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‘Little House On The Prairie’ Star Melissa Gilbert Binds Chest When She Hit Puberty

Melissa Gilbert started her acting career early. After appearing in a handful of commercials as a child, she landed one of the most coveted roles on the iconic TV series “Little House On The Prairie” as Laura Ingalls Wilder. She started when she was about nine-years-old and went on until she became a young woman.

Like most child actors, it is challenging for them to portray one role for an extended period due to the physical changes that their body encounters. The boys usually deal with changes in their voice and eventually grow facial hair. Young girls have more obvious physical changes.

It was exactly what happened with Gilbert. Because of her developing breasts during puberty, the producers of the show had to bind her chest each time they need her on a scene. This practice was necessary since the script did not allow her character to mature rapidly. However, her body definitely had had its plans.

But if she needed to keep her breasts as flat as possible while playing the role of Charles and Caroline Ingalls’ second daughter, she opted to undergo breast implants after her stint in the historical drama series ended. But in 2015, the actress decided to have the implants removed.

Gilbert initially announced her decision to get rid of her breast implants on Twitter. Then she went on to further discuss the removal of the implants on her blog. In her post, the actress revealed that she chose to get rid of the implants because she was concerned about her health, and she did not appreciate the way it felt and looked. She also mentioned that she would finally join a Zumba class without fearing having two black eyes after the class.

The actress was also very witty and straightforward when explaining that she lived a great portion of her life with a flat chest and “perfect A cups.” She said that she was proud of her humble chest size and had no intention of having a “Jessica Rabbitesque-figure.”

While she mentioned that she had nothing against women with curves, she mentioned that she felt an added pressure when she had a smaller breast size. She also had a hard time moving when wearing padded bras, which made her decide to get the breast implants in the first place.

Gilbert also ranted about the prevalence of plastic surgery billboards since it encouraged more people to alter their bodies aesthetically. She claimed that it already became a part of the culture. The actress also admitted that she opted to get new sets of padded bras after getting negative comments regarding her chest from her ex-husband after she was done breastfeeding their eldest child. After their divorce, she chose to have the breast enhancements done when she started dating again.

These days, Gilbert is more open to the concept of aging. She positively embraces this part of her life. She advocates for loving and appreciating oneself and believing that everyone is beautiful at any stage in their life.