Stolen Pompeii Artifacts Returned By Canadian Tourist Who Claimed She Was Cursed By Them

By: Lydia Iseh | Last updated: Oct 10, 2023

The stories of ancient people should be passed down to new generations with relics, if they exist. Unfortunately, a lot of these artifacts are being stolen. 

However, in one case a pilferer returned items they stole from ancient Pompeii with an apology letter. The offender felt they were cursed by the artifacts.

Issuing a Letter of Remorse

According to an Italian news outlet, this recent return caught the attention of authorities.


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One fateful day, a travel agent delivered a package and a letter to a police station. The letter contained a story of sorrow and remorse from a woman based in Canada known only as “Nicole.”


A Case of Sticky Fingers

Nicole wrote that she was 21 years old when she visited Pompeii and took some things back with her. She smuggled art pieces, including pottery and mosaic tiles, back to her home. However, according to her, she took bad fortune along with what she stole.


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Now 36 years old, Nicole said her younger self was “stupid and young.” She also divulged how she had financial problems and had battled breast cancer twice.

Asking for Forgiveness

She believed all she went through was a result of her actions. She felt the items she took from Pompeii played a major role in her struggles. In the letter, she said, “I am asking the gods for forgiveness.”


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She also wanted to return to the exact place in Pompeii and apologize in person, her own way of making things right. However, no one knows if the victims of Mount Vesuvius who died a long time ago would hear her apology.

Victims of Mount Vesuvius

Pompeii and its neighboring areas are historically known as the venues of destruction and demise. The location has fertile black soil, due to a fateful day when volcanic eruptions and fatal gas destroyed everything. Although the human remains can’t talk, archaeological evidence shows their lifestyle and their demise.


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The Vesuvius wrath that occurred centuries ago is still posing a threat today to those stealing the city’s artifacts. About 50 packages have been returned with letters of apology—it looks like the ancient world is fighting back.