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Get To Know One of the Longest Properties in Jumbolair Aviation Estates

Imagine how huge a residential property would be if you can fly a Boeing 737 right outside your doorstep, that is insanely massive. This is the kind of property you can find in Jumbolair Aviation Estates, an exclusive, high-class gated area. One of its first occupants is the famous actor John Travolta who is also a private pilot.

The 550-acre aviation estate is the biggest private runway located on the northside of Ocala. The mansion has five bedrooms with a fitness gym, swimming pool, Nautilus equipment, and a banquet hall that can accommodate approximately 400 guests. The most-talked Jumbolair Aviation Estates property carries a vast warehouse complex and a 38-lot exclusive residential area with a path leading to the runway.

The History

The magic goes further than the runway. Hence, people who knew about this place consider it as iconic and unique. The idea of living in Jumbolair and the opportunity to go anywhere in the world coming from the backyard is simply fascinating.

Before the 550-acre property became the talk of the town, it used to be the equestrian mansion house of Muriel Vanderbilt, the socialite. It was later purchased by Arthur Jones, an entrepreneur and founder of the well-known Nautilus exercise equipment.

Jones had quite a collection of private planes, so he decided to create a concrete runway, then adjacent to it is a warehouse complex. He developed the area to make it a workstation for MedX Corporation, a business specializing in the production of medical rehab machines.

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The place also became a haven for endangered species such as rhinos, silverback gorillas, crocodiles, and African elephants. Jones used his Boeing 707 to fly from his mansion to Zimbabwe back-and-forth, to rescue more than 50 baby elephants.

The runway at Jumbolair Aviation Estates

Expansion And Development

Following the couple divorced, Terri, his wife, made an expansion to the property and added an exclusive place that consisted of many residential lots and a stretch of paved runway. It became the longest private runway in the US.

The Aviation Estates is designed for industrial, residential, and agricultural purposes. It is about 7,700 sq. ft. long and with a thousand-square-foot pool and bar facilities. The five-property warehouse space is approximately 89,000 sq. ft. big.

The community is adorned with majestic oaks, vintage street lighting, and live green pastures. And through the years, it was gradually developed and installed a high-speed internet connection, underground amenities, and fire hydrant systems all over the state. The whole area is just perfect for individuals passionate about aviation and would dream of residing right next to the thing they love most–airplanes. Ocala is recognized as a horse capital in the state, and this property is what gives life to this horse country. Not far from the estate is the Equestrian Center, an excellent venue for people who may love to stay in an equestrian estate.

Later on, the actor and pilot John Travolta purchased a property with two runways that go straight to his front door.

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