Jimmy Hoffa Possibly Found? : Cold Case Investigators Think They’ve Cracked Decades-Old Mystery

By: Ben Campbell | Last updated: Nov 28, 2023

The unfortunate case of Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa has plagued law enforcement for decades. Just what happened to him and the whereabouts of his body have become a legend in Michigan.

A nonprofit cold case group known as The Case Breakers has recently claimed the long-lost body of Hoffa could be buried under a demolished MLB Stadium.

A Complicated Story

The story of Jimmy Hoffa is a complicated one. He was a union man who helped create stability in America’s workforce. However, this came at a cost.

FBI agents search a field outside of Detroit for the remains of Jimmy Hoffa

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Hoffa made plenty of enemies in the US government and became friends with some of the most notorious gangsters of the era. Unfortunately, many believe this led to his disappearance in 1975.

The Last Sighting

Hoffa was on his way to a meeting with mob boss Anthony “Tony Jack” Giaclaone and New Jersey Teamster local union boss “Tony Pro” Provenzano at the Red Fox diner in July 1975.

The Red Fox diner, the last place Hoffa was seen alive before his disappearance in 1975

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Hoffa would call his wife and claim no one showed up for the meeting. This would be the last time anyone heard from Hoffa. He was legally declared dead in 1982, and his final moments have become somewhat of a legend.

Fresh Leads

The unfortunate disappearance of Hoffa has never been solved. It’s remained a cold case for decades.

A view of the demolished section of the Wrexham AFC stadium in Wales

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But recent evidence may finally lead investigators to the place where his body was buried. An ace of spades playing card with scribbled handwriting offered by a dying ex-sergeant led a nonprofit group to a demolished MLB Stadium.

Buried Under Third Base

According to The Case Breakers, they have reason to believe that Hoffa could be buried at the old site of Milwaukee County Stadium in Wisconsin.

Jimmy Hoffa testifies at a hearing into labor rackets in 1958

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The exact location of the site is next to the current Milwaukee Brewers stadium. The nonprofit group believes that Hoffa is buried under where the third base was once located.

Ex-Sergeant Involved in Cover-Up

Jim Zimmerman, who worked with The Case Breakers for 13 years, claims that the ace of spades card was found by a former policeman.

Police officers on horses look on during Game Seven of the 1986 World Series between the New York Mets and Boston Red Sox

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The ex-sergeant who wrote on the card was allegedly involved in the kidnapping of Hoffa, which ultimately led to his death.


Press Release

The Case Breakers released a statement to the press following the new information.

Police and crime scene investigators look for evidence after a bomb exploded in the Macarena neighborhood behind the La Santamaría

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“Independent sources in three states convinced the volunteer investigators that CSI forensics will reveal Hoffa’s remains at a little league field, in the shadow of Milwaukee’s MLB stadium,” they said.


The Alleged Burial Site

According to The Case Breakers, the alleged burial site is near a Little League Stadium, built in 2002.

wo females working with ground-penetrating radar in Seneca Village in Central Park, NYC

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The cold case investigators studied aerial photography, and team members even visited the area to perform ground-penetrating radar over the remote location three times.


Results of the Scan

The ground scan couldn’t penetrate any lower than five feet because of an unexpected clay layer blocking the radar.

Martin King, engineer for Ground Penetrating Radar Services (GPR), watches the charting of the underground terrain on a monitor

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This led the group to suggest that a dig happened at the location before being quickly backfilled at some point in the past.


Top Cadaver Dog

Case Breakers founder Thomas J. Colbert said that afterward, the team brought a top cadaver dog expert to the site.

Sniffer dog on the look for a criminal at Miami International Airport

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Retired cop Carren Corcoran claims her dog gave multiple positive signals suggesting that someone is buried at the site.


What Lies Beneath?

“This gal has, I believe, over 200 cases of finding either the dead or the missing,” Colbert said.

Sniffer dog searches for the remains of a missing person in Silves, Portugal

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She continued, “She’s phenomenal, and she brought in her dog, and where does the dog go? Right to the ground penetration radar spot three years earlier, and that’s where we got excited.”


Work Is Ongoing

After promising signs from the dog, the cold case group is sure something is buried at the site.

FBI forensics experts examine what might be human remains that were found buried near the home of one-time mob enforcer Joseph Scalise

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he group is now working with local authorities and the FBI to perform a dig at the site, and many are hopeful that they will find Hoffa and finally put this case to bed.