Confidentiality and Privacy

  • Protect the confidentiality of sources who wish to remain anonymous.
  • Respect individuals’ privacy, especially in sensitive situations.

5. Accountability

  • Hold journalists and editors accountable for their work.
  • Provide channels for audience feedback and grievances.
  • Address feedback where possible.

6. Respect for Individuals

  • Avoid content that promotes hatred, discrimination, or violence.
  • Treat all subjects with respect and dignity.

7. Integrity in Reporting

  • Avoid plagiarism and credit original sources.
  • Never sensationalize.
  • Provide sources whenever requested.

8. Transparency

  • Be transparent about the editorial process and decision-making.
  • Honest interactions and communication with sources as well as content creators on all topics related to our content.

9. Quality and Excellence

  • Commit to high standards of writing, research, editing, and reporting.
  • Continuously work towards improving the quality of content.
  • Place emphasis on engaging and accurate content

10. Innovation and Adaptability

  • Embrace new technologies, tools, and methods.
  • Evolve with media trends while holding firm to core principles.

15 Point Quality Control

  1. Content has been run through AI checker to ensure it was originally written
  2. Content has zero spelling or grammatical errors
  3. Content has high-quality images of the correct size and format
  4. Image sources are copyright-free/free-use
  5. Each image has Alt Text, Title, and Source
  6. The meta description is written for each article and aptly describes the content
  7. Content is accurate and factual (not opinion-based unless indicated as such)
  8. The title and headlines are engaging and accurately describe the content
  9. Images are engaging, high quality, and accurate to content
  10. Title is free of clickbait, sensational language, and does not make promises that the article doesn’t fulfil
  11. Title does not mislead the audience or play on their emotions
  12. If there is a quote in the title, that quote is referenced and sourced in the article
  13. There is no vulgar language or profanity in the article
  14. All the images are ethically compliant and appropriate
  15. Content matter is appropriate and does not misinform readers on the following categories: 
  • COVID-19 
  • QAnon conspiracy theory   
  • US 2020 election
  • Hoaxes
  • False information
  • Propaganda
  • Deliberate misinformation
  • Clickbait
  • Sensationalist content that intentionally exaggerates or distorts information