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Several Suicides Allegedly Took Place at This Hotel – Do You Know Which Hotel Is It?

In Bogota, Colombia, a mesmerizing hotel called Hotel del Salto is said to be haunted. It is also reportedly the site of many suicides.

The Hotel del Salto is open to visitors, but aside from the funny smell coming from the building, visitors will also most likely feel the spirits that haunt the building.

Before delving into the possibility of it having paranormal activities, you should know the history first. Carlos Arturo Tapias designed the Hotel del Salto in the year 1923. It was supposed to be his home, but many said that he was so lonely and scared of the spirits that haunted his house, so he turned it into a luxury hotel. He succeeded in doing that because the hotel catered to the elite travelers and became a place where the wealthiest gathered. It attracted many visitors because of its elegance and amazing view, as it was just beside the Tequendama Falls.

Reports claimed that the Hotel del Salto being a place of extravagance and parties, lasted for two years. After that, it became less fancy. Allegedly, it was because of the Great Depression brought about by the Wall Street fiasco. Many people could not find jobs, so they could no longer afford a vacation at Hotel del Salto. Another reason why Hotel del Salto became less popular was because of the suicides in the area.

Reports claim that where the Hotel del Salto got established is where the Muisca people committed suicide. The Muisca people once ruled the area. However, when the Spanish landed, they tried to take over the Muisca people. These native people got raped, murdered, and forced to become slaves. Because they did not want this fate, most Muisca people reportedly ran off to the edge of the Tequendama Falls and died. The fall was 515 feet.

The Muisca reportedly believed in curses, so when the Spanish forces drove them away from their land, they reportedly cursed it. Some believe the curse affected those who committed suicide in the area and the unresolved water pollution.

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Hotel del Salto beside the Tequendama Falls.

Stories also circulated about the Muisca people finding their peace through their death. So, many locals who got depressed or wanted to escape their problems also jumped off the hotel’s edge. Now, police officials had to ask the visitors to assist with the investigation, which grew old fast.

The pollution from the body of water also added to the further destruction of Hotel del Salto. Finally, Hotel del Salto closed in the year 1990 because of the overwhelming pollution in the area.

Although people wanted to believe that what closed down Hotel del Salto was the pollution, many still think it was because of the paranormal activities the visitors heard. Some claim they saw shadows of people only to find out there weren’t any, distant conversations using an unfamiliar language and the cries of the supposed Muisca people.

So if you are curious about these paranormal activities, check out Hotel del Salto. However, you cannot rent a room there, so it is best if you go early in the day.

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