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Would You Ever Visit Portland’s Mystery Hole?

Portland’s Mystery Hole is a literal hole in the ground. However, no one knows why it is there. The property owner, where the Mystery Hole is, then turned this mystery into an opportunity. The opportunity to make a fun place that people can visit. However, the owner of the property already stopped doing tours. Many claim that if you reach him through e-mail and be polite, he might give you the directions to where the Mystery Hole is.

The owner of the property is identified as Barron Mind. He was the one who made the Mystery Hole famous. The hole is located in Portland, Oregon, and many people visit it for the fun of it. The hole is in the back yard of Barron, and he also built other attractions so people can see the area, not just for the Mystery Hole. The other attractions include the Mystery Hedge, the Mystery Gate, the Mystery Tower, the Mystery Pole, the Mystery Wishing Pipe, and many more. He asks people who visit the Mystery Hole to use their imagination to make the trip more fun.

The Mystery Hole is a mystery indeed. There are different ideas as to what the hole was before. Some say it was used as a shelter, or it may have been a former wine cellar. Some believe it was a ceremonial kiva used by Puebloans to perform rites or gather for political meetings. Others say it is nothing special, and someone just dug through the surface. No one knows what the answer is, making the Mystery Hole all the more mysterious. It keeps the minds of the visitors alive as they have endless suggestions as to what the hole could have been before it was re-opened by Barron Mind.

A photo of the Mystery Hole in Portland.

When you go to the Mystery Hole, there is a very long ladder to take you to the bottom. It is quite deep, and once you get to the bottom, you can explore a whole tunnel. There are many things inside the tunnel, but most of these items were placed there by Barron himself. He started decorating the tunnel in the 80s. Usually, whenever you leave the hole, you need to fill it back with sand from the outside. It is unclear why but this is what Barron Mind asks guests to do.

If you were to visit the Mystery Hole, you could buy some merchandise at the end of the trip. You can get a postcard that is completely pitch black, which represents the Mystery Hole. It is such a funny postcard because Barron Mind sells it in two vertical and horizontal sizes. You can also get a T-shirt or a pin with the Mystery Hole logo – a question mark with a black and white illusion surrounding it.

There is no answer as to what the Mystery Hole is but visitors who went there left the place happy. Barron Mind’s eccentric ideas and goofy installations are what people look forward to aside from the Mystery Hole.