What Is the Tartarian Empire and Who Were the Tartarians?

By: Sam Watanuki | Published: Dec 18, 2023

Tartaria, a name that stirs the imagination, is more than just a historical curiosity. It’s a concept that challenges our understanding of the past. Proponents of the Tartarian theory claim this civilization was responsible for some of history’s most iconic structures.

The idea of Tartaria encompasses more than just architecture. It also symbolizes a hidden chapter in human history, wrapped in mystery and speculative narratives.

The Birth of the Tartarian Theory

The roots of the Tartarian theory lie in the fertile ground of Russian pseudoscience. Pioneered by theorists like Anatoly Fomenko and Nikolai Levashov, this theory proposes an alternative view of history, where the conventional timeline is questioned, and a different narrative about past civilizations, including Tartaria, is suggested.

Tartarian Empire Concept

Source: Schenectady Museum Association/Corbis Historical

These ideas, though far from mainstream, have sparked a growing interest in alternative historical narratives.

The Tartarian Empire: A Mega Civilization?

Imagine a world where the Tartarian Empire was a mega civilization, surpassing even our current technological advancements. This is the picture painted by Tartarian enthusiasts.

The Palace of Horticulture

Source: Wikipedia

They suggest that this civilization was capable of architectural feats beyond our current understanding, contributing to structures like the Great Wall of China and the Pyramids of Giza, a claim that challenges established historical records.

Tartaria Map: Redrawing Boundaries

The Tartaria map is not just a geographical representation — it’s a symbol of a lost empire. This map redraws the boundaries of known history, placing Tartaria at the center of a vast and advanced civilization.

Tartary Map

Source: Palairet, Jean/Wikipedia

Although not supported by mainstream geography, it captures the essence of the Tartarian mystery and its global impact.

The Great Mud Flood: A Cataclysmic Event

Central to the Tartarian theory is the cataclysmic mud flood, a supposed global event that buried the remnants of Tartaria. Theorists argue that this flood wiped out much of the civilization, leaving only scattered architectural wonders as clues to its existence.

Mud Flood Concept

Source: Prompart/Pixelid

This event, though not recognized in mainstream geology, is a cornerstone of the speculative Tartarian narrative.

Who Were the Tartarians?

The identity of the Tartarians remains shrouded in mystery. Theorists depict them as a race of giants or technologically advanced beings.

Tartary Map

Source: Abraham Ortelius/Artsy

This portrayal challenges our understanding of human evolution and history, introducing a fantastical element to the story of our past.


Tartarian Buildings: Architectural Marvels

Tartarian buildings are often described as architectural marvels, surpassing the capabilities of known historical eras.

Singer Building in New York City

Source: The New York Historical Society/Archive Photos

Theorists point to certain structural complexities and advanced techniques that they believe could not have been possible without Tartarian influence, suggesting a forgotten chapter in the history of architecture.


Tartarian Mud Flood Conspiracy: Fact or Fiction?

The mud flood conspiracy is a mix of geology, history, and mystery. Proponents argue that mainstream science and history have ignored or hidden evidence of this catastrophic event.

Tartary Map Art

Source: NatIntrovertSoc/Redbubble

Critics, however, dismiss this theory as a misinterpretation of natural processes and historical events, pointing to a lack of solid evidence.


The Lost Empire of Tartaria: A Forgotten History?

The narrative of the lost empire of Tartaria is compelling for its enthusiasts. It speaks to a human desire for a grander, more mysterious past.

Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank

General Photographic Agency/Hulton Archive

The theory suggests that our history books are incomplete, missing a chapter on a civilization that once ruled much of the known world.


Tartarian History vs. Modern Understanding

Tartarian history, as proposed by theorists, stands in stark contrast to established historical knowledge and scientific discoveries.

Tartars Concept

Source: Adam Olearius/Memorients

It challenges the very foundation of our understanding of the past, asking us to reconsider what we know about human civilization and the progression of technology and culture.


Tartaria Pictures: Imagining the Unseen

Tartaria pictures often depict grandiose structures and advanced technology, fueling the imagination about this lost civilization.

Tartary Map

Source: Altea Antique Maps/AbeBooks

These artistic representations blend historical elements with creative speculation, offering a visual narrative to the Tartarian theory.


Tartaria Archive: Piecing Together the Puzzle

The Tartaria archive is a collection of texts, maps, and artifacts that theorists use to support their claims.

A Voyage into Tartary Book Page

Source: Heliogenes De L’Epy/University of Minnesota

While these pieces provide intriguing glimpses into a possible past, they are often subject to interpretation and debate, forming a puzzle that continues to fascinate and perplex those drawn to the mystery of Tartaria.