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Learn About the Foreign Coins That Are Worth a Fortune

You might know someone that is an avid coin collector. When they find a weird-looking coin in the street, they usually inspect it right away to know if it is a rare coin. While you think that they are doing it as a hobby, others collect foreign coins because they are worth a lot when sold to the right buyer. However, not all foreign coins are worth a fortune for various reasons.

1. The 1344 Edward III Gold Florin from England

Also known as the “Double Leopard,” King Edward III’s choice to manufacture gold coins concluded in three denominations: florin (leopard), double florin (double leopard), and a half florin (half leopard). The double leopard was designated with merit of six shillings. Manufactured only between January and July of 1344, they were soon exchanged by the gold noble in August and demonetized.

Most of the Gold Florin coins were melted, and no one thought that a single coin survived until two were discovered in the Tyne River in 1857. The coins are at the British Museum’s collection, and they were discovered in southern England in 2006. Historians stated that it is one of the most valuable coins in English culture. It was sold at an auction for a whopping $881,250.

2. The 1992 Gold 2000 Yuan from China

A foreign coin sold at an auction for $1,298,000, the 1992 Gold 200 Yuan coin celebrates Chinese discoveries and inventions. Manufactured at Shenyang Mint, the proof quality coin is numbered 06 out of 10 and is appraised among the rarest of all Chinese coins, which is why it was auctioned for a considerable price. The coin has a compass on the obverse, and the reverse shows a picture of the Great Wall of China.

3. The 1991 Gold 10,000 Yuan Coin from China

Another coin from China that was auctioned for $1,600,000, the 1991 Gold 10,000 Yuan, also commemorates the 10th anniversary of the Panda Gold coin. You can find the reverse of the coin commemorates the engravings discovered on Panda coins manufactured between 1982 to 1991.

The coin was also produced at the Shenyang Mint, and it featured ten images on a 150-millimeter diameter coin, which was considered the largest back then at its time. It was sold along with the original box and certificate of authenticity during the auction, calling it coin number 006. Coin number 001 was sold a year previously for $975,000.

Most expensive Polish coin: 1621 100 Ducat

4. The 1621 100 Ducats from the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

The coin was auctioned for $2,160,000 and was supplied for King Sigismund III Vasa of Poland by Jacob Jacobson van Emden to celebrate Poland’s win over the Turks in the Battle of Chocim. The coin is measured to be 2 ¾” inches in diameter and weighs at least 12 ⅓ ounces, and only six coins exist.

There are still many other foreign coins worth millions, but the ones mentioned are the most famous ones sold in auctions.