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A Brief History of The Rock-A-Hoola Waterpark

Most will agree that visiting abandoned places is never a good idea. You will never know what you will find in those places. There were even instances when people who visited abandoned places would run into trouble or accidents, such as homeless people attacking them or debris falling on top.

While others see it as a creepy or eerie place, others will find it attractive. One of the many beautiful abandoned places you should know about is Rock-a-Hoola waterpark. It was originally planned and constructed in the 1950s as a private resort owned by a local businessman named Bob Byers. But after a while, he made it available to the public, where tons of people visited the resort every day.

The Construction of Rock-A-Hoola Waterpark

It was estimated that Bob Byers spent millions of dollars to renovate the park in 1998 with a distinct theme related to Route 66. He made sure to add more futuristic-looking buildings and rides that everyone can enjoy. There were also hundreds of trees and plants around the waterpark. If you were born at that time, you could have seen the exploding and elegant colors surrounding the park. However, some people knew that the fun and exciting waterpark would turn into an abandoned place added to the must-visit abandoned places in California.

The Different Issues the Park Encountered

The park started to experience its fair share of issues when it got turned into a waterpark. One incident in 1999 was when an employee used the waterpark slide when it was closed to the public. Unfortunately, the catch pool did not have enough water when he landed, turning him into a person with paraplegia. He later sued the waterpark which they paid at least $4.4 million in damages. After that horrific incident, the waterpark was struggling for six years and even underwent three owners. Fast forward to 2004, the waterpark ultimately closed.

A wide shot image of the abandoned waterpark called the Rock-A-Hoola

The Current State of the Park

Ever since the waterpark was abandoned in 2004, many urban explorers have visited it who wanted to see the place. Most of them found the slides developed into a patina, which added more of the abandoned vibe. The reason for that happening is the constant exposure to rain and sun that can reach up to a hundred degrees during the summer.

If you try to explore the abandoned waterpark, make sure to know where you step because you may step on a nest of cockroaches. As one explorer said, one area of the waterpark called the “Lazy River” was teeming with cockroaches. No person would want to see or be near cockroaches, so you should be careful when walking around the Rock-a-Hoola waterpark. It is also worth noting that the cockroaches fly, which makes it even worse for many.

Whether you are visiting the place day or night, you should experience complete silence and the view of old rides and slides. The graffiti done by other people adds more to the current eerie ambiance.


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