The Russian Boy With Memories of a Martian Life

By: Past Chronicles Staff | Published: Feb 08, 2022

Could there be life on Mars? It is believed that billions of years ago, the red planet had favorable conditions for supporting the development of life. Unfortunately, these conditions didn’t last long. With its relatively low temperature and harsh atmosphere, the task of creating a habitable Mars in our lifetimes is likely an impossible one.

Back in October 2005, the Russian newspaper Pravda reported on a young boy who claimed to have previously lived on Mars. At the time, Boris Kipriyanovich was only nine years old. His story gained the attention of readers worldwide. Along with an out-of-this-world claim, he also gave readers of the Russian newspaper a glimpse of the Earth’s future. The question then is: how did this little Russian boy previously end up living on Mars?

Boris Was Unique Even as a Baby

Boris’s mother, Nadezhda Kipriyanovich, commented that her son was different from other babies. She told Pravda that when Boris was brought to her, he looked upon her as though he was already a grown-up.


Given her background as a pediatrician, Nadezhda knew more than most about children and their development. Even at first glance, she saw something different in him. While most newborns can’t keep their focus on something for even the shortest time, her son held a steady gaze on her with his big brown eyes. 


Unusual Baby Milestones

Nadezhda knew that her son was unique as soon as he was born, but she continued to track his unusual habits as he grew up. In her interview with Pravda, she mentioned how Boris could already hold his head up, a feat that is physically impossible for children of that age.



The boy’s mother said his wealth of talents was clear from the start. According to Pravda, at just two months old, he could grip onto things firmly with his hands. It goes without saying that this is quite unusual as these are milestones first achieved by most babies at four months old.

His Aura Was Exceptional

His gaze and grip weren’t the only things to set him apart from other children. These discoveries were just tasters for what was to come. Scientists at the Russian Academy of Sciences also attempted to measure his aura, as reported by Pravda.


BSIP/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Upon measuring his aura, they were surprised to find that he had an unusual orange hue emanating from his body. This aura was also exceptionally strong. Even one of the professors there, Vladislav Lugovenko, was surprised by these findings. He also stated that Boris had a powerful intellect for one so young.  

The Birth of a Child Prodigy

A baby’s first word is one of the most important milestones in their development. Boris’ amazingly fast development continued into the realm of communication as he was able to utter a few words at just four months old. Apparently, his first word was “baba.” Most babies his age would have only been able to babble.


To further prove his rapid growth, Pravda reported that Boris could already speak and form short sentences at eight months. In addition, the paper claimed that he also knew how to draw and paint at just two and a half years old!

Past Life as a Martian

At the time of his interview, Boris purported to the paper that he had lived another life as a Martian in the far past. He told Pravda that he and the other Martians were able to travel through time. They rode around in flying saucers of a kind that might already be familiar to sci-fi movie fans.

Boris Kipriyanovich - Boriska/Facebook

Boris even mentioned that they would travel in these space crafts to see what life was like on Earth. The story must have sounded rather far-fetched and absurd at this point, but even more intriguing and concerning were his predictions of Earth’s future.  


Real or Kid’s Play?

Of the Earth’s fate, Boris told Pravda that there would be a catastrophe involving water. Could he be just making things up? Did his parents train him to say that? Many children of his age tend to really create stories and confuse them with facts. 

Project Camelot/YouTube

Boris was raised like just another kid. Born on January 11, 1996, he and his parents lived in the city of Volgograd (formerly known as Stalingrad in Russia). His mom Nadezhda had a steady job as a pediatrician, while his father’s occupation was unknown. 


His Parents Started to Worry

Boris, just like any other kid, started his exploration of the world as soon as he was able. Usually, parents might give their children educational toys to help them explore their perceptive abilities and deepen their familiarity with shapes and colors. Boris’ parents were no different. They gave him a construction kit to play with. 

Kosamtu/Getty Images

Pravda reported that Boris was quick to find patterns amongst the shapes. He began to skillfully form geometric shapes entirely without his parents’ supervision or guidance. His mother began to feel somewhat uneasy as if her son were somehow a stranger.


His mother Tried Consulting a Psychologist

As Boris produced imagery through his drawing and painting, his mother once again noticed something odd. His abstract drawings appeared to share connections with each other, at least on a thematic level. Although his mother couldn’t piece together their significance, abstractions in shades of purple and blue became more and more prominent in his work.


To ease Nadezhda’s worries, his father agreed to consult a psychologist about Boris’ unusual drawings. True to her intuition, his drawings were indeed suggesting something. Apparently, these shades of purple and blue represented the auras that surrounded the people Boris came into contact with. 


He was a Walking Encyclopedia

Months went by. As Boris grew older, his special talents also grew. Even without being given the details, he began acting as though he were a walking encyclopedia. His knowledge about various historical facts worried his parents and brought them pride in equal measure.

Project Camelot/YouTube

Nadezhda felt as though her son were receiving packets of information about the world from a hidden source. In 2008, in another interview with Pravda, she mentioned that no one had ever taught her son the things he knew. He would simply sit in a lotus position and reel out details about Mars, the other planets, and even other civilizations. 


His Knowledge About Space Was On-Point

Even without proper education of the subject, he would name all the planets of different star systems. He would even recite the satellites that go with each planet as if by memory. Imagine a young boy randomly going over his knowledge on galaxies and space. Stranger still, all his descriptions were accurate.


Of course, we all know how a child’s brain can be like a sponge. They can instantly soak up information about everything around them. But Boris was completely captivated by the subject of astronomy. When he divulged some information about a celestial body, his mother checked his descriptions in the literature. Everything Boris was saying was right. 


Boris Can See Through People

His intellect wasn’t the only thing that set Boris apart from other kids his age. Pravda reported that Boris treated adults as if they were peers of the same age. He was far more mature than his age let on. Occasionally, he would approach strangers on the street to scold them.


Out of nowhere, he would berate someone for their shameful behavior. He scolded men who were complete strangers for being unfaithful to their wives. He even foretold far-away health problems. It was for this reason that his parents didn’t enjoy all the attention he drew.


His Life on Mars

As days went by, Boris’ parents began worrying about their son’s strange habits. His parents already knew that he was different, but they accepted him for who he was. However, amongst all of his strange tales, what completely shocked them the most were the stories of his previous life when he lived on Mars. 

RichVintage/Getty Images

According to Boris, Mars previously supported intelligent life and that he himself lived amongst themas a Martian. Unfortunately, a disaster stripped the planet of its atmosphere forcing all Martians to live in cities beneath the planet’s surface. 


Reminiscing About His Past Life

Boris continued to share stories about his past life as a Martian. He mentioned how he used to ride his own spaceship, traveling back and forth between Mars and Earth, he even explained that it was for his research projects. Boris had been some kind of Martian scientist.

Matjaz Slanic/Getty Images

“There was a catastrophe on Mars where I lived,” Boris told Pravda. “People like us still live there.” In his interview, he spoke of a disaster that occurred as the result of a nuclear war. It resulted in a cataclysm that turned their cities to ash on the surface. According to Boris, only some of the Martians survived. 


They Decided to Seek Help

Boris began to tell his mother tales about the surviving Martians who had lived after their nuclear war had almost pushed them to extinction. He explained how they made new weapons and tools and how they had rebuilt their homes. He went on to explain to his mother that Martians mostly breathe carbon dioxide.

inhauscreative/Getty Images

Boris stated that if his fellow Martians came to Earth right now, they would need to spend all of their time by exhaust pipes, inhaling fumes. Nadezhda was truly caught off guard by this latest story. Just to be safe, she decided to have him checked out.


Even The Experts Couldn’t Believe It

Just like any other normal person would be, the scientists were just as confused as Boris’ mother about his claims. Clearly, his stories were too good to be true. But with the sheer level of detail Boris was able to provide in answering their questions, the group came to the same conclusion: It would be nearly impossible for his stories to simply be “made up.”

AleksandarNakic/Getty Images

They were too precise and too consistent. The scientists determined that the scientific terminology Boris used, though put in terms of some kind of foreign language, were commonly used by specialists studying a particular field of science. In translating these words, they realized that Boris was speaking with authority.


He Could See the Future

As well as being able to reach into the past, Boris also seemed to have the capacity to predict an impending tragedy. It was as if he were traveling back and forth in time. His mother recalled with some emotion the first instance that Boris signaled a disaster coming on Earth.

Oleg Nikishin/Newsmakers/Getty Images

Nadezdha said that Boris seemed to sense the coming of the Kursk nuclear submarine disaster in the year 2000, before the event happened. The accident claimed the lives of 118 Russian sailors. His mother said that days before it happened, Boris was experiencing pain all over his body.


School Siege

This wasn’t the only instance of Boris’ foresight. A school in the city of Beslan, Russia, was hit by a terrorist attack on September 1st, 2004. It was ultimately reported that over 1,000 students, teachers and staff were held captive in a siege.

Scott Peterson/Getty Images

Some managed to escape, while others, unfortunately, lost their lives. This unfortunate incident took place over three excruciating days and resulted in the death of 334. Of the dead, 186 were children and 31 were the attackers. But how did this incident affect Boris?


Boris Experienced Intense Pain

Just as he had felt pain days before the submarine sinking, Boris reportedly felt the same pains all over his body as the siege played out. He had unexplainable agonies over those three days as if his body were connected to those who were experiencing the incident firsthand. 

Project Camelot/YouTube

He felt as if something inside of him was bursting into flames, as Pravda reported. Unlike before, this experience was so terrible that he had to skip several days of school. Without being there personally, he knew that the incident would end horribly and that there was nothing he could do.


He’s Also Knowledgeable About Mythology

As well as astronomy and science, Boris also had a wide knowledge about the more obscure corners of mythology. He knew everything there was to know about the Lemurians, as his mother mentioned. Lemuria is believed to have been located in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

Boris Kipriyanovich - Boriska/Facebook

Lemurians are described as 30-foot-tall people said to have lived on Earth 70,000 years ago. They were once considered a lost civilization and came from a place called Lemuria. Surprisingly, this fantastic tale was not created until the 19th century. It has subsequently been disregarded by most scientists.


All About the Great Sphinx

It would be impossible for a young boy to know everything there is to know about ancient history. Most especially the finer details. Boris once claimed that he had seen the Great Sphinx of Giza with his own eyes and could describe it in spectacular detail.

Barcex/Wikimedia Commons | CC BY-SA 3.0

He shared that he went to Egypt and saw the pyramid on one of his visits to Earth. In addition, the Russian had some surprising information concerning the Great Sphinx of Giza. As you may know, it stands in the Egyptian desert, overlooking the most famous pyramids in the world.


The Secret of the Sphinx

It seems as if Boris had made a habit of predicting the future. In his interview with Pravda, he mentioned that human life would completely change once the Sphinx was opened. But is there really a secret way to open it?

Joshua Doubek \ Wikimedia Commons | CC BY-SA 3.0

According to Boris, the Sphinx actually has something behind its ear. An opening mechanism might shed light on this mystery. However, the Sphinx was thoroughly studied by renowned archeologists, and up to this date no mechanism has been found. 


The Camelot Project

After the word spread about his life on Mars, many other outlets wanted to get an interview with Boris. In October 2007, he gave an exclusive video interview for an organization called the Camelot Project. It’s worth noting what Project Camelot says about itself on its website.

Men In Black/YouTube

Project Camelot claims that it is committed to exposing the truth about our world. Their website covers a wide range of topics—from conspiracies and secret space programs to extra-terrestrial cover-ups and free energy—as well as a whole lot more. 


Nuclear Wars

In the interview with Project Camelot, Boris sketched an outline of what life on Mars is like. He referenced a great number of wars that lay waste to the surface of the planet, including a dreadful nuclear war that devastated their cities.

Space Frontiers/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

He recalled that, as early as 14 or 15, he was forced to take part in air attacks along with a Martian friend. They were already prepared for war and fighting for their lives at such a young age. But it didn’t just end there.


Mortal or Immortal?

In spite of all those terrible wartime experiences, Boris said that he has no fear of death. After all, according to him, his consciousness survived even through nuclear devastation. That’s reason enough to believe that any catastrophe can be overcome.

homeworks255/Getty Images

However, due to the nuclear fallout, the surface of Mars has become uninhabitable. It pushed those Martians who survived underground where they had to adapt to breathing carbon dioxide. Boris claimed that people like him are still living under the planet’s rocky surface today.


How Does the Martian Life Cycle Work?

As Boris divulged more stories about his life on the Red planet, his interviewer began to get curious about his claims of Martian immortality. Boris elaborated, explaining that Martian life cycles are dramatically different from human life spans.

Colin Anderson Productions pty ltd/Getty Images

The average Martian, according to Boris, develops up to the age of 35. Once they reach that point, they stop aging. Martians can potentially live forever, he said. However, they are not completely immune to death. Their bodies can still be destroyednot by the ravages of time but through externalities, such as war. 


Flying Through Space and Time

The ability to jump through to the past or the future is something we’ve only seen in movies and TV shows. We may not be able to hop into a time machine and travel back through time today, but we know that the clocks on airplanes and satellites run at different speeds from those on the Earth’s surface due to the speed at which they travel.

Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty Images

Boris proudly sketched an outline of what space flights with Martians are like. According to Boris, Martian spaceships are somewhat complex. They are built with layers and have the ability to fly all across the universe, he added.


Years Later, Pravda Released More Details

If, like us, all of these amazing accounts have captured your imagination, you might be wondering what happened to Boris. Well, all thanks to Pravda, there’s more to this Martian’s life story. A few years after publishing their initial interview, they offered their readers more information about the Martian boy wonder.

In November 2017, Pravda featured another article about Boris Kipriyanovich. While the paper was unable to secure an interview with the now-21 year Boris, they published previously-unreleased statements from their initial interview, which shed more light on some of the more obscure details of Boris’ story.


His Unreleased Statements

“I used to live on Mars,” the former Martian stated, as per the article. “There are people there, just like us here on Earth, but they are taller, and they breathe carbon dioxide.” This is fascinating because it potentially implies a connection between humans and Martians. Could we share a genetic lineage somehow?

Photo by e71lena / Getty Images

He also reiterated that there was a massive disaster on Mars that resulted in everything being burned to ash.


Oxygen and Aging

After revealing that people from Earth and people from Mars inhale different air, Boris was asked how it felt to subsist on oxygen. “I breathe oxygen, because I now live here, in this body of a human being, an earthling,” he explained plainly. 

Photo illustration by NASA via Getty Images

However, he also said that he detested breathing oxygen as it caused him to age even faster than necessary. “But we hate breathing air on Earth because it makes you grow old. On Mars, there are no old people. Everyone looks as they do in their thirties here.”As well as spilling these revelations, Boris had a more pressing discussion concerning the fate of the human species.


His Prediction

In his interview, Boris mentioned that he could foresee what was to come. He had made predictions about some very unfortunate events which were supposed to occur right here on Planet Earth. People followed his dates and forecasts closely over the years. 


Boris voiced a dire warning back in 2005, which was published in Pravda in the same year. When asked about Russia’s future, he appeared to be optimistic. However, he did not share that optimism about the future of Earth as a whole.


Were His Predictions Accurate?

In his interview, Boris was quite positive that his home country, Russia, would make steady progress over the years. He believed that his country would be able to overcome any hardships just like the citizens of Mars did. However, as to the future of the planet, he was less uncertain.

He mentioned that the Earth would face not just one but two years of misfortune: that there would be a catastrophe related to water that would strike by the year 2009 and again in 2013. Thankfully, these prophecies did not come to pass. Does that mean that Boris was wrong, or does it mean that he helped avert some kind of crisis?


Saving Humanity

Now that we’ve heard all about his stories of Mars, the question is, what is Boris’ purpose? Why was he sent to Earth? According to the British newspaper, The Sun, Boris claimed he was sent here to save humanity from a nuclear apocalypse.

dottedhippo/Getty Images

From all accounts, it sounds oddly similar to the war that destroyed his homeworld all those years ago. Given the growing tension between the US, North Korea, Iran, Ukraine and Russia, who can say that he’s that far off the mark? Boris stated that other Martians like him are trying to preserve this world by sending similar warnings.


Does He Have Psychic Abilities?

If you’ve been following along, you might be asking one question: how did a Martian end up in a young human’s body? Was he somehow implanted into a human body from afar? Is Boris half Martian? While Boris himself has not commented on this, one person has a theory on how Boris has inherited his great intellect and foreign memories.

Vladislav Lugovenko, a Russian scientist, felt he had the answer back in 2005. Lugovenko is alleged to have known Boris for many years. He believes that Boris is not in some way possessed or the result of a human/Martian experiment but that he has highly tuned psychic abilities.


Were They Really His Memories?

It’s easy to dismiss Boris as just some kind of highly imaginative young storyteller. But considering the nuances about his story that he was able to provide, as well as his mom’s accounts of his early childhood, it’s hard to come to a definitive conclusion about Boris. It could well be that Boris has been receiving a special Martian signal from the day he was born.

“One of the most remarkable abilities of the human brain is its ability to save information about experience, emotions, and thoughts both inwardly and outwardly, in the single informational space of the universe,” Lugovenko told Pravda. Some people are exceptional in their ability to extract information from that area. He added, “In my opinion, every human being is connected with space by means of energy channels.”


Boris Might Fall Into a Special Category

The professor elaborated on his comment about Boris receiving psychic alien signals, indicating that Boris might belong to a group of people known as “indigo children.” Indigo children have a specific purpose: to transform the world.

“Boriska is one of them [the indigo children],” the professor said. “Many of them have amended DNA spirals, which gives them incredibly strong immune systems [that] can even defeat AIDS.” It seems hard to believe to us, but it’s just one theory of many.


Do Indigo Children Really Exist?

Professor Lugovenko firmly believes that there are children who are gifted with special abilities similar to those possessed by Boris. “I have met such [indigo] children in China, India, Vietnam, and so on. I am sure that they will change the future of our civilization,” he continued.

If Boris is indeed one of them, who exactly are these other indigo children? The idea originated in the New Age movement and was developed in the 1970s by a woman named Nancy Ann Tappe.


Why “Indigo”?

Of all the possible colors, why “Indigo”? The Indigo children derive their name from the supposed hue of their aura. According to Nancy Tappe, one of the leading proponents of the concept,”The indigo phenomenon has been recognized as one of the most exciting changes in human nature ever documented in society.”


Tappe wrote in her 1982 book Understanding Your Life Through Color, how these children are extremely bright, youthful and have an incredible memory and powerful desire to live instinctively, rather than be bound by the trappings of modern life.


Is It a Blessing or a Curse?

While it could be one explanation for unusual behavior, parents who label their sons or daughters as “indigo children” may, in fact, be overlooking a more scientifically sound explanation: their children might simply be on the autism spectrum, they may have learning deficiencies, or they could be, in some undiscovered way, neurally diverse. 

Men In Black/YouTube

Parents who subscribe to the “Indigo” theory may be preventing their children from getting the care and education they need. These boys and girls may simply be special in their own ways, and as more research is done on neurodiversity in childhood development, the easier it will become for parents to help their kids have a healthy and fulfilling life.


Where is He Now?

Upon consulting a licensed professional, Boris’ parents were informed that their son displayed no sign of neurological diversity. In a 2018 Pravda report, they stated that he had been expelled from school for disobedience.

Given his reputation as a child with a highly developed intellect, it’s not surprising that he struggled in such an institution. It would be interesting to hear from him now as an adult. Unfortunately, he appears to have vanished from the public sphere. Perhaps he found a way back to Mars. 


He Might Be Telling the Truth

Two US space missions arrived on the surface of Mars more than four decades ago. It goes without saying that they did not find any trace of lifecivilized, annihilated or otherwise. While there may be alien life under the surface, humans have still not yet developed the tools to pursue this theory. 


While some tout the idea of colonizing the red planet before our world ends in a cataclysm of climate destruction or nuclear war, it is worth remembering that we still have a planet to support us in the here and now. Even if all that Boris said was a childhood fantasy, we would do well to remember that demise can be avoided if we put our heads together and imagine a better future for the world and for all of humanity.