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Linda Lee Caldwell and Her Marriage with Bruce Lee

Many know about one of the best martial artists to live, namely Bruce Lee. But what most people do not know is that he also had a wife who was equally just as strong as him in terms of living life to the fullest. If you want a wife who was never willing to back down to any challenge, you should serve Lina Lee Caldwell as your inspiration.

The now-widowed philanthropist has gone through many challenges in life, so there is more to call her than just the wife of world-renowned martial artist Bruce Lee. Her challenges in life are what made her the strong, resilient woman that everyone knows today. Learn how Linda started her history with Bruce, survived when he passed away, and what she accomplished in today’s time.

History of Bruce Lee and Linda Lee Caldwell

Bruce and Linda first met when she spent her hours after school cheerleading in Garfield High School. That was also the time where Bruce Lee visited the school to give a martial arts demonstration. During the demonstration, Linda got so fascinated with Bruce Lee that she had a gut feeling they were going to be together.

Fortunately, that feeling would come true when she enrolled at the University of Washington, and Bruce Lee was also attending there. That was the time where their young romance slowly turned into marriage. Once they got married, Linda was the perfect wife that Bruce Lee could have ever had. While Bruce Lee was teaching at his school in Seattle named Lee Jun Fan Gung Fu, or Bruce Lee’s Kung Fu, Linda was tending the home and made sure the house was ready and comfortable for Bruce.

Soon afterwards, the family was forced to move to Hong Kong since no Hollywood prospects wanted a Chinese man to lead their movies. Bruce Lee wanted to prove them wrong, and so he did after Bruce’s movie “The Big Boss” gained success in 1971, and then they settled back in the United States.

Linda Lee Caldwell massaging her husband Bruce Lee’s neck during filming for a movie set

Linda and Her Hardships

It was uneventful with what happened to Bruce Lee. Linda had no choice but to accept his death and simply move on with life. She even wrote a book about him called “Bruce Lee: The Man Only I Knew” two years after his death. However, tragedy would soon knock on her doorstep again.

Brandon Lee was met by an untimely accident where he was shot with a dummy prop gun with a live bullet loaded. Even with her suing the entire movie crew, she still wanted to finish the movie honouring her son’s name.

Linda Caldwell Today

Linda Caldwell and Shannon Lee, her daughter, founded the Bruce Lee Foundation in 2002. After retiring in 2001, she left the nonprofit to her daughter and is still active as a Volunteer Advisor in the foundation.

Linda Caldwell is a force to be reckoned with. Even before she married Bruce Lee, she was set on the path to becoming a strong, persevering woman.