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Past Chronicles is a diverse news and history website. We are dedicated to bringing you the latest general news from around the world along with nostalgic stories and untold mysteries of the past that will both educate and entertain. Our editorial mission is to enlighten readers on topics that fascinate, never shying away from darker chapters while also taking time to warm ourselves by the glowing fire of nostalgic memories. History is filled with mystery, and we aim to accurately fuel curious minds with stories from the past that have all manner of relevance today.

Past Chronicles is proud to be a part of the Decido family of sites, including Trendy Matter, Your Money Magic, and History All Day which cover topics as varied as entertainment, personal finance, news, and parenting/home advice. Whatever the topic or vertical we are dedicated to authenticity and our code of editorial ethics. Decido is headquartered in San Diego, California with a team of writers who have extensive qualifications and expertise in their topics.

Kate is a writer from San Diego. She studied English and Psychology at Northern Arizona University. Since graduating, she has discovered her passion for writing engaging and topical content. In her free time she enjoys spending time at the beach, going to concerts, reading, and traveling as much as possible.
Lauren Wurth, a native of Upstate New York has years of experience in writing and creating content for retail, lifestyle, and entertainment verticals. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family, stopping for a coffee, and being an avid reader.
Alyssa Miller is a writer, editor, and educator with a passion for entertainment and pop culture. She graduated from the University of San Francisco with a Bachelor of Arts in English and a minor in Communications. Before graduating, Alyssa worked as a freelance entertainment and film education writer, contributing to a variety of publications, including Britain’s First Frame Magazine. She also continued to write short stories and screenplays in her free time.
Sam Blanchard
Sam Blanchard is an administrative assistant and freelance editor from San Diego, CA. She is an alum of San Diego State University, where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in journalism and media studies. In her free time, Sam likes to watch TV and movies, and spend time with her dog, Bindi.
Shelly is a writer and content creator originally from Los Angeles. She is passionate about making a positive difference in how people interact with information online, through fresh and interesting pieces. Baking her “famous” chocolate chip cookies, and watching the latest superhero film is where you’ll find her on her time off.
Cameron Ross is an editor and freelancer based in Wisconsin. He is a graduate of the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities, where he studied journalism with an emphasis on strategic communication. In his free time he enjoys DJing, reading, and stand up comedy.
Georgia McKoy
Georgia is an experienced writer from London, England. With an obsession for all things politics, current affairs and celebrity culture. She is passionate about creating engaging and informative content. Outside of work, Georgia is an avid tennis player, a regular attendee of live music shows, and enjoys exploring London’s diverse culinary scene, always on the hunt for a new restaurant to try.
Jo has worked as a professional writer for over 10 years. She has been a features editor with Static Media and served as the managing editor of No Film School, where she covered film festivals, tech, indie film, and TV. Previously, she was a culture and entertainment reporter with the Oklahoma Gazette and also worked five years as a story analyst at several major Los Angeles production companies and talent agencies.
Lauren is an avid traveler and loves to spend her time exploring countries all around the world. She has worked as a content creator, writer, and editor for several years and loves the freedom and creativity it provides. She feels extremely lucky to be a freelance writer as it enables her to generate engaging articles and work with a wide variety of interesting people.
Jospeh Nduta
Joseph is a skilled content writer specializing in the entertainment and lifestyle niches. He has a talent for telling engaging stories and staying up-to-date with current trends. Joseph’s articles are designed to captivate readers, covering everything from celebrity interviews to trend analysis. His versatile style ensures that each piece connects with the intended audience.
Olawale is an experienced writer with a passion for creating captivating content across various verticals. With over five years of experience and a knack for storytelling, Olawale is highly adept at creating engaging and informative pieces that resonate with audiences. Outside of work, he enjoys solving puzzles and playing Scrabble.
Carissa Moore
Carissa is a freelance writer from Boston. With many years of experience in creating entertainment and lifestyle content, she brings knowledge and passion to all of her projects. When she’s not writing, Carissa enjoys cooking and spending time with her family.
Sam is an experienced writer and avid video game enthusiast, contributing to notable gaming publications such as GamingPizza, TheGamer, and SVG. Sam has played a pivotal role in the strategy and development of these websites, while also laying the foundational success for growing food-related websites like TheTravel, TheRecipe, Mashed, and Chowhound, by writing and editing high-quality, engaging content for each site’s audience.