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The Incredible Meaning Behind the Fleur De Lis Symbol

There is a deep history behind the symbol of the fleur de Lis. For many centuries, it has developed various meanings as well as significance.

The fleur-de-lis symbol originated in France

In the 12th century, a French royal member utilized the symbol on his shield. Later on, English kings and royalty utilized the sign on their coat of arms to emphasize that they have a claim to the throne of France.

The fleur de Lis is a French word

In French, the meaning of the fleur de Lis translates to flower of the lily. Because of this, it is rooted in French origins. Numerous people will be looking for jewelry such as cufflinks to represent their heritage and ancestry. Because of this, fleur de Lis cufflinks can be a terrific choice as a gift.

The Lily is considered a wedding anniversary symbol

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It is well known that the 30th wedding stone is the pearl. However, when it comes to associating the 30th anniversary to flowers, it will be the Lily. Because of this, fleur de lis hidden meaning in jewelry would be the most appropriate gift for this momentum occasion. It is a perfect and subtle gift idea.

The lily is also a birth flower

The Lily is otherwise known as the birth flower of May. When it comes to the language of flowers, this birth flower may represent purity as well as majesty. Because of this, the fleur-de-lis cufflinks would be considered a good gift idea for your significant other who is courageous and honest.

The fleur-de-lis symbol has a rich religious as well as spiritual meaning

It also represents the Holy Trinity of the church. The petals will have three designs reflected on them. It has a band at the bottom, which symbolizes Mary. Until the 1300s, the fleur de lis is seen in the many depictions and images of Jesus Christ.

The fleur-de-lis is considered a Scouts symbol

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The fleur de lis is the main element of the majority of Scouting organizations’ logos because it represents the organization’s central themes. These are the outdoors, the wilderness, as well as the threefold Scout promise.

The fleur de lis also makes an appearance on the Franco-American flag, which was officially used for the 1st time in 1992. The colors therein are blue, red, and white, symbolizing France and the United States of America.

The fleur-de-lis’s although it is a delicate flower has come to be known as a symbol of courage and bravery. It originated from France but was also strongly utilized in England in centuries past.

The fleur de lis is often utilized for defense

When it comes to building an architectural structure, the fleur de lis is often utilized on top of an iron fence post. The reason is its shape serves as a sharp defense against harmful intruders. The symbol has now taken on an association with military strength.

The symbol is a prime feature on the Spanish flag

The Spanish flag will feature the coat of arms of Spain, which symbolizes the country as well as the nation. In the middle of the coat of arms, you will observe the historical kingdoms from which the kingdom of Spain was established. One of these kingdoms is Bourbon’s house, which is a European royal house of French origins. The other is the house of Anjou, which is a royal house of French descent. Thus, the three fleur-de-lis symbolisms of the center of the coat of arms are a symbol related to French origin since it is where Anjou and Bourbon came from.

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