Things You Thought Were True But Were Actually Completely Made Up

By: Olawale Ogunjimi | Last updated: Oct 03, 2023

With the increasingly frequent cases of conflicting knowledge coming from experts, one is tempted to treat any information with some suspicion. From nutrition to historical facts, nothing seems to be certain anymore.

As new discoveries emerge, there is a need to review previously held beliefs. Here are some of the most popular “facts” that turned out to be completely false. Prepare to be shocked.

The Trojan War Never Happened

Remember the story about the Trojan horse, the center of an ancient Greek attack strategy? Well, the story, as brilliant as it sounds, never happened.


Source: Pinterest

It’s just one of the stories in Greek mythology; there’s no trace or evidence of any such occurrence ever happening. If you’re a huge fan of the Trojan Horse story, we hate to break it to you that many scholars say it likely never happened.

George Washington Never Had Wooden Teeth

Stories of George Washington’s teeth troubles aren’t false. The American icon had some serious dental challenges during his time, but it never involved wooden teeth.


Source: Wikimedia Commons

Did he use artificial teeth? Yes, he did. Mr. Washington used dentures made from various materials, but never did he try to use wood.

The Iron Maiden Was Never Used

You’ve most likely heard about the Iron Maiden, that famous metal torture chamber made from two hinged doors covered with sharp spikes.


Source: Wikimedia Commons

No one saw them being used, and that’s because they never actually were. Claims by a German philosopher of their use in the 1790s turned out to be total lies.

There's Nothing Like Anti-Gravity Chambers

We have all likely fantasized about defying gravity at least once in our lives. The stories about those anti-gravity chambers gave us hope to experience this one day.


Source: Jannahudson_lv/ Twitter

In fact, according to NASA, there are no anti-gravity chambers. Instead, there are facilities used to recreate weightless conditions similar to space. But sadly, no such chambers exist.

We Have More Than Five Senses

We’ve grown to believe that humans have five senses. Well, it’s time for the shock of your life: there are more than just five. How many exactly is unknown.

Source: TeachersMag/ Pinterest

But in addition to the five we are used to, there is hunger, pressure, pain, and temperature. These other senses also help us detect stimuli and therefore are worthy of being on the list.


Bats Aren't as Blind as You Think

Most people have already been convinced that bats are blind, and we agreed with this information without asking too many questions. But it turns out to be just an assumption.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Bats aren’t as blind as we think. They see even during the day and, in many cases, even as much as three times clearer than humans can. So next time you come across a bat, you should probably show them a bit more respect.


Don't Take the Tongue Tasting Map Too Seriously

One of the exciting discoveries of our high school days was the division of the tongue into sections, each performing a special task. It was a German paper that originated this knowledge in 1901.

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The division of the tongue into sections for detecting bitter, sour, salty, and sweet tastes, although an impressive display of order, is inaccurate. Any part of the tongue can taste any kind of taste.


MSGs Aren't Even Nearly as Harmful as We've Been Told

Monosodium Glutamate is a popular additive, especially for Chinese foods. This flavor enhancer has been subject to growing disdain and regulatory persecution for many years, beginning with a letter from a scientist to the New England Journal of Medicine in 1960.

Source: walmart/ Pinterest

The scientist described several alarming symptoms he experienced after using the enhancer. These claims and the bad publicity that followed later turned out to be inaccurate and ill-advised. The FDA has now endorsed the use of the substance.


Sugar Doesn't Make Kids Hyper

If your kids are demonstrating lots of energy and expressing a large amount of excitement, we’ve been taught to blame it on sugar.

Source: Maria Lindsey Content Creator/ Pexels

However, your kids aren’t running around because they had too many cupcakes and candy; they’re probably just excited to be eating sugar. This is one of the cases where the simplest explanation is the correct one.