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Discovering the Intriguing Tale of the Submerged Bell Tower in Curon

Several attractions all over the world are unique and fascinating. One of these is Lake Resia, where it holds the oddly submerged bell tower. The view is like captured from a make-believe movie, a fantasy vision that occurs in the existence of the sole surviving building of the olden Alpine village. The remarkable destiny of Curon Venosta, which is currently known as the South Tyrolean village that overlooks the Reschensee eastern shore, is held in that bell tower that was erected in 1300.

This village no longer exists even if you tried it on Google Maps. However, the tale about Curon Venosta is still very much talked about by everyone today. The chronicles of its existence back then were passed on from generation to generation. As fascinating as its appearance can be, it didn’t have a happy ending.

How It Started

Back in the 20th century, an enormous statue from the Italian government brought the possibility to increase the level of Lake Resia’s artificial basin to over 20 meters. Hence, failing to fulfill the promise given to the Curon residents who thought that their place would not be affected by the said project. Instead, with a number of protests happening, the construction eventually pushed through and finished in 1950. This caused the Curon houses to be submerged in the dam’s water. At exactly 8 p.m. on July 16, people heard the final sound from the bells from the St. Peter’s tower. Later on, the residents attempted to rescue the old bell. Five days after the final ringing of the bells, the cathedral was blown up. The only structure that remained standing strong is the bell tower. At present, it is still half-submerged on the lake carrying the melancholy brought by the tragedy of Curon.

A breath-taking view of the submerged bell tower.

How It Is Going

The bell tower is a concrete reminder of the Curon village. It was placed in the fine arts department’s protection and, later on, was considered the symbol of the town. Over a decade ago, its restoration project was completed, the water level in the lake was lowered to enable the building’s recovery phase. There have been several cracks, and small openings appeared all over its walls.

The roofing system was reconstructed but not entirely since the bell tower is known as a medieval heritage that deserved to be protected. It incurred a considerable budget to complete the restoration project. During the winter season, the submerged structure is within walking distance. According to one of its legendary tales, there are days in winter when ringing bells can be heard. These bells were removed sometime in July 1950, which is way before the lake was created.

There are about 2,500 residents in the area. The bell tower and the lake are some of the most-visited attractions. The townhouses found in the Alta Val Venosta Museum perfectly demonstrate the fascinating tales of Curon and Resia. The historical pictures and old stuff allow the public to have a glimpse of what it was like for the local farmers to live back then.


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