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Whatever Happened to Kami Cotler of the Waltons Fame?

Over the years, there has been an appreciation for shows that dealt with families. These shows could be comedies that allow people to laugh at the absurdities of life. In some cases, these are serious and provide people with inspiration to aspire for. For the most part, the show the Waltons provided comedy relief, and the whole cast brought on their best performances. Notable in the cast is Kami Cotler, who played a young Elizabeth Walton. You may be wondering what happened to the baby of the family in recent years.

Early life

Kami Cotler was born in 1965 on the 17th of June. She grew up in Long Beach, California. California is the place for many of her significant career moments. When she was only 6, she took up Elizabeth Walton’s role in the show in 1971.

Around the time the Waltons was produced, Kami Cotler was already busy making a name for herself. At that point, she was already in all 13 episodes of a TV show produced by Garry Marshall. The said TV show is entitled Me and the chimp. However, the show did not last beyond its 13-episode run, but she got a considerable gig because of her renown with the Walton clan.

She also gained fame in Marshal’s program and TV movie entitled the Heist. Similar to Eric Scott, which is her castmate, she appears on one episode of the family feud. In this regard, she was cast as herself. Her appearance in The Waltons dominates her career from thereon.

The Walton show provided Kami Cotler a lot of opportunities at a very young age. The opportunities lasted throughout her lifetime. Even though she is 55 years by now, even when she works on other ventures, her role in the Waltons can be felt which can only be described as iconic. It is felt in the famous 2018 made-for-TV movie entitled Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane.

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Kami Cotler was uncredited for this movie, and fans should not look at it as a sign of a Hollywood return. Instead, she wanted to help her sister out. Mary McDonnell, who played her sister Erin wrote the novel. That novel was turned into the Hallmark movie being discussed. Elizabeth Walton and Aaron Walton were able to work again and stick together.

What is Kami Cotler busy with now?

Currently, Kami Cotler is staying out of the limelight. Her acting eventually ceased when she pursued higher education in university. She was able to earn a degree in the social sciences. After finishing her education, she is able to help others have an enriching learning experience. She worked as a teacher. She went on to work with a business targeting education consulting to make sure students get the best opportunities in life.

Cotler is not limited by Hollywood and is very busy beyond its dizzying fame and fortune. For quite a time, she also ran a travel boutique company as well as a café in San Francisco. Although she does not do many acting gigs today, she can be counted on to return for any of the Waltons’ series events. She even organized the 40th anniversary of the show.

Kami Cotler has been a huge success in Hollywood due to her iconic role in the Waltons. People can never forget her performance as a dynamic and iconic member of the beloved TV family. Kami Cotler is a huge success even beyond Hollywood and pursued higher education.


Indeed, Cotler has become an icon in her own right due to her dedication to her role as Elizabeth Walton. There are numerous fans of this multi-talented actress. There are even purported Kami Cotler nude photos on the net, but there is no certainty just how genuine or authentic these pictures are.

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