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Top Event Trends of 2021

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Perhaps one of the many things COVID-19 affected the most is how our events take place. The way we plan, organize, and attend events has changed drastically since 2020, and pandemic or not, some of these event trends are here to stay.

This Year’s Event Trends

More than halfway through 2021, you must have attended an event or two virtually or sat 6 feet apart from a fellow attendee. Whatever the case, here are the top 3 event trends that will continue to evolve as circumstances change.

1. Hybrid events are the future

While people have dearly missed the in-person interaction of attending an event physically, there is no denying that many have found comfort in marking their presence virtually. This is why planning for the cliched ‘best of both worlds’ has become a new event trend. Hybrid events have taken the spotlight to provide the best live and digital experiences combined.

Hybrid events will continue even after the pandemic ends because they offer flexibility: anyone can tune in from anywhere and become a part of the greater whole, making the shared experience extremely inclusive.

2. Heightened focus on safety

Despite the vaccination drives and gradual easing down of lockdowns in different parts of the world, the coronavirus does not seem to be going away. If anything, it continues to mutate and evolve, putting safety concerns at top priority for both – event planners and attendees.

This is why frequent on-site testing, entrance health screenings, and safety signage have become must-have elements for any event that requires people to be physically present. And with the imminent risk of catching the virus, these safety measures are most likely to stick around for a while.

3. Flexibility in venues/ destination

Both event organizers and attendees will have to keep in mind that venues may change unexpectedly or close down. The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically altered history. The state of future events will primarily depend on the spike in cases in a particular state or city.

While there is hope that things will return to normal through increased vaccinations, event planners will have to adapt. Preparing backup plans will be an important step in the event planning process. At the same time, venue owners may want to change their policies in terms of refunds and re-bookings, allowing for more flexibility and space.

What’s Next for Event Trends?

Conclusively speaking, the event industry has entered an era of change and experimentation. There will be mistakes, bloopers, and a lot of data-driven learning in 2021. These trials will define and redefine how events occur in the world.

These are just the top 3 event trends in 2021 that will be around while the event industry adapts to the current circumstances. As the pandemic continues to change and evolve, who knows how the next Oscars will take place? But what we do know for sure is that these shared experiences will now be more inclusive, safe, and flexible.


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