Jane the Killer Story, Age, and Fan Art

By: Alyssa Miller | Last updated: Apr 01, 2024

Who doesn’t love a scary story? In fact, many websites specialize in telling creepy stories, or creepypastas, that send a chill down your spine. One of the most popular creepypasta characters is Jane the Killer.

Who is Jane the Killer? Her story is born of death and is intertwined with another popular creepypasta character. Her twisted compassion might not be what horror readers are expecting, but that’s the point, right?

What Is a Creepypasta? 

Creepypasta refers to a type of horror fiction that became popular around the 2000s. These stories, written by any internet user, are a combination of creepy and copypasta–stories that are typically copied and pasted around the internet.

A scary video

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Written typically from a first-person perspective, the author tells the horrific or creepy supernatural event that has occurred. The length and quality of these stories vary, but the best ones are the ones that leave you looking over your shoulder late at night.


The Most Popular Creepypasta Character

Two creepypasta characters have taken over the scary side of the internet. The most famous of the two is Slender Man, a tall, faceless humanoid creature in a black suit that kidnaps children. Created by Something Awful user Eric Knudsen in 2009, Slender Man has been the subject of several short films.

Slender Man

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The creepypasta character also inspired the real-life stabbing in Waukesha, Wisconsin, in which two 12-year-old girls stabbed their classmate 19 times. They believed the Slender Man would take their families away if they did not unalive their classmates.

Who Is Jeff the Killer? 

Another haunting creepypasta invention is Jeff the Killer. The once normal teenager who went insane after being deformed from a brutal attack is known for creeping into victims’ rooms and whispering, “Go to sleep,” before killing them.

Woman with Towel on Hair Sitting on Bed

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Jeff the Killer is described as having ghostly white skin, burned-off eyelids, and a Glasgow smile, similar to Heath Ledger’s Joker in Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight.”

The Infamous Jeff the Killer Photo

If you have spent any time on the horror side of the internet, then you have probably seen the controversial photo of the creepypasta character. Not many people know the true origin of the original Jeff the Killer image, with some people saying it is a photoshopped picture of a woman named “Katy Robinson.”

Infamous photo of Jeff the Killer

Source: DarkUnknownWarrior/Fandom

However, the original creator claims that the image is a picture of himself wearing a latex mask in an interview with YouTube creator ScareTheater.

Meet Jeff the Killer’s Nemesis

Jeff’s spree of violent killings leads to the creation of his nemesis, Jane the Killer. Created by DeviantArt user FearOfTheBlackWolf, Jane Richardson became Jeff’s nemesis after both her parents were brutally unalived by Jeff the Killer.

An extreme close up of Jane the Killer

Source: MrJSurge/Creepypasta Wikipedia

Eventually, Jane is chosen to take part in a government experiment for extra money for her and her surviving sister and is injected with the fictional Liquid Hate, an injection that gives her newfound abilities to help capture Jeff the Killer.


What Does Jane the Killer Look Like? 

Before being injected with Liquid Hate, Jane was described as having blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. Unfortunately, the Lique Hate’s side effect changed Jane’s skin white and her hair and eyes black. In some stories, Jane does wear wigs, which were gifted to her by Jeff.

A drawing of Jane the Killer

Source: Jane the Killer/Facebook

In most stories, Jane the Killer fanart depicts her wearing a black dress, pearl necklace, wigs, and a mask to hide Jane’s real face. Other illustrations of Jane depict her wearing black jeans, a black hoodie, and black sneakers.


How Old Is Jane the Killer

Unlike Jeff, Jane the Killer is considered to be a sympathetic anti-hero who is seeking vengeance. However, Jane does kill innocent people in most versions of her story. Beyond her mission for vengeance, Jane lives a relatively normal life.

A woman in a black dress holding a mask

Source: Jane the Killer/Facebook

Jane the Killer’s girlfriend, now wife, Mary Vaughn has known Jane since before Jeff unalived Jane’s family. Jane’s sister is also still alive. Jane was 17 years old in the original story, which took place in 2006. This means she is about 33 years old.


Jeff and the Killer Girlfriend

While Mary and Jane the Killer’s relationship is canon, many fans of the creepypasta Jane the Killer, called “Jane’s Letter,” like to see Jeff and Jane the Killer as lovers. While the relationship seems unlikely due to blood vengeance between Jane and Jeff, fans will ship anything and everything.

A drawing of Jeff and Jane the Killers

Source: Jane the Killer/Facebook

While it might not make sense, the enemies-to-lovers trope is placed on Jane and Jeff the Killer. It is not canon, but there is no harm in making up stories for fictional characters.


Who Is Jane Arkensaw? 

Shortly after FearOfTheBlackWolf published his creepypasta, someone called PastaStalker64 plagiarized the original story. In the PastaStalker64 version, called “Jane The Killer: The Real Story,” Jane Arkensaw/Jane Everlasting gets burned by Jeff and wears a white mask.

Jane the Killer taking a selfie

Source: Withersoul 235/Fandom

Tumblr forum Ask the Internet Horror Gang clarified the confusion between the two characters. Mr. Creepypasta narrated the PastaStalker64 story while using a picture of Jane Richardson in the background of the video. The two Janes have been mixed up ever since.


Another Popular Creepypasta Character Based on Jeff 

While some of the creepypasta characters may not have the most innovative names, the characters are still terrifying. One popular creepypasta character that revivals Jeff and Jane the Killer’s popularity is Nina the Killer.

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Nina Hopkins is the main protagonist of “Nina the Killer,” and was a normal fangirl of Jeff that also turned insane and became a serial killer after a horrible day at school.


Nina the Killer 

Nina’s appearance is almost identical to Jeff’s, who acts like a mentor to the 16-year-old. She has a pale white complexion and leather skin. Instead of having burnt-off eyelids, she has sewed her eyelids open.

A drawing of Nina the Killer

Source: GhostClick/Fandom

In the canon story, Nina is wearing a fuchsia-colored hoodie, black miniskirt, and red and black thigh-high socks with purple sneakers.