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Take a Trip to the Magnificent Linlithgow Palace in Scotland

If there is one thing that Scotland is famous for, that is the many castles you can find. You have well-known castles like the Edinburgh Castle, the Dunnottar Castle, the Glamis Castle, the Tantallon Castle, and the Stirling Castle, to include a few. However, there is one specific castle you should set your eyes on, and that is the Linlithgow Palace.

You can find the Linlithgow Palace in the town of Linlithgow, West Lothian Scotland, which is 15 miles west of Edinburgh. This palace was one of the main residences used by monarchs of Scotland between the 15th and 16th centuries. In 1603, Scotland’s monarchs left the palace and had it maintained since it was rarely used.

Have no idea where to go when you visit Scotland? Look no further and take a trip to the magnificent Linlithgow Palace!


Brief History About Linlithgow Palace

The palace was housed by the Stewart kings and queens, a powerful and well-known royal family in Scotland. Before it became a palace, it was a royal manor and fortified known as “The Peel” during the 14th century. In 1424, a great fire happened that partially burned down the town of Linlithgow. King James I requested that the palace be rebuilt to become the grand residence for Scottish royal families.

The Linlithgow Palace also served as a Royal nursery that took care of famous names such as James V in 1512, Mary Queen of Scots in 1542, and Princess Elizabeth in 1596. Soon afterwards, the palace deteriorated when James VI transferred the royal court to London in 1603, after his coronation as James I of England.

King James I could not have built the magnificent palace without his heirs’ efforts over the next centuries. It was a simple royal palace at first, but then came the many additions to the palace. King James I built the Great Hall. You also have the royal apartments that King James IV added. Next is the three-tiered courtyard fountain that King James V added during his reign, and the north quarter that King James VI rebuilt. The improvements made by them created a large quadrangular palace with four ranges collected around a central courtyard.

Reasons to Visit the Linlithgow Palace

One reason to visit the palace is because of the jousting events. It was brought back in June 2019 as a means to entertain tourists and crowds. This will give you a feel of how the palace’s royal families used this as a form of sporting entertainment.

The palace also has a picnic area within the walls that many will enjoy, and you can also find the Linlithgow Peel and Loch. If you like the outdoors, you should take a trip to the palace because they have a wildlife exploration you can join. During July, they have holiday club events you can partake in including the “paw print and poos” and “the big butterfly count.”

These are just some activities you will enjoy when you visit Linlithgow Palace. Make sure to make the most of the tour in the palace when you get there!