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The Secret Army Journal About the Roswell Incident

There is nothing more intriguing than knowing whether there is life outside of earth. Everyone knows that outer space is barren, and there is barely any form of life on the different planets. There are even talks about the entire human population planning to occupy Mars since it is the most livable planet in the solar system next to earth.

But what if there was life from outer space that came to earth? If you are a die-hard conspiracy theorist, you have probably heard about the Roswell Incident. This was the first story ever recorded that involved a balloon crashing into a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico. What they found was unbelievable to the point that even the media cannot give everyone a clear picture of the event.


Talks About UFO Crashing Into Earth
As soon as the military heard of a balloon crash, they quickly dispatched military personnel to investigate it. The press was also there to get a scoop of the action, and little did they know they were about to get a story of a lifetime. What crashed on Roswell, New Mexico, was not a weather balloon but a “flying disc,” which sparked rumors of alien encounters.

After the press released the statement about the alien encounter in Roswell, the military quickly called out that it was simply a weather balloon and convinced the public there were no aliens or flying discs in the crash site. This incident was soon named the “Roswell Incident,” where conspiracy theories believed that the government was trying to hide any available information about aliens.

The Diary of Officer Marcel
While conspiracy theorists tried to dig up any valuable details about the UFO crash landing, there was one officer who documented everything. This is all thanks to Office Marcel, who kept a diary all this time and only released it decades after the event. The diary of Officer Marcel revealed everything real about the Roswell Incident.

The Daily Mail held an interview with Marcel’s grandson, Jesse, in which he told them that “He examined the debris and found that it was not made on earth.” After years of debunking myths about the Roswell incident, officer Marcel’s diary can now shed light on the hidden clues that place the truth one step closer. And if you were to read Marcel’s diary, you can find that it was written in a coded language that only he knew how to decipher.

The Government’s Retraction of Statement
Marcel wrote in his diary that the government initially claimed that they had discovered a UFO. There was no other government that claimed they had a spacecraft. And after only a few days, they retracted their statements about finding a UFO and told the press that it was only a weather balloon.

Over the years, many have stated that they have encountered a UFO and even had recordings. But the Roswell incident was the first story ever recorded about alien encounters.