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Unveiling the History of Fido Dog and His Loyalty

Most individuals associate the name Fido for dogs because it was Abraham Lincoln’s name to his canine pet. However, the name existed way before Lincoln used it. Romans used it to call their dogs, which has a Latin meaning of, I trust.

A laborer, Carlo Soriani resided in the small city of Borgo San Lorenzo, Florence. It’s a commune in the metropolis of Florence that sits in the northeast region of Italy. When he was walking home, he heard a subtle noise coming from the injured puppy by the road. He thought of bringing the pup home. Soon enough, the dog recuperated swiftly, and with the help of Carlo, it was actively alive and well.

The Loyal Dog

The mixed-breed dog is mostly covered with white fur and small black spots. The master and the canine coexisted seamlessly and became best of friends. He tailed Carlo all the time. Since his master already learned to like his pet a lot, it’s time to come up with a name–Fido. The loyal canine would sit by the stop the entire day and wait for Carlo to come down from the night bus. Once his master returned, Fido greeted him with enthusiasm that only pet lovers would understand. This was the everyday scene for the two of them. And everyone in town is aware of the friendship between the master and his pet.

The Tragic Death Of His Master

On the eve of December 30, 1943, Fido waited at the bus stop for Carlo, but no master came home that night. Carlo was tragically killed in the factory. Allies had bombed the place, and his master didn’t make it.

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Fido remained clueless and waited for a while before going back to their house. Sadly, no sign of his master. The next day, Fido did the same and patiently waited at the bust stop for his friend. Unfortunately, still no Carlo. The loyal dog was resilient and never gave up. He did the same for the next decade, hoping that one day his friend and master will appear in one of the buses, and they’d go home together, like their usual routine. Fido waited for 14 years every night at the bus stop.

The Italian street dog named Fido

Fido, The Dog

Fido became a household name and knew his story. In fact, a national newspaper in Italy wrote a feature article about him. All over Europe, individuals are familiar with the unfortunate tale of the street dog who waited for his dead friend. A few years later, to honor Fido’s loyalty, a ceramic figure of him was built. Sadly, it was vandalized by some of the passersby. Few years later, Borgo San Lorenzo commissioned Salvatore Cipolla to make a monument of Fido, which is currently found at Piazza Dante.

Later, Fido was known to be the only canine in town that can roam around in public muzzle-free. In 1957, the world knew about Fido. He received a gold medal in the awarding ceremony held at City Hall. After one year, the loyal dog died and was buried outside the cemetery, where his friend Carlo was laid to rest. Finally, they were reunited.

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