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‘Secrets of Playboy’: Former Playmate Lauren Anderson Clears up Common Misconceptions About Hugh Hefner and the Playboy Mansion

Source: Reddit

Season 2 of A&E’s popular docuseries Secrets of Playboy is back with fresh episodes that offer an exclusive glimpse into the life of Hugh Hefner and his influential Playboy empire.

The premiere episode focuses on The Girl Next Door: The Search for a Playboy Centerfold, a reality show from 2002 where a group of women vied for the coveted title of Playboy’s “Miss July.”  It further uncovers the personal accounts of the women who participated in the reality show. They share their unique experiences with Hugh Hefner and reveal what life was like after their provocative photo shoots for Playboy.

Lauren Anderson, who won The Search for a Playboy Centerfold, recently spoke with Distractify, shedding light on her current life and addressing misconceptions surrounding her decision to pose for the magazine. During her time studying veterinary medicine at the University of Florida, Lauren discovered the casting call for the reality show. Since she had already appeared in Playboy’s “College Issue,” she decided to try it, and she ended up winning the competition.

In the interview, Lauren shared that winning the show significantly impacted her life. “My life definitely changed a lot,” she explained, “and it changed for the better.” After achieving the coveted centerfold position, Lauren posed for Playboy until 2012. Currently, she is happily married with two sons.

Lauren revealed that she discovered that she was pregnant with her first child while still working for Playboy. Despite her changing circumstances, she continued to fulfill her commitments, including a nationwide tour for Seagram, where she sported the iconic Playboy bunny suit. Additionally, Lauren mentioned that even after getting married and starting a family, she and her husband continued to attend parties at the Playboy Mansion. Overall, she expressed no regrets about her time as a Playboy model.

In the first season of Secrets of Playboy, serious allegations of sexual assault, drug abuse, and more were investigated in connection to the late Hugh Hefner. However, Lauren expressed her hope that viewers who watched the first season would approach the upcoming season with an open mind.

She emphasized that the initial season depicted a largely negative portrayal of Playboy, but to truly understand the reality of what Playboy was and the individuals associated with it, viewers should watch the second season. According to Lauren, there is much more to discover beyond the single perspective presented in the previous season.

She added that her own experiences differed significantly from those shared by some individuals in the first season. She clarified that she was never one of Hugh’s “girlfriends” and that her relationship with him was strictly professional. 

She further described him as welcoming and explained that she had enjoyed a strong rapport with him. Before relocating to Los Angeles, Lauren would stay at the mansion’s guest house and was even allowed to bring her family members and boyfriend along.


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