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Dyatlov Pass and the 33rd Photograph

Many things in this world are left unexplained and still haunt those trying to understand them. So is the massacre in Dyatlov Pass, where nine young hikers lost their lives in 1959.

The Expedition. In January 1959, Igor Dyatlov, 23 years old, led a hiking expedition composed of seven men and two women across the Ural Mountains to reach Mt. Ortorten. Their hike started from a small settlement camp in Vizhai. The group never reached their destination, and it took more than three months for rescue and recovery teams to locate all of their bodies.

Disturbing Facts Surrounding the Dyatlov Pass Massacre

There have been numerous hikers getting lost during hiking expeditions, and there are some cases of fatalities, especially if the hike is through rough terrain and extreme cold weather environments. However, the nine hikers’ fate at Dyatlov Pass was far from being a normal misfortunate event as there were details about the event that baffles researchers up until now.

All Were Competent Hikers. The hikers on the trip were all experienced hikers and were physically fit to complete such a journey with ease. Photographs taken before and during the expedition show the group being happy-go-lucky with no signs of being unconfident of their abilities to complete their adventure. Other photos show them effortlessly wading through thick snow.

Erratic Actions. When rescue and recovery teams searched for the group, they discovered that their tents were cut open from the inside and left their important hiking gear behind. These discoveries showed that the group was greatly spooked to cut open their tents from the inside to escape. Likewise, all of the nine hikers left the camp in such a hurry that they could not put in cold weather clothing and gears such as weapons and navigational supplies. One hiker, Semyon Zolotaryov, fled the camp site without any clothing or gear. He was only able to take his camera with him.

Inconsistent Injuries. It would have been a solved mystery had all nine fatalities suffered from the same cause of death and injuries. However, some of the bodies are shown to have injuries caused by someone or something very powerful. The first two fatalities discovered closest to their tents had hands that were severely brutalized, and their bodies were a bloody mess. Chunks of their flesh were discovered embedded on the bark of the nearest tree. More than two hikers showed skulls that had multiple fractures or are bashed in with a strong force. One woman had both eyes missing with her mouth frozen in a screaming position. While investigators seek answers to why each body had different types of injuries, the more important question to be answered is what could have caused those injuries in the first place?

The Bizarre Photographs. The Dyatlov Pass hikers had many cameras with them, with photos taken before and during their trek. Most photographs that were developed were normal. However, the 33rd Photograph that was discovered showed an intriguing image of a bright object moving towards the camera.

The 33rd Photograph Shows a glowing bright light moving towards the camera

Because there were no guilty parties identified, the Dyatlov Pass Massacre mystery is yet to be solved. Theories of UFO, secret Russian nuclear testing and even Yetis have been associated with the hikers’ death. A diary that was discovered belonging to one of the hikers had an intriguing Russian entry which, when translated, says, “From now on, we know that the snowmen exist and you can meet them in the Northern Urals, next to Otorten mountain. Whether the hikers were referring to themselves or to other entities they encountered are gone with them to their graves.


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