A ‘Time Traveler’ From 2030 Predicts Shocking Life Events… And Passes a Lie Detector Test

By: Past Chronicles Staff Published: Oct 24, 2023

In a recent video that went viral, a time traveler from the year 2030 revealed some crazy predictions about our future.

Since then, tongue-in-cheek articles have emerged that made many people question the story’s credibility and call it “fake news”, but there are plenty of reasons to believe this man’s story.

Traveler Claims Backed By a Polygraph Test

First, he successfully passed a lie detector test similar to the one that Edward Snowden took back in 2014. It’s important to note that polygraph tests can only tell you if someone is lying or not; they cannot confirm the reason for their answer (you could be telling the truth and feeling nervous).

Many believed that his claims were a hoax, but he managed to baffle everyone when he passed a polygraph test.


Source: Imgur

Here are some of the wild predictions that this man from the future has made. Some of them have already come true. You decide for yourself what you believe!

A World With Unlimited Power and No health problems

As it stands, we have almost reached the point where we can simply delete any technology that causes harm to our planet. But what will this change look like? In 2030, we may have unlimited power and no health problems!


Source: nzherald.co.nz

(Source: Anonymous) “In 2030, there would be no one without access to medical care.” We might even be able to upload all of our memories so that nobody can steal them.

Artificial Intelligence Is the Future

The man claims that he is from a time when AI (or “artificial intelligence,” as he calls it) is already being used in many areas of technology.


Source: enisa europa.eu

For example, he claims that we don’t have to be worried about automation taking our jobs anymore because we already have driverless cars and other machines to do most of the work for us. He also says that medical breakthroughs are “no longer just happening in the lab,” Healthcare can be obtained with a simple brain scan.

Time Traveler Predicts ‘Blockchain’ Will Save the World From Money-Wasting

Most importantly, his prediction about the future of money is so accurate that business insiders are discussing it and taking the time to look into the man’s claims.


Source: jacekdudzic/ Twitter

“Our global currency is called the dollar,” he says in his blog post. “It is directly linked to the creation of new U.S. government debt, which means that when we run a deficit (through either tax cuts or war spending), dollars are created out of thin air.”

Will the Dollar Lose Its Power in The Future?

The time traveler goes on to say how this system has been going on since 1980 and how it will continue until around 2040-2050, at which point, we will be swapping our current dollar for a much more stable one called “the blockchain”.

Source: allianzgi.com

But what is this blockchain? According to a recent article, the blockchain is a technology that “enables a peer-to-peer network to agree on a single version of the truth”. Essentially, it’s an open-source database that will allow many individuals to hold a record of their transactions without having to trust anyone else.


New Planet?

The time traveler says that in 2030, a new planet has been discovered in our solar system, which he claims is between Mars and Jupiter. The planet is made of pure diamond and is orbited by two moons. He also claims that many people are using this planet as a new place to live because Earth’s population has skyrocketed and is limited by the size of our planet. 

Source: commons.wikimedia..org

This isn’t the first time someone has predicted something like this. In 2007, a man said that there was a planet located near Mars in our solar system, which is made of diamonds and had many tiny diamonds orbiting around it. 


Space Predictions

Space has been a concern for a while now, with advancements being made by NASA and SpaceX. The traveler predicts a Mars travel race.

Source: Pinterest

Technology advancements will occur quickly and fast until earth achieves a one-way expedition to Mars. Could we be touring Mars sooner than we think?


Touring Mars

Get your bags ready; we are going to Mars. According to the time traveler, you will be able to tour Mars privately in the next decade.

Source: space.com

The traveler didn’t give much information about how this will happen given the ‘one-way expedition’ situation. To explore space and Mars, I say bring it on!


Homeschooling Will Become The New Norm

Another prediction was about the future of education. He claims that children will learn more from the internet at home instead of going to school. He also predicts that our children will be able to travel through time using pictures, texts, and information stored on their phones. 

Source: businessday.ng

About the future of education, he has a point there. With technology and science getting better and better every day, it’s just a matter of time, right? He also claims that women can choose between marriage or working, which is rather pragmatic for the future.


I Am Not An Angel Or Satan

But who is this guy giving great insights about our education system? When asked who he was and how he got these predictions, this was his response: 

Source: theconversation.com

“I’m not an angel nor Satan. I’m a time traveler from 2030. I can tell you everything you want to know about the future. I also explain why there is an apparent lack of smart people on Earth.”


Utopia in 2030: ‘Flying cities’ With Only a Few Buildings

The time traveler from 2030 also predicted a utopia in the year 2030. He described a world with flying cities, where the buildings are only a few stories tall. 

Source: Pinterest

He said that these cities will be powered by renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, and will be connected by a network of teleportation portals. He added that these cities will be so advanced that they will be able to produce food, water, and other resources adequate for all the inhabitants. 


Instant Travel Networks

Transport in the future is also really advanced. The network of teleportation portals connecting different cities will enable people to travel between cities almost instantly. 

Source: h3c

He also said that these cities will be so advanced and efficient that they will not need any kind of police or military forces. This would be a utopia, indeed, where people can live peacefully without fear of violence or oppression.


Electric Vehicles Future

With different electric cars already in the market, the time traveler also touched on the future of electric-powered vehicles. He claims that in an effort to reduce the use of fossil fuels, more and more electric cars will be invented, with most driverless vehicles.  

Source: techonline.com

The cars in the future will also have longer-lasting batteries than what we have currently. A full EV battery charge will be able to run for about 600 miles. I mean, how cool is that? 


Self-sufficiency on a New Level – All Thanks to Satellites

The time traveler 2030 predicted that the world will be self-sufficient by 2030. He said satellites will provide us with the necessary resources to sustain ourselves. He also mentioned that this technology will provide food, energy, and water to all countries in the world. 

Source: hobbyfarms.com

This will ensure that people have access to necessary resources without worrying about running out of them. He also said that this technology will help us monitor the environment and ensure it is not being polluted. 


The Future is Green

According to the traveler, technology will help us monitor the climate and ensure that it is not getting damaged due to global warming. This would mean that we could take a proactive approach to climate change instead of waiting for it to happen and not being able to do anything about it.  

Source: vision.esa.com

(Source: Anonymous) “All the cars are part of a global network connected through satellites. They drive themselves, but they also share all their fuel.”


Immortality in The Offing: Improved Life Expectancy in The Future

The time traveler predicted that we will live to be 300 years old. He believes this because his great-grandfather lived to be 300 years old, and he completely understood how his great-grandfather’s body worked. 

Source: openthemagazine.com

If the current statistics are anything to go by, in 2050 you’ll only live to be 125 years old compared to 250 years ago. In 3060, you can only reach 120, and in 9100, you’ll be lucky to reach 100. So, what makes the time traveler think we will live another 200 years? He claims that scientists have done experiments with genetics, and it’s possible for us to make improvements in how our bodies work.


Will Trump Make America Great Again?

The traveler couldn’t leave netizens without having a say in politics – he made another exciting prediction that raised many eyebrows. He claimed that Trump will win the presidential election and return to the White House.

Source: baysidegroup.com

The traveler, however, didn’t comment on who Trump’s opponent will be. So, will Trump make a comeback, and will we see him ascend into power? Only time will tell. 


It’s Looking Good for Foodies

Another interesting prediction was about food. In 2030, there will be no more supermarkets, but rather a single store that sells everything you want. 

Source: baysidegroup.com

In this store, he says that in addition to computers and phones, there will be food-delivery drones as well as robots that can perform tasks to serve customers. On this one, he’s not kidding: there is a drone that can fly and deliver food in Japan.


Is the World Finally Turning Vegan?

It doesn’t stop there! He said that 50 years after everyone stops eating food, people will choose to become vegetarian or vegan. It’ll be normal for people not to eat meat since it’ll be way more expensive than the less potent alternatives.

Source: piperleaf.net

In the future, it will be easier to grow food using different ways such as hydroponics (growing plants in water). Technology will make eating meat a thing of the past!


Healthy Meals For Healthy Lifestyles

In the future, “the average person will have a diet of “Kale, kale, kale, kale, and more kale.” He also predicts that our future food will be so healthy that people won’t even need to eat anymore. He describes this ‘Kale Food’ as raw fruit, vegetables, grasses and grains. 

Source: flawlesslyfitish.com

I don’t know about you, but this sounds like the perfect diet for a healthy lifestyle! I guess we can’t fault him for predicting our diet when health is already improving with technology. He has his facts straight!


The Question About Cancer Treatment

A lot of people are wondering about the future of cancer treatment. He claims that cancer was already cured in 2030 with a pill called ‘Xtend’. The traveler claims that scientists in the future can grow new organs from a person’s DNA. 

Source: canver.gov

There’s no doubt that we have been making a lot of progress with our medicine, so perhaps it won’t be long before we can “grow” ourselves new organs.


Advancement in Biotechnology

While on the topic, the time traveler also says that in 2030, we will be able to see a person’s life in real time as we speak. He further adds that in 2030, most people will become part of a “bio-hacking collective” and get to choose their fate. 

Source: roi-nj.com

Humans in the future will be able to engineer foods and animals genetically so they are better suited for survival on the future planet. I must say, the future is looking bright!


Is The Future Of Medicine And Anatomy Worthless?

No, the future of medicine and the body is not worthless. The time traveler from 2030 made some very inspiring predictions about medicine. He predicted that by 2030, the technology will be so advanced that it will be able to cure the most challenging diseases and even reverse the effects of aging. 

Source: nature.com

So, the future of medicine and the body should never be dismissed. It seems that the time traveler from 2030 has some interesting predictions.


Creating Artificial Organs Using Technology

He also predicted that the technology will be so advanced that it will be able to repair damaged organs and tissues and even create artificial organs from scratch. This would mean that people can live longer and healthier lives without worrying about costly surgeries or treatments. 

Source: theconversation.com

The technology being used in the future will be able to detect and treat diseases before they become life-threatening, which would be a breakthrough in the field of medicine.


The World Will Witness a Major War

The time traveler was also a carrier of bad news. The world has witnessed different wars, including Ukraine and Russia’s most recent war.  

Source: Imgur

But who will be involved in this war? This guy predicted the US, China, and the Korean peninsula. He also made it clear that this war would not lead to World War III. 


But Who Is This Time Traveler?

It is unclear who the time traveler from 2030 is. He claims to be a time traveler from the year 2030, but there is no way to verify this claim. It is possible that he is simply a clever hoaxer with a knack for predicting trends and future technologies, or actually, he could be from the future. 

Source: dailydot.com

In any case, the time traveler from 2030 has fascinating insights about the world that are worth looking further into.   


Is He Really From the future?

One can never truly know if the time traveler from 2030 came from the future or not. He has some interesting predictions, but there is no way to verify them until the year 2030 arrives. 

Source: GreatScott/ twitter

All we can do is wait and see if his predictions come true. In the meantime, keep your eyes wide open and with an open mind…it doesn’t hurt to listen to others with different perspectives on the future.


Let’s keep Our Finger Crossed

They say time heals; all you have to do is wait and see. After all, the future is something that we cannot predict, so it is vital to remain open and flexible to the possibilities. 

Source: Youtube

The predictions could be true or false; there’s no way to tell. Only time can tell if the time traveler came from the future. Until then, we can only speculate and look forward to 2030.


Wrapping It Up

To answer the question about whether or not this man has pure intentions and is definitely from the time he is claiming he is from, there are plenty of reasons to believe that he is. The fact that he passed a polygraph test and his predictions were so accurate should also make us question his claims further. 

Source: Youtube

It’s also possible that we may one day in the future live in an AI and blockchain technology world, but I hope not. More information about this story is required, and it’s good to know that people are taking the time to look deeper into it.