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Top 5 Strange Coincidences in History

Coincidences can sometimes be very strange

Maybe the concept of fate is true, or the incidents and events that take place around us have some mysterious involvement from the universe. Or maybe supernatural involvement in our lives is genuine. You may not believe this, but sometimes coincidences take place that are so strange they make you want to believe. Here are five strange coincidences in history.

The Falling Babies

In 1937 in Detroit, Michigan, Joseph Figlock, a street cleaner, was strolling down the street doing his job. Suddenly, a baby dropped from a fourth-story window and hit him on his head and shoulder. Both the baby and Figlock sustained injuries, but they made it out alive. Just a year later, while Figlock was sweeping another alley, a two-year-old baby fell on him from a second-story window. Landing on Figlock accidentally saved the child’s life. In 1938, Time Magazine published these incidents.

The Coincidence of Identical Deaths of Identical Twins

In Raahe, Finland, a man was riding his bicycle and died on the spot after getting hit by a lorry. Only two hours later, his twin brother, who was also riding a bicycle, got hit by a lorry on the same road and died on site. The investigators believe the second twin was unaware of the first twin’s death as the family had not been informed about the incident until the time the second twin died.

Childhood Photo Coincidences

The idea that you may have unknowingly crossed paths previously in life with your significant other fascinates many couples. Nick Wheeler and Aimee Maiden were busy with their wedding preparations when they came across an old family photo. The photo was of Nick when he was little, taken by Nick’s granddad on a beach in Cornwall while the family was there for vacation. Little Aimee, whose family lived in Cornwall, was in the background of the picture, busy making a sandcastle. Nick’s family later moved to Cornwall, where they met and began their relationship.

The Jim Twins

A pair of identical twins were separated when they were just a few weeks old. Different families raised them before they finally met at the ages of 39. While catching up, they got to know that they were both named James, both married women named Linda, and both divorced their respective Lindas to marry women named Betty. Furthermore, they both had sons named Alan, and they both once vacationed at the same beach in Florida.

The Omen’s Omen

After the release of the horror movie The Omen, strange and deadly coincidences began occurring to the cast and crew. The special effects consultant in charge of the death scenes, John Richardson, died in a crash while working on his next film. His girlfriend and assistant, Liz Moore, got cut in half in the accident, which was similar to the death of Keith Jennings in The Omen. Gregory Peck’s real-life son shot himself in the head after Gregory accepted his role in the movie as the adoptive father. The screenwriter David Seltzer and executive producer Mace Neufeld were both on separate planes that lightning struck on separate occasions shortly after the movie.

Strange Coincidences or Something More?

Were these all just coincidences, or is someone pulling our life strings from above? The 27 club is also an eerie coincidence with many famous people, including but not limited to Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Brian Jones, Jim Morrison, Kurt Kobain, and Amy Winehouse, all dying at the age of 27. Need we mention more or are you convinced coincidences may happen for a mysterious reason?