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Cleopatra and The Mystery of Her Missing Tomb

Many experts are still trying to discover where Cleopatra’s tomb is. Many speculate it’s underwater where her castle was. But where is it? Keep reading to know more.

Lost for over 2,000 years, the burial place of Cleopatra, the last sovereign of Egypt, has for quite some time been a wellspring of interest for archeologists and the general public. Furthermore, media reports suggest a truly incredible disclosure is close. The odds of discovering Cleopatra’s burial place are really low, specialists say.

Cleopatra’s Death

The admirer of Julius Caesar and Marc Antony, Cleopatra committed suicide in 30 B.C., subsequent to being caught by Roman ruler Octavian. Antiquated journalists suggest that Cleopatra’s death was from an asp full of deadly poison. According to ancient scholars, her grave is one alongside Antony, in a sepulcher (an enormous burial chamber).

Late media reports have guaranteed that archeologists are nearly finding this burial chamber at a site called Taposiris Magna. This site is around 31 miles (50 kilometers) at Alexandria’s west. For the last 15 years, a group led by Kathleen Martinez, continues to search the location. They’ve discovered items that date back to the reign of Cleopatra, including a crowd of coins stamped during her rule. In 2019, comparable news sources also reported an inescapable burial chamber.

Where is the Tomb of Cleopatra?

There is no proof at all that Cleopatra’s burial chamber could be in Taposiris Magna. Furthermore, there is no proof that Cleopatra and Antony were covered there. Many accept that the Egyptians of the time buried Cleopatra close to her royal residence. It’s also possible that her burial chamber is actually underwater. A few specialists say no one will ever discover her burial place.

In the course of the last two centuries, seaside disintegration implies that pieces of Alexandria, including a segment that holds Cleopatra’s castle, are currently underwater. Regardless of whether the burial place lies underwater, there is a decent possibility that others obliterated it sooner or later in classical times. Other researchers believe that it is covered underneath cutting-edge advancement in Alexandria. There is likewise a decent possibility that someone looted it on antiquated occasions. At present, no groups are looking for Cleopatra’s burial place underwater. However, past projects have taken a gander at Cleopatra’s royal residence.

Final Thoughts

Cleopatra was the remainder of the “Ptolemies,” a line of monarchs plummeted from Ptolemy Soter, one of Alexander the Great’s commanders. Alexander, however, passed away shortly at Babylon. They then reburied him in Alexandria. Old journalists frequently notice Alexander’s burial place, yet archeologists have never discovered it nor the burial chambers of any ruler from this line of monarchs.

Here’s the thing, we don’t have a clue where Alexander or any of the other 15 Ptolemaic leaders of Egypt lie to rest. It’s speculated that Cleopatra’s burial chamber would have been found near different rulers from the Ptolemaic administration. Perhaps the Egyptians built Cleopatra’s burial chamber and those of the other Ptolemaic rulers in Alexandria. If this is the case, they would likely be underwater or covered by further city development today.


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